Luminous Sky

img-bg-1It has been a bit of a pressure cooker since the eclipse on the 15th and with the New Moon next Tuesday. Find balance between a lot of quiet, inner time and movement to keep the chi energy and emotions moving through the body! There are a lot of patterns changing within you, within our world, the weather, old dogmas and institutions… we are also in a highly psychic time period. The best approach is to accept what is, allow, go with the flow  – be gentle and forgiving and allowing of yourself, as well. Whatever you are experiencing is part of your process on the path to new life and new understandings. A new light is illumining the way forward. Trust that. Trust your Self. Embrace this now!

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2 comments on “Luminous Sky
  1. Shawn Howe says:

    Balance Balance Balance
    Patience Patience Patience

  2. OMFeet says:

    A being just BEING in love with all that is

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