New Moon, Balancing Masculine Energies

Breathe In Breathe Out Repeat

And so here we are in another magnificent shift point on our way to highest potential ~ for ourselves and our world. Gratitude to this beautiful being, Anton Mackey, for the PERFECT energetic to express this newest and significant transition we are just now beginning the journey of. The above image reflects beauty, grace, balance and strength ~ all in the warmth of new light on the horizon. This newest phase begins a transition from the heightened and vigilant focus on the feminine to more awareness and focus on the masculine energetic. The coming weeks set us on a powerful trajectory toward the Summer Solstice Gateway. And just as we receive potent, life giving energies (natural power source) from the Sun – this passage is an opportunity to harness the potent energy of progress in sync with right timing and life experiences unfolding in exciting and dynamic ways. And whether you are in a female or male identifying body, this is also a time to get in touch with, even rediscover your own inner masculine qualities, using them in positive and productive ways. 

Today was week 5 of the 6 week Ancient Mysteries course. One of the prominent factors initiating this course was the new spaciousness and softening of the electrical life force energies on our planet – ie the masculine energies. So much is shifting in the masculine grid, the social construct, drive, power structure and mechanics of control on our planet and in our world at this time. For the light to come into the separation, for transparency to stream into the deeply lodged shadow that has been the dominating consciousness and energy in the old earth grid – we will witness greater imbalance, extreme insanity, the appearance of dire potential and chaotic reign without a frame of reference. It is all too easy to get lured into that unyielding circus of the bazaar as the outer world of form adjusts itself to this new force and level of light magnitude. Breathe in and Breathe out ~ remembering it is all ONE GRAND evolutionary event happening, and we are so much more positioned for real and lasting change than we could have ever dreamed prior to this point.

We were guided to explore really deep, dense spaces in the “new” masculine nature of this vortex we were working in today. At a glance, it would appear we were being swallowed up by impenetrable nature – we were several steps beyond bushwacking in our efforts. And yet, we followed, we were being pulled into these portals, corridors of lightwave energy that made the thick, seemingly endless clearing away and climbing over and through, somehow effortless and joyful. We reached a glade in the midst of all this chaotic density where both visually and intuitively, it felt as if we were in a vast bubble of light ~ the energy soft, nurturing, replenishing. Having worked with this nature for over a decade – I am aware that until very recently, there were no birds in this masculine, electric part of the forest. And yet, on this day – we were surrounded by numerous species of birds that seem to sing with new vigor and purpose. Then we would be called again into the “jungle” of the masculine energy – after a time of clearing, willingly mingling our light energy with this unruly density – we would come once again, to a place of peace, of balance, nurturing and soothing calm.

When I tune into the experience I share above and the energies of Anton’s beautiful balance and grace – I feel the same thing; a deepening, an invitation yes, but a new level of divine merge in the way the feminine, crystalline energies are transmuting and transforming what is old, stuck, destructive and no longer serving. This New Moon (Sunday 9:58pm eastern) marks the beginning of an accelerated time where the masculine begins to emerge as the one needing healing, attention and balance. It is only the seed being planted at this point in keeping with new moon energies, but it is a good opportunity to make a commitment to support and nurture your own masculine qualities of will, clarity, intention, generosity, right action and protection. Take care with the polarity of these qualities when mixed with too much aggression – this is a time you are being greatly supported to move into greater independence, a new sense of well being and protection from the old paradigm influences, a time when your intention and energy of action will be propelled into creative expression, compassionate service and generosity of spirit. Embodiment in this phase is the sense of this new light coming in as a new expression through you ~ practicing the light, sharing the light, being the light with renewed gratitude and compassion for the whole of life around you.

Rounding out the rest of the month ~ you will notice a shift into a higher gear of YES after the 18th ~ doors opening, heart expanding, a surprising willingness to be truly SEEN and valued, a felt embodiment of a very new force of Self lighting from within. Just be mindful of your choices, leaning into your activities with grace, ease and the intention of accomplishment! As things begin to move (and they will) use your instinct and trust to make sure all is moving in the direction of your heart and knowing, your dominant dreams and desires. TRUST the movement – even if it is strange, new or more rapid than you are use to. This is WHERE WE ARE. And remember to stay strong in setting boundaries that protect your movement and joy from those that may not understand some of your choices and decisions. Be True To You – this is the highest love on your behalf and the lives of all those who surround you.

Finally, all the refinement going on around and within us demands ongoing adjustments to diet and care of the body. I began a new relationship with kudalini yoga in February that continues to support a dance of new energy in my body. This, along with continual cleaning and refining my diet, drinking LOTS of water, spending quality time in nature everyday and getting plenty of rest is greatly assisting upgrades and integration in this embodiment phase. I AM really excited to share chakra balancing and organ detoxing kundalini yoga in the Costa Rica Embodiment Retreat. I AM very grateful for the tribe that has answered the call to join me there – I don’t know the whole of what we will experience during this Summer Solstice Gateway ☀️ – but I know we will ROCK the new grid with the light, intelligence, love and devotion of “new humans.” And whether you are there in a body or in your own expansive spot for this occasion – we are ONE in this intention and action!

We have a Full Moon to seal this month up on the 29th  – stay tuned for more on that as well as the dates of the next Ancient Mysteries Course – coming soon. As always ~ since last JUNE!! we will have the New HUman Unity Meditations tomorrow ~ we are a HAPPENING community saying YES to a happening time ~ with the Joy of Creation as our transportation and Love as our compass.

I AM a blessed being to know and carry each of you in my heart. ❤️
Shine on ~ BE the light ~ Embrace your Divine Truth!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

P.S. I AM excited to practice yoga with Anton this Summer @ the Asheville Yoga Festival! I will be guiding 2 vortex hikes and talking about the New Earth/New Human Divine Merge in a 90 minute talk and book signing! If you have always wanted to come to Asheville or just looking for a good excuse – HERE YOU GO!!! 🤸‍♂️

Asheville Yoga Festival: July 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th.

Anton Mackey

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2 comments on “New Moon, Balancing Masculine Energies
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I’m pleased that you will, once again, be involved in the Asheville Yoga Festival. I remember your vortex hikes were very popular. Are the 90 min talk and book signing a new addition this year?

    • DeAnne says:

      The book signing tent is new – but I did the 90 minute talk last year – it’s a highlight for me! 😁

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