The Future Is Now

We span 4 decades and reflect different cultures, races, faiths, beliefs and countries. Male and female alike, we have been called into greater community to both embrace “other” and to expand into a more full embodiment of our personal expression, gifts and service. Now, here we are just 3 weeks out from the New Zealand Light Expansion Event ~ which I know is so much more than the individuals and intentions forming this collective.

I AM so grateful for the experience of preparing for this event over the last 6 months ~ it has and continues to expand my heart and really crack open my concepts of Self, life and purpose. I do feel that preparing for something of this magnitude with this strong of an intention changes you – I know this NZ experience will not end when it is over – and through the individual and collective work of all those participating ~ we will lift the consciousness and energy, the love and promise of the future a little higher for everyone.

New Zealand Light Expansion Event ~ a New Human/New Earth/5D World initiative and unique opportunity for Unity, profound connections and Sacred activations; stepping up in times of great change. 💞🙏

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