Strange Things And Radical Transformation, Part 2

Dear New Human Tribe of Light.

We are mid way through this week of incredible lightening and opening ~ today has definitely been a peak of this energy, a strong trigger point. My thymus has been quite active most of the day. Toward the end of last year (Winter Solstice Gateway) the activity of the Solar Plexus (low heart) where Earth energy is coming into and merging with our human aspect, was quite strong. Today the Thymus or high heart has been very active – the energy of RISE very strong for both the individual and planetary field.

Take a moment to close your eyes and tune into the energy of RISE in our world ~ and BREATHE.

Its has been a strange week in the midst of an already very strange NOW. At times I have felt as if I was swimming in a pool of weird – it is nothing that I could put my finger on, not any one thing or moment or experience. But if you can imagine lights getting turned on within you that have never been turned on in your current human form ~ and suddenly looking out on the activity and movement, congestion and confluence of energy in the world of form outside of us … the you looking out now on this strange reality has no reference point, no place to file things. Life is incredibly unsettled everywhere, all around. As our new DNA comes online, we will be increasingly sensitive to all that flows against peace. If you are having moments or days of not knowing what you want, not knowing what you need, unable to identify how you feel, this is the timeline merge at work. Because we are no longer drawing upon old resources in a “DREAMscape” that appears unchanged. This is a time to drop any need to use the remaining lower timelines as a safety/coping mechanism, they are destabilizing.  Remember self-empowerment affects collective empowerment in a much stronger way with these shifts. We signed up for this destabilization knowing we had the skill and depth of perception and mastery to ride the wave.

Tune into this wave energy and use the tapping of the Thymus we worked with on the current webcast. (Grace And Embodiment:  I have contact with New HUmans in Hawaii who have shared up close and personal reflection on the transformation and devastation occurring on the big island. There is a combination of both grief and reverence among the natives who live there ~ they are making offerings to the great goddess Pele ~ and see her unpredictability as a fact of life that they not only accept and prepare for, but also internalize and revere. I absolutely feel the activity happening with Kilauea in my consciousness, my body and my heart. In any given moment I feel both sorrow and reverence – unsettled yet, so centered in what I AM to do to co-create with this new energy. I feel the sorrow of what is leaving on so many levels ~ and equally so, filled to overflowing with awe and deep, deep gratitude at what we, as a species, are so completely immersed in with Cosmic level choice, of who we want to be NOW. The veil-lifting effects, exposes us to a new level of Unity consciousness, of calling us to greater remembrance and more authentic expression, which we engage with by virtue of our free-will choice.

Back to the heart and its current expansion ~ much of the “physical” sensation in the anatomical heart area will feel like constriction – like something is confined or in too small of a space. Enter in the manifestation of so much unprecedented world activity ~ from mass shootings to destructive natural forces to “common”, biracial and strong females stepping into lineages of “royalty” that is long known for its staunch and somewhat patriarchal and elitist traditions. Yes, the Mother, Divine Feminine, fierce goddess power is permeating and expressing through every facet of our known, certain grooves of reality. Divine Merge Divine Merge Divine Merge oh Holy Mother of God, we bow to you. First and foremost, we must do all we can to liberate our souls and find freedom from this place, while fully embodying this place – what does that mean to you? Embracing it, allowing it and transforming with it ~ yes! we must open our hearts to it all – unconditionally and fearlessly ~ to this New Creation, all around and within! Imagine a heart big enough to hold the world and all its uncertainties. ❤️

This NOW is so pure, so refined, so beautifully, succinctly Itself – all forces of wisdom and life gathering into a channel of consciousness shifting reboot of our lower natures and timelines. We must be as pure and succinct in our devotion to the new timelines – moving toward expansive outcome and not mental affliction  – which is the dis-ease of repeating the same thing over and over again just because it is what we know. THERE IS NOTHING HERE, but LOVE ~ inviting us in to greater expression of that love. How beautifully can we live with uncertainty? How deeply can we open our hearts to ALL that is unsettled and unknown ~ at once seeming to rip apart the fabric of life as we know it and yet, in that same process ~ inviting us to unadulterated expressions, the truest expressions of Unity, the Consciousness of One World, One People, One Life, One Love.

In my waking dream, I AM the expression of transformation you see in the image above. I feel the fires of Madame Pele (blood of the Mother) running through my veins, cracking the veneer of my small self wide open and beseeching my heart to, at long last – LIVE!! Truly Live. Stand in your power, take back your lives, live in service to this great and holy LOVE of which you are the breath and wisdom to embody.

In the consciousness of my heart, I AM one with my Hawaii family and their reverent experience of Kilauea. My sorrow is that of the families in Sante Fe Texas and my joy is that of the power of LOVE to bring together the expression of a very archaic masculine and a very new feminine union in “happily ever after” bliss and harmony. The new activity in your heart is vibrating the empowerment of Divine Humans to override lower realities and create new ones. EVERYTHING is interconnected – this is the vision and wisdom we must now view the landscape of our changing world with. Even as I meditate on the eruption activity in Hawaii as “creation”—that it’s creating new land ~ I welcome the transformative inner fires of what is being stripped away within me ~ trusting this love, this power of LIFE to co-create with me, a new environment of beingness. As we align, truly, with the pure expressions of God, Father, Mother, Divine Creator ~ we become the manifestation of Unconditional Love and Divine Service toward collective empowerment, individually and collectively creating the crystalline bridges to New Earth.

I spent a good portion of this day experiencing fierce, abundant waters in pristine nature after a week of record setting rain. There was no separation between humans and this nature – we got in those pounding, pulsing waters, stuck our head into the cascades of crystalline waters and breathed unconditional YES into every pore of our being. Whatever is asked, whatever is presented on our path, whatever comes in and whatever is leaving in this NOW ~ it is ALL LOVE – it is ALL ONE MAGNIFICENT and richly blessed, NOW.

Take ALL of this uncertainty and strangeness into your expanding heart new humans ~ meditate on and embrace the image above as your own and send your love out into every nook and cranny of our shifting world. Stay truly present with your NOW, whatever it is presenting. Today’s trigger activity midway through the veil thinning window just heightens everything for our edification and conscious participation. In honor of our human family in Hawaii, let us embrace these core values from its people: Aloha kekahi I kekahi (“have love for one another”) and Kōkua aku Kōkua mai (“give help, receive help”).

The cosmic frequencies affecting our consciousness reveal co-creation as strength. This is multidimensional empowerment. The activity, the experimentation, the feeling and energy of freedom within our own thoughts and hearts accelerates change over habit. As our hearts grow clearer and stronger, we direct this unique HUman attribute in unified service – for the well-being and highest good of all. Each time we come together for a New HUman transmission, when you read and experience the words of the Shining Ones and the New Consciousness of Divine HUman, when we share in Global Unity Meditations ~ ALL INCLUSIVE ~ the New Earth Now experience ignites freedom within the heart and our Divine HUman skill sets. This is the movement of Embodiment ~ ride this wave with all the trust and love of your being ~ we are already FREE.

I was enormously honored recently to experience Simrit, her gifted band and husband LIVE in a heart opening Kundalini experience – I feel this song speaks directly to our precarious walk of Faith the world over, in this NOW. I will leave you with her beauty and light today ~ with deep gratitude for each and every ONE of you ~ family of my heart, family of the highest octaves of Light.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

The Keeper:
“Submit to the storm, walk into the waters ~ Lay open the heart and let fear be the Lover.”

Sunday Unity Meditations: 3 times for your convenience – Join IN – Feel the LOVE.








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6 comments on “Strange Things And Radical Transformation, Part 2
  1. Ruty says:

    Hi DeAnne, I wish to refer your comment from your previous msg:

    “the SUN and the BIRD and ME in one moment in an endless skyis an experience I’ll cherish… I felt then, and now, VERY LOVED. ❤🦅☀”

    I wanted to feel your “LoveD” feeling. for me- when we’re totally @ Home- in Who we Truly are as a particle of The Essence, we’re literally on Top of any world (you portray it perfectly…).we feel so good. nothing to fear,no need to trust.we simply ARE .

    The so called Bird-I sense IS, A Shining One assuming ‘wings’as a protector & just joining in for the fun.
    Thank you Shining-One. Thank you for DeAnne, we love her.

    For Hawaii residents -Strength for you.
    a gift to be amidst this magnificent power of creation.Healing to ALL.

    • DeAnne says:

      That is BEE U TEE FUL Ruty – I really like and resonate with that ~ Shining Ones Winged one! 🌟 I have ALWAYS felt a lot of protection and love around me (even in the most challenging of situations) all my life. I AM very grateful ~ you add to the list of the many things I AM grateful for. Namaste’ 🙏 ❤️

  2. Ruty says:

    Looking at the Freedom pic (full page),I just saw the violet & turquoise ‘garnish’on the sun rays tips ,like fire works . a delightful artwork for the sky stage . who painted that ? Exquisite back drop. Namaste DeAnne.

    • DeAnne says:

      Hi Ruty – do you mean the skydive pic when you tap to enlarge it??
      it’s not a painting – maybe you are teasing me – Jim took the picture – perhaps the Beloved painted it ~ it is after all – Her sky! 😉 💞

  3. Ruty says:

    Yes. skydive pic enlarged. unless my mind plays with my vision- the col. Violet N’ green/turquoise are at the sun rays end.almost like a flower.

    I do see those cols in the sky at times. who knows, maybe it’s some in-eye filter? no idea.but those cols appears.
    Very beautiful. I just looked again to ensure I’m not delusional.
    Thanking you & the ‘Painter’…

    • DeAnne says:

      No, I TOTALLY see what you are talking about – its ALL energy phenomenon – magical love filled sky! ❤️

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