Celebrating The Light ~ Summer Solstice Gateway

You have seen my descent- now watch my rising. Rumi

These days of June leading up to the Solstice Gate have been powerful and transformative; personally, globally, planetarily and cosmically. Like a newly sprouting seed determined to push through the dark soil, the energy of rise is pulsing in our bodies, our hearts, energy fields and beloved Gaia. Shifting magnetics continue to release old realities and align us with the New. Where we were once so invested in our human experience we didn’t even recognize the story of it… the quality of this pure photonic light is balancing out the negative polarities and distortions within and all around us, into new creations aligned with the highest frequencies of Truth, Divine Love, Source.

Each day, I feel the determination grow ~ and I have never been short on determination. 😉 This is different, this love… this is beautiful and intense and recognizable as a power that is not different from our own. I feel the roots of the Earth beating in my own heart and my heart ~ expanding into everything, seen and unseen. This is a new energy that will not be denied, yet is so gentle, forgiving, encouraging, the magnetics of which are helping us to divest ourselves of all density, old emotional structures and thought patterns. There is a beautiful freedom in this NOW if you allow yourself to feel it, breathe it, BE it.

I have been wearing my beloved paternal grandmother’s wedding ring all month. I have had it since she passed over 30 years ago. There was clear and strong guidance to get it out of the safe place I had kept it and put it on the same finger she wore it for over 70 years! I know it represents a strength, a love and endurance I cannot begin to comprehend… and yet, it also charges, animates, makes real for me the presence and love of my ancestors. I feel my entire lineage lined up in a glowing, golden radiance, welcoming me into my OWN; the center of my Divine Self. These higher trajectories change the collective storyline of HUmanity to align with the ancient intention of the Ascension. Restoration of the higher truth, the highest intention for this grand Universal rewrite. You will notice the intimacy and care growing between your lower self identity and the wisdom of the ages, love of the Mother, ancient presence and intention within you. It just feels like so much letting go ~ BE HERE NOW, love what is, “peace to all” oozing from your pores, light radiating from within.

Words cannot fully express the enormity of this MOMENT, within all time and space ~ initiating new levels of Embodiment for Divine New Human ~ and new timelines for Earth and HUmanity. The greater purpose of the higher trajectory before us is to return to our multidimensional awareness and reconnect with our Divine DNA. Can you feel that? We have waited eons of time for this NOW ~ both those incarnate and those other worldly. ALL hearts aligned with love and starseeded DNA, engaging fully the RISE of this pure positive polarity receive these Source codes and align with the command of photonic order; Evolution and Ascension in the Now.

I AM not afraid – I was born to do this Joan Of Ark

We must take responsibility for the way we engage and interact with the world… mind vs heart/3D-5D, expectations vs trust, plan vs allow. The energy is literally driving us into a new existence as a collective. Quite simply, it is not possible to maintain the old schedule and drive with the mind in this new light. The ebb and flow waves I spoke of in the June 7th blog ( https://deannehampton.com/blog/may-reverence-in-us-dwell-june-trajectories/ ) are teaching us to be very present, patient, flexible and in the NOW. This is incredibly important – these waves can be sudden, strong, expansive and disorienting. If the mind has you otherwise occupied with what if and trying to anticipate “life” – you will be in the old flow of time ~ NOW time is flowing with the energies from moment to moment.

We are asked to level up to full light capacity ~ what does this mean for the very real details and experiences of our everyday lives? Vigilance and discipline is key ~ but these intentions are coming from the heart, so there is a softness and strong wanting, Divine Will versus ego.

In Kundalini Yoga, our focus for June has been the Radiant Body, preparing and caring for the body temple as the home of the Soul. One of the takeaways I resonate with in this NOW is the awareness of Negative, Positive and Neutral Mind. Coming into this beautifully empowered week, if we can just strive to be in our positive mind ~ to notice in each moment and circumstance, “is my mind in its most radiant, positive state”… and if not, to understand that your experience has nothing to do with what is going on outside of you. It is not possible to be experiencing negative mind unless that seed is already planted, within. And it is not to then go into judgement – but to turn the light of your awareness up on your experience of Self and of Life. You are no longer vibrationally tethered to the old story line ~ unless you choose to keep living there. Your Radiant Body is capable of pulling to you all the things that will help you, that you need, to be in and maintain positive mind. Everything you need, you already have and are. Let this be your mantra in the coming days and weeks and months.

The first step in your consciousness course correction would be to shift from the moment of negative mind (whiny ego) to neutral mind… its like pleading the 5th – but for your mind. If you feel agitated, annoyed, dissatisfied or otherwise egoically discontent, pause, engage your breath and clear your mind of its distortions. As is the breath, so is the mind; as is the mind ~ so is the body and your experience. Our body temples need as much spaciousness and softening as possible to receive this new energy and pure light. Higher trajectory is embodiment, the consistent quantum experience. In this Now, we are guided to assist our bodies and consciousness with the higher trajectory shift already in progress.

One of the aspects I feel so much greater awareness, even wisdom around in the last month to 6 weeks is the direct, intimate relationship between my mind and body. I GET IT! In this society and world we place so much emphasis on how a body should look, when really, it is so much more important that it is healthy and treated with love and high regard. I feel consciousness now in every facet of my physical body. And these facets, be it my psoaz (muscle of the soul) my heart (empress/emperor), the liver (emotional clearing house) my left shin, my belly or my head ~ I feel the individual consciousness of each organ and muscle, joint and tendon and cell. There is a much greater sensitivity and connection, a heightened network between my conscious thinking mind and my body temple. This is something to really be paying attention to however it is showing up and presenting to your consciousness and awareness NOW. In order to support this global detoxification and clearing, we must diligently engage with self-care, cleansing and detoxing to receive the maximum light on behalf of all. I talked about the significant changes in my relationship with food, with diet and self care on the current webcast ~ ( https://deannehampton.com/webcast/the-freedom-of-unity-consciousness-june-webcast/ ) I AM aware that a very new story is being written with new source codes internally that is changing my whole relationship with the reality around and within me. This Solstice Gateway is one where fasting, cleansing, detoxing, creativity, movement, meditation, gridwork, sacred ceremony and high-vibe activity in nature, is especially beneficial and important. Imagine a vast, pristine spaciousness all around you within which you may set out on an entirely new level of experience, of well-being and abundance and service and joy. Now imagine what you want to fill that pristine space with ~ and what you know must be dropped and resolved to step into it.

Abhyasa: Steady effort in the direction you wish to go.
(Yoga Sutra 1:13)

There is a radiance walking with you in this NOW, shining out of every pore of your being. Your baseline experience is at a much higher level, dissolving the old platforms for looping, waiting, re-creation of the past. One of the ways this will manifest for you is opportunities for new experience. As I write this, I AM leaving in 3 days for Costa Rica!! I have never been and have somehow organized a retreat of epic vibrational experience with a beautiful feminine tribe, all to celebrate the Light. I feel a strong desire to DO EPIC SHIT in this now. There is an incredible love emanating now that we have attained the higher trajectory for the collective that is allowing for unprecedented and holy merge with the Higher Self/Future Self, purified and free. Yes, I feel so close to my grandmother as the me I AM today and treasure the gift of her wedding band. It occurs to me that in placing it on my ring finger today ~ I AM marrying my lower self with my Higher Self, I AM ALL IN ~ I AM SO GRATEFUL ~ I bow to the sacred ways of the mystery. I AM that I AM.

I will be off all media for this week ~ I want to be holy present and available for the gifts and energy and magnetics of this migration and merge. Know that, as we migrate realities to the 5D/7D realms, it can be an intensely beautiful and deep – sometimes exhausting – process. Sleep is still a priority. These new levels of DNA activations will not be integrated without rest to allow the body to re-create in our higher image. This is why I have allowed for alone time in this coming retreat. We are not going to be busy ~ we are going to embody and absorb, create and be and work with a vibrational container for the greater good of all. I encourage you to take spacious time to meditate on your higher image. Who is she, what does he look and feel like, what is she here to gift to your embodiment? IMAGINE your future self, already in the beautiful, bountiful body and mind you now inhabit. Higher Trajectory IS Embodiment! This is where we are now, this is who we are now. The expanded levels of Light body allow us to collectively become the crystalline bridge to the New Earth, the Ascended reality.

Imagine ~ Embody ~ Become.
And through it all... LOVE.

Dance and embrace, celebrate the Light, CREATE, forgive, LET GO, be kind, allow, trust and enJOY this time. Ancient me and Future me honors Ancient you and Future you. I AM grateful for you, love you and wish for you the highest expression of life within and all around you. Today and always ~ All Ways. May we walk in this golden radiance together, as ONE.

With All The Love In My Heart ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Thursday June 21, 6:07am Eastern

***A beautiful, powerful, unified way to begin this solstice week would be participating in our Global Unity Meditations. Three different times to choose from ~ amplifying Gaia and the Human Heart Grid with our intentions, high minds and open hearts. May All Creations Be Blessed. 


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  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your grandmother’s ring.

    Do ceremony for the solstice on the beach in Costa Rica has taken on more meaning since reading these messages from you. I’m blessed to be a part of this.

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