The Next Step

Dancing in the meeting of the waters ~
the Divine Masculine meets the Divine Feminine


We are negotiating very refined spaces while remembering how to intuit our way into greater expansion ongoing. In 5D, we are no longer concerned with and asking the questions of the small self. So, it’s not how do I make money, how do I pay my bills ~ it is how do I expand my joy and ability to touch life in transformational ways? The blue light meditation is going to be helpful to you that we did in the April webcast ~ ( in addition, here are some insights and tools that will support your forward movement into new spaces and new life.

*Be really mindful of all you experience in each moment. As I shared in this webcast (Becoming Divine Reflections) our feeling nature is now amplified ~ we are seeing everything differently and processing information in a new way through that feeling. So be mindful of everything, be aware of animal messengers, cloud formations, colors, conversations of others, anything that catches your attention. Now that your inner knowing and intuition is expanding, your guides are really working to communicate with you in support of you taking the next step up in awareness and connection to the unseen worlds.

*You are a Creator! Never has this been more true and you cannot repeat or remind yourself of this too many times a day! There is a significant strengthening in your energetic field to bring those things which you require into physical manifestation quickly from thought form. So, be really conscious of what thoughts you are having. The time between the thought and its appearance in the physical will be quick. Now is the time to get really clear about what you desire in your life. Feel. feel, feel and listen to the wisdom of your heart. The universal energies are working with you to bring your desires into fruition.

*Rebirth. We all need time for integration and quiet, rest and nurturing after the March energy and Eclipse. This moment before the triad energy at the end of the month is a wonderful opportunity to nourish your heart, mind and soul. What does that look like for you? One of the powerful ways I feel nourished in my day to day is through my space ~ creating order and beauty and synergy in my home environment. In fact, I feel a bit like I am nesting… which compliments the “rebirth” theme in really mystical ways.  I brought a few pieces home from New Zealand for my home ~ and recently bought a couple of new house plants and candles since I returned. The Universal Mother has taken you into her womb in preparation for rebirth. You are being called to rediscover yourself.

Take a clear evaluation of your life, (not from shoulds or judgement, but from an empowered wisdom and love) relationships and your own self worth. Make time for solitude, stillness – this will reveal new insights and knowings about the levels you are now stepping into. Things will change during this powerful time. Allow and welcome the new and bless everything that has been with a free heart. Everything is exactly as it should be.

*Above Photo: This moment was taken on the Equinox ~ out at Taupo Point. After a morning sunrise ceremony in the Tui Community ~ homemade breakfast in the community, taking in the splendor of Wainui Falls and then Kayaking ~ we journeyed across rocks and beautiful beach to this sacred activation point, guided by a powerful soul named Aralyn ❤️ who lives in the Tui Community. It was so purposeful that WATER be a central theme on this Equinox Gate ~ Wainui Falls is the tallest water fall in Golden Bay and was filled with ancestral faces and rainbow bridges ~ we immersed ourselves in that crystalline water before heading out to Kayak on and be surrounded by the open waters. Magical things were always happening ~ we saw a reef heron, which we were told was more rare to see than a kiwi!! That heron allowed us to paddle right up to it and posed for the longest time. Then we got back to the Tui community just in time to walk to Taupo Point which can only be reached at low tide. I have many shots of the above ~ (taken by Nikki) me twirling in the light of Oneness. This profoundly liberating day ended with another amazing, straight from the earth meal and fire ceremony. It was a day of 5D living and being ~ it was a day of celebrated Love and Unity ~ it was a day of deep, cellular activation and repatterning ~ it was a new human/new earth gift from the Divine Feminine and our own future Selves 💞

Check out the faces in Wainui Falls below:
Love to all, Peace to all, Life to ALL


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  1. Katie says:

    Amazing to see the faces in the falls!! Thank you Deanne!

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