New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat 2019

Dear New HUman Family ~

This comes with blessings of JOY and Gratitude, Abundance and WONDER ~ I AM so delighted to finally share the details of the upcoming New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat next March, 2019. My amazing co-creative kiwi sister, Martine, has helped me to organize a powerful 2 week flow of experiences encompassing all the most spectacular sites and activities of the South Island of New Zealand. It is a grand and magical land and we were very intent on including a wide range of experience that is as much an energy container of 5th World as it is a diverse nature immersion with all the elements and kingdoms of the Mother. Martine found this video, created by friends, which touches on many of the featured activities and locations in our outdoor itinerary spanning from Nelson to Golden Bay. I thought it would be fun to launch the 11 PAGE FLYER with this encapsulated “Spirit of Golden Bay” moment…

Stay Tuned… in addition to the email flyer ~ there will be a feature page for New Zealand later this week. So much care and ease, attention to detail and grace has accompanied this intention since the moment it came in. We are sowing New Earth Seeds and expanding the golden grid of a New Golden Age of Aquarius with this EPIC adventure. I would love and be honored to share it with you!!

We are the ONE LOVE of a New Humanity,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones




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One comment on “New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat 2019
  1. martine says:

    and so it begins! Can’t wait to share this beautiful land/space/time/love with you all.

    Aroha nui (big love), sweet sistar….

    Martine ❣️

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