Aligning With Truth ~ Thoughts To Ponder

It is possible to climb out of the box and get back in touch with the world. Unplugging from the unconscious wheel of life to once again touch and be touched by the sacred is about shifting our view on the role of the past, in the future of our world. Indeed, achieving presence and meaningful power is found in the process of shutting down the thinking apparatus so that our true consciousness, the I AM Presence and Soul Light may wake up and rejoin existence, once again. We’re all being called to a greater service, to fulfill what each agreed to in coming to Earth at this time. What does the movement and choice of the Authentic Self look like and in what ways do we continue to create our own resistance?

Aligning with Truth carries a vibration very similar in nature to “tree pose” in yoga practice.

“Roots running deep into the earth of which I am an integral part~ devotion anchored in my core so I do not stray far from the consciousness of my heart~ ever attuned upward, above the density and shadow of the human experience,
ALL in perfect balance.”

Breathe into the image above and feel:

…that I may know my purpose here and use it for the good, that I may recognize my Self in any encounter with fear, judgement, separation, that I may dare to live with a courage that defies all limitation and confinement, that I may never forget I AM here to bring Light to the world and doubt not – the strength of my Soul… for this and so much more, I come.

Light of the Universe, shine on me,
Light of the Universe set me free~
Light of the Universe, ever by my guide,
Light of the Universe, never leave my side.


p.s. note the “shadow” of the human form in devotion… is the image of buddha – sitting in reverence, residing in Peace

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4 comments on “Aligning With Truth ~ Thoughts To Ponder
  1. Lissette says:

    Thank you DeAnne. I needed to hear/read these words today and everyday. I felt that image somewhere deep in my core. Moved me to tears.


    • DeAnne says:

      Ah Lissette – it is wonderful to hear from you in this space ~ I wrote those words JUST for you, and it warms my heart they spoke to yours. Love/Light and a hug, DeAnne xo

  2. Joanie Harrison says:

    So glad I found you. Synchronistic with yoga class today at Asheville Community Yoga.
    I own a large tract of land, a mountain cove in Macon County. I believe it is very high energy with water, minerals and extensive indigeneous flora and fauna. If you would be interested in visiting it, let me know. This is just an invitation not a request for your services. Regardless, I look forward to meeting you someday. Namaste, Joanie

    • DeAnne says:

      Namaste’ Joanie ~ it is wonderful to connect with you here. I will be in New Zealand a good chunk of March hosting a retreat… but I would love to meet you and see your property. Please remind me in April if we don’t cross paths before then. Love 🙏

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