Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

 Heart Open Fully, Face To The Sun, I Live My Brightest Light

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I wanted to share some additional phenomena around this Full Moon Eclipse on Friday. This is a rare astral event taking place- the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. From July 27-28, 2018, the moon spends nearly 4 hours (3 hours and 55 minutes) crossing within Earth’s dark umbral (inner) shadow. Wow! That’s a long eclipse. The following is from EarthSky Science News.

Adding to the excitement on eclipse night … this eclipse will happen on the same night that Earth is passing between the sun and Mars, placing Mars at opposition in our sky. In one of the sky’s wonderful coincidences, the Mars opposition happens on July 27, too. It’s not just any Mars opposition, but the best Mars opposition since 2003. Mars is very bright and red throughout July and August, 2018. But eclipse night will be a very special night. On July 27, the sun, Earth and moon are aligned – placing the moon opposite the sun in our sky – producing an eclipse as Earth’s shadow falls on the moon’s face. On the same night, the sun, Earth and Mars are also aligned, bringing Mars also opposite the sun in our sky, just like the full moon. That’s fun to think about, but there’s more for those who plan to observe the eclipse.

Picture it, if you will. During the long total phase of the July 27, 2018 lunar eclipse – the totality – the moon will turn red ( hence the name Blood Moon) from sunlight filtering through Earth’s atmosphere onto the moon’s surface. And Mars will be near the moon, exceptionally bright – brighter than since 2003 – and red in color also. http://earthsky.org/?p=282841

Spiritually, Energetically ~ Mars is a Masculine/Yang Planet. It represents initiating energy and is incredibly influential in illuminating our vision as to what is no longer serving us. I shared on the recent webcast that I have been very committed to a new trail system that is in the balancing quadrant of the Shining Ones Vortex.  (https://deannehampton.com/webcast/july-webcast-the-unification-of-5d/) I feel my whole being being PULLED up to these high pristine spaces reflecting balance, a merge of divine masculine and feminine, electromagnetic energy.

SO MANY FORCES of good and light and power are supporting a NEW BALANCE, a return to our spiritual center and a new state of Unity for our inner and outer worlds.The Solstice Gateway initiated a new level of Divine Merge, with the New Masculine anchoring in to balance the New Feminine Energies now present as a new power. So, this Mars energy so intimately “showing up” to marry the feminine beauty of this Aquarian Moon Eclipse ( Aquarius = Freedom!) is an invaluable opportunity to activate the inherent strength, love, and prosperity that may otherwise lie dormant inside you. It is time for you to BE ~ and brightly!

As we approach the Full Moon and lunar eclipse on July 27, life may feel even more challenging. But this is also a potent time if used wisely as an opportunity for change, emotional freedom and transformation.

Last weekend I traveled a lot in support of significant shifts in my family tree. Sunday, I wore my Rumi tank top with the quote, ” The Beloved Is Everyone” on the front. We stopped to freshen up before arriving @ my sister’s in Georgia. As I approached the glass door of a market, there was an older woman coming out as we were coming in. I stopped to open the door for her and smiled a hello. She smiled a thank you and glanced briefly at my shirt and said, “Oh how wonderful, beloved by everyone!” 😊

Clearly only certain portions of the quote were showing… but you know what? In this NOW, with all its challenges and uncertainties, somehow, this moment felt way bigger with a much greater reminder for the human soul. That we are, indeed, THAT LOVED. Each and everyone of us. Just the idea of me walking around with a shirt that said, BELOVED BY EVERYONE, both amused me and gave me pause. After all, one can find God in many and unusual places ~ gifting us simple but powerful reminders to strengthen our minds and hearts along the way.

Begin now, to tune your minds to the frequency of the Highest Love, of excellence, so that we can make the coming days ahead the brightest of our lives. This is a time to make dreams real while freeing up the illusion. During the time of the eclipse, your greatest strategy is to act with focus and intention. Set your intentions and offer them clearly: “I AM HERE NOW”, “Living My Best Life”, “Peace In The World”, “Love Activist”, “Trust”, “Healing”, “Confidence”. Tune in, allow your heart to speak and guide you. Be proactive, mindful and present. Remain neutral whenever possible and create lots of space for inward dwelling and time with the Earth Mother. Any physical symptoms will be greatly eased or eliminated by drinking LOTS of purified water, intentional movement throughout the day, time in nature and earnest commitment to drawing your energy in, and UP. Whatever your usual water content… double or triple it. The Christed Activity and Crystalline upgrades will be nourished by the clear essence of water crystals. Any symptoms you are having, are directing your awareness to greater clarity and deeper wisdom about the current trajectory of your spiritual journey. GET TO KNOW YOUR SELF ~ be willing to see your own self imposed limitation and really draw upon that Aquarian Freedom to liberate yourself, for the highest good of all.

*A note here, if you were on the Summer Solstice Retreat, this is a powerful time to use your Awakening Alchemy Essential Oil.

Speaking of time with the Earth ~ I will be taking a large group out into vortex energies on the 27th. It “just so happens” that Asheville’s annual Yoga Festival landed on this of all weekends in the year. Not surprisingly, I have a sold out, waiting list gathering of males and females drawn to spend time with me in the mysteries and wisdom of the Earth on this rarified day of days. This feels like a gift delivered to my feet ~ the opportunity to share the wisdom and wonder and power of the Earth with seekers, those desiring greater harmony and unity in their lives.

I AM leaving you with this magnificent expression of presence and love from the Shining Ones vortex earlier this year. This photo is not enhanced in any “3D” way ~  I feel emotion from my deep heart every time I see it. I thought I was merely taking a picture of Bodhi on the trail ahead ~ when all this phenomena appeared. I see something different every time; notice the translucent, nature beings around Bodhi, the spirals moving with the energy of the ascension spiral, orbs and fractal light, sacred geometry, plasma fields, solar radiance and the blue star up in the right hand corner. This moment is POWERFUL with presence, wisdom, guidance and gifts from the interdimensional realms; a captured moment of a living, breathing existence so much greater than the illusions here. More expression that we, this humanity, we are “beloved by everyone” ~ those we can see and touch and express our gratitude to in the known reality. And those in vast and far reaching realms of Light and Existence. This moment is a gift ~ and it belongs to you. May we, together, reaffirm the Limitlessness of the Infinite, as the Infinite. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~ May there be Peace in my life, may there be Peace in your life, may the whole world know and be Peace.

One Love ~ Light of Creation
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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6 comments on “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful DeAnne! With you in spirit 🙏🏻♥️🌟

  2. ruty says:

    Thank U Timelessly,Thank you Spacefully,Thank you for inviting me- to witness -at least some of- The Light Dance.
    A kiss for Bodhi,who is the cause for this surreal sight.

    I read your 17th post.it’s so full.full of drive,intent,full of bursting Light.
    No SEAMS to burst! No limits… perhaps this describes it BEST.

    Thank you Shining DeAnne Beaming your Hi Light voltage for the benefit of All. it sings renewal melodies.powerful & engaging. Peaceful hearts.

    • DeAnne says:

      and thank YOU Ruty, for being present here and sharing your beautiful insights and light. You always warm my heart ❤️

  3. Mel Bromberg says:

    I would call the above picture “Symphony of Light”. Each light energy instrument is playing its tune ( and interestingly enough I noted an eighth note like branch coming out of the tree on the left). Wonder what your picture would “sound” like if you brought a technological insturment that could convert light to sound and vice versa. Here we definitely have the light markings of a symphony–. Perhaps Bodhi was the conductor of it all. Did he howl to the light to add emphasis to the light orchestra?

    • DeAnne says:

      Bodhi being the conductor of it all would not be far fetched Mel (no pun intended). But no howling for him ~ he is an observer, a watcher, very intuitive ~ he listens and pays attention to who and what and the message, for sure!! 😉

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