Notice The Peace ~ and Breathe

Sky above me, Earth below me, Peace within me. Ommmm ~

Namaste’ Beautiful Beings,

The above mantra is one I find myself saying many times a day now ~ listening to the rhythm of my feet on the earth, attuning my mind and heart to the tremendous love, activation and change occurring within and all around me. Using my breath to still my mind and open more deeply to the present moment, again and again and again. We are walking in a new band of frequencies now that are changing the Lightbody structure in a new way. Embodiment is all about the Higher Self taking over our awareness ~ which is inviting us into more mystery, greater comfort and peace with the unknown, deeper activations and a truly mystical, effervescent experience of the world around us and the world within.


Last Saturday was the first week of the new Exploring The Ancient Mysteries Course. The whole thrust of this new round of activations is doing and experiencing life and ourselves in NEW WAYS. This course manifested from the tremendous shift point triggered on Valentines Day with the Parkland School Shootings. If you have not yet listened to the 3/4/18 New Human Transmission – this event has galvanized a nation in powerful new ways and the lightcodes from a higher perspective have directly impacted old paradigm belief systems.

These new activations are pushing us beyond the limits of previous possibilities. The reflections that I received from the strong, beautiful lightworkers taking this course after just one day immersed in expansive states of consciousness, expressed utterly new revelations of self and greater understanding of what it means to embody multidimensional beingness. We were transported high above the old paradigm grid, feeling both the immense power and beauty of the new feminine and christed activity and yet deep compassion for the entirety of the lower realities.

We are all making many, ongoing adjustments to the physical, mental and emotional demands of these energies… some are having intense and exhausting activations as these larger cosmic energies come into range. I ran energies with the Shining Ones around the expansion activity within our hearts on the current webcast: Though the risks to the physical heart are very real – the greater phenomenon we are experiencing is just how strongly our physical heart is connected to the Sun. Our etheric connection to the Solar aspect is profoundly clear.


And here we are – on the runway, taxiing toward the Spring Equinox. The intensity will increase with this passage – the energies have already begun stepping UP for the Equinox Gate and will become even stronger thereafter! It seems everything known and unknown to us is building toward a collective opening of positive Solar heart shifting energies. All for the purpose of preparing our lightbodies to shift to a more refined level. It is so important to be paying attention to what we need as wise, spiritual and transforming beings ~in new ways. There is a bit of an almost superior persona around spirituality when it comes to letting go and sacrifice ~ tune into the energy of the voices of testimony, “I have given away everything I own, my diet is mainly raw, I juice raw, green veggies everyday,” etc etc etc. As we anchor and begin to embody these very new energies, those of nurturing, loving kindness, tender care, forgiveness, compassion and deep, ancient wisdom ~ we gotta lighten up and give ourselves a bit of a break! Breathe and allow the Mother in ~ you are always enough.

Preparing our minds and bodies and hearts for these shifts and upgrades is not about austerity but clearing – you can fast and juice until you are a feather and get rid of everything but bare necessities – yet if you are in a relationship that vibrates separation, if there are secrets you feel your partner wouldn’t get, or if you feel in anyway invalidated, unsupported, less than your pure joyous radiant Self in this union – these shift passages will be increasingly hard on you physically, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. Because you will begin to doubt yourself – you will feel weighted down and lacking in resolve. It is all just so much, it is true. But this is the activity of Divine Merge. Many are exhausted from these recent passages, but what we are really and truly exhausted from is the energy of separation! Now, more than ever before, we must be bravely, truly, unapologetically, ourselves!! Breathe that in ~

These new frequencies are creating deep desire for revelation, the release of distortion, the demand for transparency and lucidity ~ calling forth new symbiotic relationships between humans, planet and cosmos, as ONE incredibly devoted and organizing intelligence of LIGHT. It is time to purge the co-created veils of humanity one individual and courageous heart at a time. The refinement and purification process underway is, indeed, a global event – yet it is reflected in everyone’s personal journey.

As we grow strong in our true relationship with this planet and the whole of Creation, rooting deep into the Earth in new ways ~ lifting our hearts to the new sun and Solar aspect while trusting this Divine merge between our physical and etheric being, tune into ongoing new needs, as well. When it comes to our changing Lightbody structure, the gap between cause and effect is becoming simultaneous in our realities ie these changes are happening very rapidly now. You are encouraged to continue eating close to the Earth, nurturing your beautifully vibrating self ~ remembering to include hearty grains, root vegetables, tubers and beans as you ground steadfastly into a new, dynamic, self loving relationship with new you! One of my favorite dishes of late is to bake/roast cut up sweet potato, beets, red pepper, carrot, onion and broccoli (rainbow earth) in ghee with trocomare seasoning and a little brown rice syrup. I then add that to or put it on top of tricolored quinoa. It is just perfection – warming, soothing and comforting to the mind, belly and spirit. (And really beautiful to look at!)

Additionally, if you have never really been happy with your body, stop that now. If your teeth are not the white perfection of so many of today’s smiles, if your hair is thin, your nose wide, your eyes too close together, your feet too big… you get the idea, KNOW THIS!!! YOU are a WONDER TO BE HOLD as Light, you chose to BE HERE NOW at a time when unprecedented change and shifts we could never have imagined with the mind just a decade ago, are occurring. And it is because you are here! Take care of and LOVE YOUR SELF – but it is way past time to let go of this relentless never good enough attachment to form. The moment we set to seeking God or focusing on what we perceive as lack – we separate ourselves from the Beloved. In Truth, we are never separate from this immense and eternal Creator Love.


There is an incredibly, new level of Peace present to us and within us now. Those in the Ancient Mysteries Course experienced a very new level of stillness in the pristine nature we explored last weekend. I was asked about the harmonics and tones that I hear in nature and how that correlated to the stillness we were experiencing. And what I shared is that being able to tune into this profound level of stillness in nature, one that permeates and seeps into your very bones and cells and heart, is the doorway to the level of existence that is sound. EVERYTHING is sound. Gaia, Earth Mother, really wanted this group to be aware that even as we sat on a massive, very solid rock (actually an interdimensional portal) – that the true Earth is not solid ~ any more than we, wearing these forms, are solid. There is the illusion of the ground and trees, rocks and bodies – but as we drop deeper in our spiritual skills and the gifts of remembrance ~ everything is crystalline and fluid, ONE seamless, vast, undulating rhythm of light, sound, frequency and harmony. THIS is Peace. This is the new awareness that waters the seeds of embodiment. Next time you are in nature and momentarily imagine yourself sitting still on a log, recognize as well that the earth is never static – she is always moving, vibrating, spinning, expanding, evolving ~ and the whole cosmos is watching her with great intrigue and respect and anticipation.


One common theme that each of the women in the Ancient Mysteries course shared in coming to this experience was a mixed feeling of excitement and fear. I cannot imagine fear being anywhere near the Self I AM out in nature – communing with the vibrational world. As we explored these persistent thoughts in each what we learned is that the fears were not about being deep in wild wilderness – but of not being good enough, capable of filling the greater shoes of their Soul. Who can relate?

The first beautiful “revelation” in this voiced fear is the understanding that our ascension is with and through the Earth, the Mother, she is our deepening and expansion of Divine Self. Walking on the Earth – we are, indeed, standing on holy ground. But we must come to her as children, with a sense of adventure and discovery, wonder and JOY for joys sake. Most of all, we must leave the mind at home. A lot of what this Course and this current passage are teaching is how to still and become liberated from the mind. The past, old patterns, debilitating beliefs, limitations of any kind, they only exist in the mind. Another gift offered in both Course and NOW passage, is really refined spaces for purification. Pure frequencies equal purification. We must do everything in our power to divest ourselves of the “habit” of the lower self – because the ascension activations happening NOW have felt unlike anything before them. It is challenging to describe a multidimensional shift in beingness – but there is a new rhythm that will begin to talk to you, guide you, teach you about the qualities of this Higher Light.

I have been going to new yoga classes for the last month, new kinds of yoga with new teachers at new times of day. This was a very deliberate and guided decision. One of these new teachers (a male) came up to me to say hello before class and I learned so much just listening to myself talk to him about how it was I came to his class. I said something to the effect that there is constant new movement in my life, new experiences and new opportunities coming in. And to kinda help myself surrender more and more to the new – I was purposefully shaking up my routines and knowns – kinda throwing myself into more of the same rhythm the ascension energies were already initiating. Does that make sense? It did to him! He thanked me for shaking it up with his class and there was this warm “understanding” and appreciation between us.

Know that our Lightbodies are about to change in a dramatic way to a brand new ascended  template! The great fatigue and need for extra sleep we talked about on the March webcast, recent illnesses, change in trajectories, relocation, sudden and unusual “departures”and freak accidents are all very much a reflection of the intensity of these cellular adjustments. This year will continue to reveal higher possibilities for the expression of HUmanity itself. Clearing, purification, pristine refinement, the willingness to be shown and discover and not know, all the while ~ embracing NEW, stepping into NEW, being NEW: this is the well lit invitation extended to ALL. I AM recalling an Eva Cassidy song called People Get Ready, “there is room for all.” In each moment, our choices, actions, thoughts and most importantly of all, our intentions demonstrate to HUmanity what is possible.

In these days leading up to the Equinox Gateway and into the months that follow, EMBRACE THE NEW!!! Stop looking for or needing things to be or feel or appear other than they are. THIS IS IT! Everything that you need is here – everything that you are eternally has overseen this moment with great love. Be vigilant in observing the Self – especially the mind – ask to be released from old perceptions and beliefs and then GET OUT and LIVE YOUR JOY! For that is who you are. Live it, breathe it, BE it – say YES to your Embodiment – for the good and JOY and Unification of ALL.

Love to ALL, Life to ALL, Peace to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Eva Cassidy – People Get Ready

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7 comments on “Notice The Peace ~ and Breathe
  1. Suzanne Bartlett says:

    Feeling it all! Thank you for this knowing, DeAnne ❤️

  2. Ruty says:

    Hello Deanne, Your message Brilliance -like a blazing Sun(not blinding..)
    so encompassing/vast & to The Point of exactness (t’ straight& narrow?) So…
    I ran out of words, Being New…but ‘fossiled’ enough to know my Heart’s Gratitude for ALL that you Shine In, Thru, and Around The Whole.


    • DeAnne says:

      Big Gratitude Ruty – it is wonderful to connect with you here. I have to share with you that I have a Native American Lodge Family – my lodge name is “straight arrow”… your expression of (t’ straight and narrow) made me smile.

      Gratitude to you and to lovely Suzie for taking the time to connect and share reflection – it is always VERY meaningful to me! xo ❤️

  3. Michele Tafuri says:

    Wise wisdom always. I am feeling the new vibrations and winds of change. Veil thinking, guidance so close. Thank you so very much for your insights, I too have always noticed your sharp perceptions straight as an arrow. I will continue to follow my bliss. So enjoyed the song you sent us 💚🌲

  4. Ruty says:

    Hello DeAnne, re ‘straight arrow’. the arrow head IS’ the POINT of the narrow .when we’re there, we can’t miss…straight within Light glow.
    It’s The MaHatma – GANDHI -(of Synthesis bliss)who counselled us :
    ” Walk the straight & narrow “.
    a HI place to reach.(thru life’s twists & turns…)
    May we sharpen our arrow as DeAnne – lives it. Clarity Blessings to ALL.

  5. Marci says:

    Ohhh Deanne,
    Tears are flowing and nose is running…Eva Cassidy was perfection,pure and simple!!!
    Thank You Sister

    • DeAnne says:

      Eva was a fierce warrior and IS a bright light still – I have ALL her music, if you have never heard her version of Over The Rainbow – DO THAT NOW!! 😉 xo

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