Celebrating Vast Spaces ~ within and without

When the universe speaks and you hear its truth,
it takes courage to act.
Yogi Bhajan

The Universe is speaking to me of vast spaces ~ reminding me we are here to grow and evolve and experience and become; again and again and again. The upcoming New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat is a very timely opportunity to experience the outer world reflecting the same magnificence, beauty, awe and wonder that is taking place within you. What better way to say YES to your own epic life, than to LEAP into the vast mystery that is New Zealand.

I have been learning so much in preparing this space for you next March. In March of 2017, the Maori people won a battle they have been fighting for 150 years. New Zealand’s Whanganui River is the first river on earth to gain the same legal protections as an individual. The Kiwi are among the original “water keepers” and with this victory, have established that the waters of our earth are living entities that must be regarded as an indivisible whole instead of the Western model of treating water from the perspective of ownership and management.

Next March, 2 years to the day and in celebration of this auspicious victory, we will be joining new minds and hearts from the western culture with this ancient land, in honor of the ancient cultures that have been the keepers of this beautiful earth. It is in standing up and giving a voice to the precious, exquisite resources of our planet – that we are remembering how to stand up and use our voice on behalf of our personal and collective vision, wisdom and love for all of existence. Indeed, in empowering the earth, we empower our lives and our future. 

The Whanganui have a saying, “Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au’ – which translates into English as, “I am the river and the river is me.” This is the beautiful truth we are remembering, I AM another you and we are each other’s keeper.

Come and join in the remembering and reunion of this 5th World Initiative ~ joining hands and hearts, heaven and earth in this far reaching corner of our world. So far, we have equal numbers joining from the States, Kiwis and some of our Aussie New Humans. There is only this moment and it seems to be inviting us all into MORE; reaching and stretching and allowing our light to shine really brightly. EARLY BIRD pricing ends this Saturday, December 1st! There is a spot with YOUR name on it, and that brings me EPIC joy.

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat –
March 14 – March 26, 2019

Celebrating the Earth’s waters here in the Carolinas ~ waterfall magic! 🙏

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2 comments on “Celebrating Vast Spaces ~ within and without
  1. Judy Wollam says:

    What wonderful news to hear that the Moori have finally won the battle in regards to that river. I love it. More and more Mother Earth will be recognized as a sentient being.


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