Reconciliation, Redemption, Radiance ~ December Gateway

Dear Beloved New Human Tribe,

As we approach the final Gateway of 2018, the ascension spiral is offering sacred entry through dreams, through defining memories of our precious time on Earth and wave upon wave washing through our days in preparation for this immense gift, December 21st – 27th. There is a profound synthesis of being underway ~ deep unification present as our Multidimensional Self rises up and anchors through our heart.

When I was a little girl, between the ages of 7 and 12 ~ every year I would go to the Florida State Fair with my dad. I am sure the rest of my family was there? but this is the only thing I remember. We had this yearly ritual, my daddy and I, which was to ride the double ferris wheel together. I have not seen a double ferris wheel in many, many years ~ I am not even sure they are still made. But this was our thing, my dad and I. I can still feel the unbridled JOY of my being, to lift up off the ground and in motion, swirling and folding so high up into the atmosphere. I remember I could see everything from this vantage point ~ I remember how small everything and every person became as we lifted up, up, up. Those of you who recall the double ferris wheel ~ first you were taken around on the lower loop, which in itself was a thrill for a young child. But then, as if that weren’t enough, the ride would double back and take you for the upper loop ~ reaching right up into the lights and night sky. Surely this was like being a bird or an astronaut to a child… so free, and tucked safely next to the one person in the world that made me feel completely safe and loved.

This memory has been strongly in my field over the last few days… I feel the experience as if I am still in air, my heart singing with giddy appreciation for this wondrous annual event in my life. As I AM still with the essence of it in this now – so many decades later, I AM enchanted by my younger self who knew even then, that high above the density and reality where separation veiled our true nature – even then, a part of me was celebrating other worlds and possibilities as a wisdom tucked away deeply within.

This early memory that helped me to savor the gift of being free and closer to the stars so high in the night sky, has been accompanied, as well, by an appreciation of my love of back bending as an adult. Whether in shamanic ceremony or teaching yoga or moving my body to the rhythm and harmony I feel in nature, I find my physical aspect seeking opportunity to LIFT my heart to the light. The rest of my body seems inconsequential to this experience. The intention and ever present import is that my heart be lifted, as near and dear to the light as possible, to stardust and the field that actually touches every other thing that is material from an immaterial place. A place within every human on this planet remembers this Unity – that we are all connected to everything, through love and through gratitude.

Thank you for letting me share this memory and awareness with you ~ I do so to prompt the subtle and not so subtle ways this coming gateway may be speaking to your awareness and heart. Indeed, this is a very sacred passage ~ the beginning echoes of which began a few days ago, on the 12/12. The waves have been quite compelling; one day I will feel SO vast and invincible, clear with purpose and powerful above any limitations in the material world. The next, so tired and foggy headed and not so masterful at all, in my reach. I asked the Shining Ones about this dynamic of energy ~ and they explained it this way.

We are in the throes of deep integration ~ deep is a really trite word in this instance, but there really is no human descriptive for a process so intimately entwined with the elegant movement of the Universe. On those days you are feeling so strong of purpose and connected and clear with your thoughts and choices and movements here, you are experiencing your Christed, Truest Self and moving within a golden ray of the ascension spiral. There is “no other” on these days ~ in these moments. You have moved beyond your small self into a cadence of change that is greater than your environment. In those moments, you get a glimpse of the quantum field where there is no time, no place, no people or past ~ you are experiencing pure awareness.

On those days where you just succumb to being utterly and completely human ~ this is not a bad thing in the greater context of this passage. It is merely giving “human you” a chance to integrate and adjust to the increase of incoming light! This is, in fact, how we change the events of our lives, this is how we remember the future. It doesn’t happen in a single moment, we have to be able to maintain the “new” future that is settling into our awareness, our bodies and our hearts. Integration is KEY in moving into greater and greater expansion.

Each day that we are ON IT and so strong with purpose, the mind free from tedium, on those days christed hearts are beaming our intention through the DNA, creating a passcode to the organic reality already in place. Crystalline DNA is our body’s bridge between worlds. The mastery you feel is the new timeline reality. In that moment, you are there!! Running a higher vibration in the body turns on more DNA strands and allows us to experience the higher organic realities.

I have been sleeping 9 and 10 hours every night this month of December. I wake up so joyous and refreshed. I have been dreaming of local creeks I cross on a regular basis with the dogs, being filled with rose quarts crystals. Every other detail of the dream is super ordinary, my everyday life. And yet, right there in the center of the dream is some otherworldly phenomenon such as a 4′ by 2′ rectangular bipyramid. ( I looked that up for the sake of conveying this very distinct shape to you.) It is basically 2 triangles stacked bottom to bottom. In the dream, I grabbed one of the smaller rose quartz in my hand after climbing over the larger one, and then off I go chasing the dogs.

This dream reflects the same dynamic as the “strong days and muddled days” and the memories of times when you were still close to the spirit world and your own delight in just being. This new energy and high level of consciousness streaming to humanity and planet at this time is for the purpose of opening our hearts and expanding the field around our bodies. I even feel the shape of the large rose quartz (bipyramid) reflected unity – a joining together of father, mother, god – body, mind, spirit, the perfect trinity as reflected on the earth plane (the lower) with the heavenly (the higher) planes. All opposites, all polarities coming together to reflect a NEW thing.

We must EMBRACE this understanding – without separation – which is the lie we have been told…that there is a you and a me and you are over there and I am over here – the truth is everything and everyone is connected – you move your hand, it affects me, I have a thought, it affects you. This is a powerful understanding – that we are all connected. I know that somehow, the you I AM talking to today was with me on that ferris wheel, sharing in my delight. And when you are lonely or in darkness, a part of me is there to remind you of your own astonishing light.

Are you getting a gist of this gateway ~ a glimmer of its radiance through this sharing and story? This is the story of waking up in our own dream and experiencing the maturity of our hearts. There is a NEW presence, pay attention. There are new levels of stillness and peace, listen. The frequencies triggering the coming acceleration anchor in fully on the Winter Solstice, December 21st ~ and will maintain a resounding harmonic and penetrating golden ray through the 27th. The sound and light of this acceleration will unlock the magnetics within Gaia’s core, ( and your own) shifting all energy flows to the crystalline grid system, causing expansion. Energy is frequency and frequency carries information – so pay attention to the way your brain is taking in this “information” and turning it into imagery  (ferris wheels and rose quartz in creek beds) into experiences, into awareness of what you need now and what is limiting your experience of this radiance. Which of course, is your own.

The Shining Ones have been talking to me a lot about reconciliation – which is the healing of separation in our individual lives and in our world. Please listen often and well to the current New Human Transmission. (Multidimensional Beingness – ) I shared of how the current integration is helping us to truly own our journey and embrace our divine gifts. For so long and because of lifetimes of being scorned and persecuted for our gifts, we have carried the posture of apology or needing to ask permission to be the fullness of our inherent gifts and power. The energy, the “information” in this coming gateway is helping us to reconcile our human wants and needs with the true breadth and depth of our purpose here. A purpose dedicated to service. This has been a powerful year of surrender, of cleansing and restructuring our lives around the beauty of the True Self. When I take in the energy of the image above, so perfect in depicting the posture of the New Human ~ this remembrance floods my mind and being:

My life is devoted to the light
My body is a disciple of the light
My mind is a servant of the light
My heart takes refuge in the light.

The current Webcast is a 5D Primer – overseen by the Shining Ones. It also shines a beautiful light on New Zealand. The coming New Human Light Expansion Retreat in New Zealand feels like the dream of a new sun coming up over the horizon. It is not lost on me that the light enters our world in New Zealand, the land of the first light. (So many layers and metaphor to play with in that awareness.) New Zealand and the time being spent there is about reunion on so many levels – reunion with our Selves, with our human family, with the ancients and the future of who we are. It is an opportunity to feel and experience and remember the Shining Ones at a new level of awareness in our being. This benevolent Advanced Light Race from the Galactic Core were always going to re-emerge in this now to this humanity – to initiate a new and higher level of co-creation and unity than our world has known. The Shining Ones remind us that the greatest redemption is in realizing that there is nothing to redeem. That just like the small child I once was flying so high above the earth in spinning wheels of color and light – we have always been free. We are free now. This gateway is a very refined beam of golden light inviting us into our own Divine Radiance.

Daily, I feel this new energy moving really fast around and within me. It is imperative that we take time to integrate it ongoing. Break with routine, listen to the breath and wisdom between your thoughts. Drink LOTS of water and eat only when you need sustenance, intermittent fasting or liquids only, as guided. Know that the radiant essences of heaven and earth are always streaming around you – open your inner gateway and welcome them into your heart. Get out onto the Earth often, sing to her and with her, find moments to dance to enliven your spirit and inner child this holiday season. Remember, your radiance lies in the heart of neutrality. Love and embrace what is, every little thing and every one. Immerse yourself in the Oneness of Infinite radiance – an unconditional consciousness that illuminates healing the perfect journey home.

I captured the picture below (tap to enlarge) when I was out with Bodhi and Jyoti yesterday morning. We had just climbed a pretty good mountainside and came up over the ridge line, to this!! That golden ray was SO strong and powerful, so ITSELF and filled with expression. I felt utterly transported and transformed by the combination of this golden beam along with the emerald and magenta light. This moment and all its gifts reminded me how each moment, if we are truly present to it, is illuminating the perfect journey home. Our current service is to bridge the gap between lower realities which are running on empty ~ and the higher organic realities. This bridge is toward a very new future ~ take care with how the lower realities and stories work to loop you back into the past, into sameness and the familiar. The whole bright intention of ascension is to rewrite our collective timelines, mending the past by envisioning a positive future outcome already taking place. Mastery requires choice and action, in each moment. These golden beams that appear randomly in our field are through-lines to the New Human/New Earth potentials

Cherish life, cherish your life, perhaps meditate on the intention that as long as you are here on the planet, that you will be present to those you love. Tell them that you love them. Cherish your time with each person you are with, knowing that each life is precious and fleeting. More than anything, understand that your Soul knows devotion, your Soul understands devotion. Follow the beauty, the frequency and wisdom of that devotion over the coming days and weeks. I will meet you on the other side of this gateway and year ~ in the new light, as new beings, you and me. 

Unified Passages:

12/12 – 12/27 Accelerated Migration
Friday 12/21 Winter Solstice 5:23pm eastern
Saturday 12/22 Full Moon 12:50pm eastern
Sunday 12/23 and 30th Global Unity Meditations 8:11 ET, 11:11 ET and 5:11 ET

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat: March 2019

“Don’t you know,
it is your light that lights the world.”

Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than a grateful heart💞

Happy Holy, Christed Season ~
Love to All, Life to All, Peace to All
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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  1. Marni Yeates says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ DeAnne, this is so beautiful! It brings literal tears of joy down my face as I read it. This has been the most amazing month of the year and feeling these energies and changes vibrates so much happiness inside me!

    • DeAnne says:

      awah gratitude beautiful Marni ~ and thank YOU for shining your light so brightly in the world. You are an amazing MOM and being! 💞

  2. martine says:

    beautiful DeAnne – thank you 🌺

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