Lion’s Gate Eclipse Week – A Powerful Week Of Transformation

The Lion’s Gate: Wednesday, August 8
New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse:
Saturday, August 11 at 5:46am easterm
New Human Transmission, SUNday, August 12th
11:11am eastern

Breathe ~ Trust ~ Allow ~ Expand ~
❤️Open Your Heart ~ Create Peace☮️

Choose the higher light in every situation ~ use high level discernment and dismiss all judgement, all distortion. There is a deep collective recalibration occurring on every level ~ a process so much bigger than our human proclivities and understanding. This is a time to honor your soul, heart, purpose, mission and integrity above all else. We are being called higher now. Allow time for these codes to integrate into your being thru stillness, eating light, drinking lots of water, time in nature, stay clear of dense environments. Positive photonic light is the path of the crystalline bridge to New Earth. It is HERE, Now, expanding thousands into next-level lightbody. These bridges are active everywhere ~ creating access into higher realms of consciousness, amplifying opportunities for expansion, freedom and integration of the Cosmic Light Codes of Awakening.


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