New Perceptions Bound By Oneness

Beloved Light Tribe,

This post is going to have a lot in it – so buckle up and maybe grab a cup of tea! There is SO MUCH going on – so much magnified and SHIFTING since the Equinox 2019. We will remember this Equinox and time for decades as waking, ascending beings.

What I AM feeling strongly is much less patience with those determined to cling to the old paradigm ~ that see OTHER and judge while claiming to hold superior favor with God – less patience with those who LOVE to talk about who they are and what they know and the privileged view they have of humanity and our world – yet not valuing the necessity of WALKING that talk.

I shared the imagery of the ground beneath my/our feet lifted up with a force (earth mother rumbling) to support a wider, truer perspective of existence. This is a powerful energetic to feel into and embody because it reflects we are no longer taking on water, taking on the negativity, the discontent, the disparaging attitudes of those determined to remain stuck in the separation of a dying world.

I have been a neutral observer for the last few days of the myriad of reaction/response to the fire @ Notre Dame. The very first thing that remained strongly in my center was the awareness that this event happening now, so near to the Equinox 2019 Gateway, was no “accident.” There is no such thing as coincidence and always, without exception, every event and circumstance is conveying a greater wisdom and energetic than the literal details express. What I felt and continue to feel, more and more so, is that this event is another expression of the New Feminine, Divine Feminine, throwing off the shackles of (in this case) 800 years of oppression. One needn’t have a personal relationship with or know much about the history of this structure within the material world to be able to feel the greater Truth within this pyre of collapse and transformation. I have heard this cathedral referred to as the “grand dame” – and where I am in no way taking away from the personal feelings the French and many in the world have for this building – please let it not go unnoticed that we live in a world, my world and your world, that is gravely out of balance with concerns much closer to our basic humanity, such are children without food, water or education, rampant homelessness, areas hit by devastating weather systems while endangered wild life flee their habitats both as a direct result of climate change. This list can be reeled off by many and then some and yet, how easily it is for a billionaire to step up and pledge 100 million pounds (close to 130 million U.S dollars) to the restoration of a building.

The basic formula of Christianity is simple: Feed the Hungry, Heal The Sick, Welcome Strangers. Is this the legacy the church stands behind and is upholding? This is a building!! Yes, it represents many things to many people, but it is a building. Imagine if we just as quickly came together around this event and said, let’s truly honor the “Lady of Paris” by creating shelters to house the 140,000 homeless people in Paris, 30, 000 of which are children. Surely these billionaires got that way from some economic and business smarts – how about putting that wisdom and knowledge to use in developing job programs to help the 8.8 million people living below poverty in France to secure meaningful work where they could feel of value and worth in lives that I am sure know a lot of struggle and defeat!

Existence is constantly endeavoring to get our attention! The frequency and power of LOVE as the Divine spark that resides in every human being is tireless in extending small and GREAT circumstances in our lives and world for us to make new and different choices that suggest a species waking UP to the missteps and horrors of its history rather than turning down the same road of ignorance again and again and again.

WE THE PEOPLE of this beautiful and abundant planet have everything we need IN THIS MOMENT – to change the course of our history and future. What will we erect as a monument to who we are TODAY, in this NOW, in this egregiously imbalanced snapshot of a species? That spire sitting atop Notre Dame that so many could be heard gasping as it crumbled into the belly of the cathedral, could easily be noted as resembling a phallus – once tall and erect and proud. What can we imagine with new minds and new hearts and new priorities resurrecting on behalf of a great and beloved teacher: By their works they shall be known?

In these last couple of days, tuning into what I personally witnessed and felt RISE UP out of the historic Christ Church event in New Zealand a few weeks ago, (a new feminine leadership demonstrated that balanced authority, wisdom and compassion ) then being able to witness within the Equinox Gateway both the imbalance of the old masculine and feminine along side demonstrated new masculine energy willing to support and hold up and empower the RISE OF THE FEMININE… what I feel so deeply and centered in my being is something rising up so strongly from within ~ more strength, power and determination ~ on behalf of TRUTH.

We get to decide in EACH MOMENT not only who we are ~ but who we aspire to be. WE are writing this story of humanity! Nothing is holding us back or preventing us from having a NEW DAY as a people and a world, but us! Every perceived tragedy can be “transformed” into something miraculous and beautiful – a true and lasting “rebirth” if that is who we are ready to be now. A lot of our world has been “burning” for quite some time now – and yet, with LOVE, moments are transformed, in Community, lives are healed and given promise and in Unity, what was weak is made strong and we find the door to a new beginning for ALL. ✨Love Vast and True 💞 DeAnne

Join us this Sunday for the New HUman/New Earth Global Unity Meditations – joining minds and hearts and intentions the world over for 3 years now. “Where 2 or more of you are gathered”…. remembering the POWER we have as a United people. One World, One Family, One Love.



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12 comments on “New Perceptions Bound By Oneness
  1. Deborah says:

    Great letter, DeAnne. I feel you’re right on the mark❣️

  2. Diane says:

    Wisdom words dear DeAnne. We rise💫🤙💕💜🌈

    • DeAnne says:

      Aloha Lovely Diane ~ Gratitude, means a lot to me to connect with you here in this way – we rise indeed! ☮️🌎💞

  3. Stephanie says:


  4. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I read this after I sent an email to you earlier. You have certainly answered my question about Notre Dame-with additional perspectives. Thanks,


  5. Astrid Pregel says:

    It’s encouraging that there has been so much discussion on this topic. Check out this beautiful link

    • DeAnne says:

      Yes, Astrid, I have seen this in sharing on many of my media sites… I love hearing everyone’s heart. Thank you for sharing 🙏

  6. martine says:

    100% Deanne. fire is purification and transformation. Water cleansing (floods etc) are the divine feminine’s way, fire is the divine masculine assisting with the toppling of the distorted masculine patriarchy…bring it on! Here’s an interesting one that resonates. Did you know that the sacred ground the Notre Dame stood on was an Isis temple.?

    This temple was burned down and destroyed to make way for what is now called Notre Dame (they kept celebrating the Goddess in the form of Maria, so as to not cause too much of an upheaval with the Isis followers).

    Paris literally means Per- Isis (from Isis). The first people here were the Perisii, Celts who would later travel further up North. They came here, because they were chased out of their temples in Egypt, Sumer etc. The ages are turning. The Goddess is stepping back into the light for everyone to see. It reminded me of the documentary made of the Christchurch earthquake ‘The day the earth shook’. The imagery was amazing…all these toppled broken statues of old male patriarchs (huge thanks and blessing to the part they played regardless). And yet the angel statues and the feminine icons were left standing. The most amazing one was the bishop of the Catholic Church saying that during the rocking Mother Mary the statue that had been previously facing towards the church, turned around in the window to face outward towards the world without a mark or crack in it! Now that’s symbolic! ❤️


    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude for sharing Martine ~ There is so much we don’t know and have only touched the surface of in remembrance of a greater truth and existence. We (humanity) are getting better in following our feeling nature (knowingness), intuiting what is true and in doing so, making different choices, wiser choices. I especially love the symbolism of the statue of Mary turning to face (and embrace) the world 💞

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