EPIC New Zealand, EPIC Life, 2019!

When was the last time life touched you deeply?

When was the last time you felt like you could move mountains?

Does life inspire you ~ do you inspire yourself ~ is your Self Love meter at an all time high? Do you wake up excited and go to bed exhausted yet filled with inner contentment? 

Is your fear tucked snugly behind the trust in your heart? Are you overflowing with ideas that weave your devotion and daily life into the lives of the whole human family?

How big is your reach? How strong is your dare? Do you imagine limitless life?

These are the gifts of the new energy enveloping our planet and activating new levels of beingness in this humanity. We are remembering we need not ascribe to the old templates and laws governing our health and aging, our capacity to truly impact existence with our creativity and love! All of life is becoming EPIC and inviting each of us to step into EPIC existence!

Come and play with me, grow with me, fall in love with me and deepen in your awareness, appreciation and perception of Self and the existence around you. When I tune into the tsunami, volcanic, hurricane and even human violence activity around our world ~ I feel this immense power that is seeking a new channel, a new residency and expression within the world of form, the human plane. We are that powerful you know, we just need to embrace that we have the technology and skill to redirect human pain and sorrow into energies of love and transformation and rebirth. This is the intention and heart of this “coming to life” experience in New Zealand. Coming to NEW LIFE in an epic year that vibrates 3 ~ the number of vitality, clear perception and the capacity to ride the higher waves of existence. Just like the little girl I once was so thrilled with the ability to SEE so much, so clearly from the top of the double ferris wheel ~ 2019 catapults the embodiment we worked with in 2018 to new levels of expansion, clear seeing, greater service, love of ALL life.

I have a created a container for you with this experience ~ spanning the entire south island of New Zealand. Like an arrow in flight that knows only the light of existence, every moment, activity, design, flow and person called to this container is a reflection of your highest intention for your Self and our beautiful world. There are still a few spots left to complete this container ~ take some inward time in the coming days to consider and feel your purposeful participation in this EPIC experience. I feel and see you there ~ and I am holding the space for you to say YES!

Questions? Thoughts? Drop me a line ~ deanne@deannehampton.com

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat: March 2019
Flyer: https://deannehampton.com/new-zealand-light-expansion/
* REAL PHOTOS of our journey  ~
“OH the places you will go!” Dr. Suess

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6 comments on “EPIC New Zealand, EPIC Life, 2019!
  1. ruty says:

    WAOO Cosmos gifting us with Eart-H (=H-eart),Waoo Gaia,Waoo DeAnne, Waoo Wonder-Us. I don’t know what’s more sweeping:
    DeAnne’s whirlwind words delivered so volcanically,it can carry one all the way there Or,these awesomely Majestic sights.

    Hard to stay away from such.I’ll join in my heart’s mind often.
    Shining DeAnne, I love your shooting star energy.It’s fantastic. Thank U.

    • DeAnne says:

      Ruty, you are such a dear – and so SHINY!! Gratitude for your gracious words of support for this devotion that is my heart and service to the world. I hope we get to meet some day in body to share a hug ~ but I am sending a big one to you, always thru the field that joins us all, as ONE! 🙏

  2. Martine says:

    woohoo DeAnne! soooo feeling the energy transmission in your words sistar! Hey new humans – come to Aotearoa/New Zealand! Come and experience your energy aligned and intertwined with ours over here – a true co-creation! aroha nui (maori: big love)

    • DeAnne says:

      Yes, Martine, just look at what has happened just by virtue of the 2 of us saying YES!! We are going to ROCK New Zealand, New Human Style – SO grateful! 🙏

  3. ruty says:

    As it is a time of Blessings and Wishes,I’m looking FW to a physically manifested hug from/with you DeAnne some Shinny day. In the meantime I wrap your image with a virtual hug and a beautiful bunch of fresh & sparkling Star Gazers.White Rose perfumed year for you DeAnne.
    Tanastalin (=Namaste )ruty

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