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3 comments on “LOVE TO ALL – LOVE IS ALL
  1. Marianne says:

    Oh my goodness – i so love this – it is beautiful and POWERFULL, the images, the music, the text, your voice, the message which flows through all parts of me and brings me in and around and up and out! Everything in my world these past few weeks has been summed up here – everything is so perfect! Huge Gratitude – and Love/Light/Joy/Peace to you – and all the New Humans

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude for this insightful reflection. This new consciousness, the return to our humanity and love, the remembrance of the TRUTH of who we are… is timeless. A frequent reflection I get from the webcasts, from the meditations, the books and even the archives of all of the above is that individuals feel the content was meant JUST for them – a perfect alignment in that moment. This will always be the case when these energies are approached in earnest because they operate in a more expansive space than thought and emotion, they are communicating with Divine you, on a cellular level. There is SO MUCH LOVE for each of us in this remembrance… any sticky places or resistances on the path at this time reflect FEAR. LET THEM GO – it is time to move on and LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY. I AM grateful for the shiny mirror you have held for me over the years Marianne – we are remembering and we ARE Love.xo????

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