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How blessed can we be?? AMAZINGLY blessed! With an EPIC trajectory shift gate opening today through the 25th, tomorrow, 11/22, will be the focal point of this shift as well as Thanksgiving followed by a very spiritual Full Moon! Did I say EPIC? Did I say how much we are LOVED!!

In the November New Human Transmission ( https://deannehampton.com/webcast/let-there-be-light-november-webcast/ ) I talked about this series of gateways in November and December ~ the metaphors that came in were “refined flight path” and “narrow landing strip”! So much is coming together and present to support this refinement of our minds, our lives, the way we relate to and regard and SEE one another and the world around us.

This Trajectory Shift (meditate on that ) is just that! Visualize, see and feel your current awareness of self, the way you walk through your life and the perception that influences so much of your decision making. Now imagine the arrow of that trajectory suddenly shifting, lifting, higher – into more clarity, deeper understanding, a more empowered expression of Self and the gifts you have come to share.

Remember the 11/11 portal that brought such massive influxes of Crystalline, Photonic Light Codes? The collective intent, the ceremony and heart centered love initiated then has been building in momentum to arrive at the 11/22 focal point tomorrow. For the last several days there have been incredible arcs of magenta and emerald rays flooding the atmosphere with this beautiful joyous light. The consistent visions of crystalline light fields and rainbow lightbodies are a side-effect of the DNA activations flowing through the Solar stargates. The flashing activity and colorful displays happening through the SUN (invite the sun into your pineal and heart) reflect this amplified alignment and the wide-open cosmic stargates.

Personally, my DeAnne aspect has been releasing so much of what was my known reality ~ it has required a constant “steady as she goes” mindset and strong communion with my higher team to stay the course. And yet, ALL THE WHILE… I have felt SO loved, so celebrated and encourage and LIFTED UP by the incredible beauty of this very visible radiant light. Another gift of this trajectory – CLARITY OF UNDERSTANDING! Understanding life and who you are and why you are here on so much more of a profound level resulting in peace.

A little about this Full Moon ~ so synchronistically aligned with this Trajectory Shift and the Thanksgiving Holiday! The Moon will come into fullness Friday at 12:39 a.m. EST. ( Meditate on what is coming into fullness in you!) Sometimes known as the Full Frost Moon, the Beaver Moon, or the Mourning Moon, this month’s full moon is spiritually aligned with personal change, inner reflection and letting go of old things — making its post-Thanksgiving timing pretty close to perfect. The Mourning Moon is your opportunity to prepare for future growth by identifying the habits, relationships, and modes of living that you still maintain, even though they no longer serve you. This lunar phase can be the nudge you need to start adjusting (or leaving behind) these stagnant parts of your life — or, at the very least, it may serve as a reminder to finally clean out your closet! 😉And even if you aren’t in the middle of a huge transition right now, that does not negate the workings and influence of this moon on your interior in preparing you for changes to come!!

Thanksgiving initiates a holiday season that tends to ask a lot of us. From traveling to taking off work to spending time with people that may perceive the world differently than you. I always encourage you to create space and time for you, interior you, to recharge your light and expand your heart and plant the seed of gratitude deep within. Call in the gifts of this Full Moon to support you in expanding your vision – of things great and small. Who are you ready to be now? What is wanting to express through you creatively? What inspires you? Where is that NEW TRAJECTORY pointing now? Will you open that beautiful heart and say YES?

Remember, our focus is Embodiment ~ so that we may welcome 2019 as Full Cups.The Cosmic Trigger occurring tomorrow is a collective choice – the trajectory/timeline divisions are in the hands and hearts of the awakened. YOU shifting your personal trajectory moves the collective trajectory of our society and world; because we are One. It is an important, precious, love-lit passage to own your journey. Drop the illusion of separation or judgment, fall in love with Unity and demonstrate full support for higher choices and higher timelines. A Divine opportunity as always. Use it well.

The December New Human Webcast will focus on how the Multidimensional Self is taking over the journey – preparing us for the EXPANSION year of 2019! SO excited and Grateful! I would love to share this expansion with you in a powerful way in New Zealand next March. So many gifts are presenting already ~ equal numbers of male and female new humans have signed up thus far ~ we will be honoring the Spring Equinox (on this side of the pond) and the Fall Equinox in New Zealand – so UNITY and BALANCE, Harmony and Peace writing itself into our greater intention to LOVE more freely and abundantly – One Another – and Ourselves. Early bird registration and discount ends December 1st. I would LOVE to spend this once in a life time opportunity with you!

Happy Day to be Grateful to One and All ~ happy Embodiment and Reunion with your beautiful, shiny Self. May this Spiritual Full Moon and Cosmic Trigger and 11/22 portal become you ~ into your Highest. I love you all – SO much – so grateful to be sharing this journey with you – grateful FOR you, blessed to be ONE with you.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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