YOU ROCK! New Zealand! New Course!

“The problem, if you love it, is as beautiful as the sunset.”

~ J. Krishnamurti

Saying goodbye to the day on Lake Hartwell, GA/SC  – after saying a final goodbye to my mom.

Gratitude for the heartfelt support and love shared by many of you after yesterday’s show! No matter what the individual details our experiences are presenting us at this time ~ this is a time of great SHIFT, great TRANSITION and GREAT CHANGE for ALL. All for the sake of Unification and Embodiment of the highest human and planetary potential. Many of you were moved by the reflections on TIME, and the possibility of experiencing New Zealand, New Human style. Gratitude for the confirmation ~ and willingness to expand your perception around the veiled reality. I will continue to follow the energy and YOUR lead on the New Zealand, Light Expansion Experience. This trip will be in February of 2019. 2019 vibrates 3, representing OPTIMAL LIGHT and Triad Unification: heaven-human-earth, past-present-future, thought-word-action while demonstrating a pure synthesis of love through creative imagination and enlightened cooperation.

Negatively, 3 relates to a indifference, a lack of stamina and enthusiasm for advancing. The consciousness rewrite is already in high gear to see that we do not follow our ego into 2019 – but our hearts, empowered and a force of Cosmic Nature. You cannot take a big enough breath for what is unfolding ~ so keep sipping and lifting your heart and opening your mind to the new codes of Eternity.

I grew up on a lake, so when we drove past this huge lake and dam, the energy pulled me into its dancing light. As kids, we use to call the sunlight on the lake, “sunfish” – and moonlight on the lake, “moonfish.” The wonder and beauty of the light playing off the water soothes and mesmerizes me, still.

I had on a short skirt so my choices of asanas was limited. But more so than the look of the pose ~ what mattered is the feeling ~ “what could I give back to this beautiful sunset? To this day that kinda gathered up the whole of my life and invited me into deep reflection?” The answer, of course, is always about love! Being it, sharing it, offering it, allowing it, taking care with it, expanding it, mirroring it back into Infinity. Oh, to truly grasp how deeply, truly, powerfully, divinely we are loved. Imagine, meeting all your experiences with the question, “how high and wide can I lift my heart, so as to fill it with this Light? This Love?”

If you have not yet listened to the August 12th New HUman transmission – prepare a space and intend your cup be filled! Expansion And Freedom, The Shift To Higher Timelines:

****REMINDER: NEW ANCIENT MYSTERIES COURSE – begins in 2 weeks! Reserve your spot now! This is the 3rd wave of this 2018 Embodiment Experience. I have opened up 2 massive new trail systems and Earth Energy Vortexes since we began this initiative in early Spring. One is called the Ancient Serpent Trail with New Earth Kundalini Energy and the other, the Quartz Lookout Trail ~ with a massive rock kingdom just now opening to interface with the human faction. You may learn more about this course under my Services Tab and HERE:

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3 comments on “YOU ROCK! New Zealand! New Course!
  1. Joani Reid says:

    Hi DeAnne I have a family constellation training in Sydney February 22 to 25 and would also love to come to NZ to see you. If there is any chance of the days before or after this it would be an enormous help as I need to arrange an alternate carer for my mum while I am away. Putting it out there. Much love and gratitude

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Joan ~ that would be AMAZING!! I will let you know as soon as I know something. I will be talking to my New Zealand contact this week sometime. As it is right now – I will be there at least 10 days or more – events on 2 different weekends. Imagine all in Divine Flow – and ALL effortless. xo ❤️

      • DeAnne says:

        I do know that the Illumination Festival is January 30th thru Feb 6th ~ so I would tentatively be there for that and stay thru the following weekend to do another NH presentation – nature things in between. I will share more as I am able! 🤸‍♂️

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