Essence And Rise, Activation This Week!!

Namaste’ One and All,

I have received emails lately that are asking similar questions, so I decided a “group share” would be beneficial. The teachings and remembrance of the New Human, which supports cellular upgrade to a new genetics and the activation of the Crystalline DNA is both simple and consistent. I often reflect that waking up to our spirituality and true nature is not complicated ~ but the human aspect definitely understands struggle and separation more than ease and flow.

One of the questions I AM getting concerns waiting. One listener asked it this way: Do you know other “light workers” who just seem to be “sitting around” at this moment? Waiting for the next part?

I have addressed this several times on the show ~ so the Shining Ones, endeavoring to bring more aha to the answer, referred me back to the 2012 Gateway? Remember that? This was a long anticipated event that many people applied many expectations and perceptions to… with a lot resting on this 12/21/12 event. The build up hinged upon a grand, global shift that would change a lot, if not everything in our personal lives and world. Consequently, there was a big let down for many – there was anger and disappointment, many kinda threw in the proverbial towel of dedicating so much to the spiritual movement, only to be let down and left empty.

The Truth is, 2012 was a tremendous Gateway that shifted the evolutionary trajectory of our planet and species ~ which was felt and validated and embodied by many doing the work of ascension at that time. Where the energy and experience dropped for even greater numbers was due to the human aspect still putting all their “eggs” and power, into a change happening outside of Self, that there would be an otherworldly phenomenon that would somehow eliminate any remaining separation, strife and this sense of (as humans) feeling so uncertain and unsupported in our identities and purpose here. And yet, as our Divine wisdom knows in the consciousness of our hearts, we have never been separate and any illusion of such is us still being human and relying more on that identity than on the greater Truth of our role as Creator Beings.

We have spent the last 6 + years integrating the shift in our identity matrix. Through our chosen experiences and path over this time, we have been engaged in an Embodiment process that would support a personal and collective shift from identity to Essence of Self. This has been and is happening ~ through our personal experiences, for the purpose of easing the collective into a new state of Unity Consciousness. As I have shared most of this year on the New Human Transmissions, the Higher Self is taking over the journey. And yet, there is teetering between realities phase that is normal and even expected as we adjust to the new energy we are embodying and discover how to integrate it into our lives. As the Higher Self takes full command of the journey, the sense of personality or self-image dissipates. This will come with a noticeable SHIFT in the way we perceive and take in the day to day. Our energy and hearts will soften where we use to go into lack or fear. And yet we still have to define ourselves to be in service. I feel I have been doing this ongoing since I left the matrix 20 years ago this month! My identity aspect ( DeAnne) never feels as if I have things together or figured out – and yet there is this compelling knowing of what I AM to be doing in each moment, through each phase of this rise to a new earth timeline and existence. And I do it no matter what! No thought, no mind, no what-ifs or buts or following the ego’s lead into worse case scenarios. I have learned that Love, Devotion, Trust and Divine Neutrality are necessary and constant companions of the spiritual journeyer ~ along with detached compassion and unconditional love. The process is what it is. And it is not forever. Nothing is forever – except forever! 😉

It is in these “teetering phases” that the ego will interpret a WAITING period, because the identity aspect fears both the unknown and the level of power it will be stepping into; from which there is no return. This is not meant to sound ominous at all. Yet, it is essential to understand that we are in a stage of our entire evolutionary process as a species, where we are taking our embodiment into higher dimensional experience and reality. This is going to feel like death to the ego – in fact, at this point in the ascension process, there is a certain finality that the identity aspect is feeling that evokes much greater fear than death because the other side of this dimensional shift is something far more permanent than death. (ie a NEW REALITY) And conscious or not, your identity aspect is feeling that – to the core of everything you are, known and unknown. In this new reality (higher vibrating existence, new earth, 5D all inclusive) there is complete dissolution of ego. This is the “death” and finality the ego consciousness (identity) aspect is feeling. No ego consciousness means no judgment, no finding fault or placing blame/responsibility on other, because there is no other, the emotional bodies must be necessarily cleared and the desire for complete union, Oneness becomes the light of our vision and action versus the thing that might still be missing. Again, this is difficult to express in words because it is a frequency, an essence deep in the wisdom of our cells – but we will not even remember what the separation and ego’s agenda’s were – because this aspect of self never was, will be nor currently resides in 5D.

So, back to the waiting question! The Shining Ones are consistent in the declaration that THERE IS NO WAITING. You can take that to heart, or not – for there is no right or wrong, better or lesser choice. But everything we do in each moment of our eternal journey is affecting our energy, the Essence of who we are. When the identity aspect looks outside of itself and makes the assessment about other light-workers sitting around – that then becomes the barometer. The conditioned, small self gets to say, “oh, this is what is happening” – and accepts that as the current reality – then you begin vibrating, “the light-workers are sitting around” and nothing attracts into you. This understanding supports the second consistent declaration from the Shining Ones and that is – this is a time of ACTION and MOVEMENT. Action and movement outside the known, outside of routine and all the ways the egoic aspect holds onto control by hiding in indecision.

So, if  we make that ACTION and MOVEMENT the focal point of our stillness each morning – and then actively (no pun intended) engage this awareness in various ways throughout our day – to support our MOMENTUM and forward movement by helping us to maintain the frequency of what we want, not where we currently are. The belief or understanding that something is about to happen and the anticipation of (waiting) for that to occur – does not!

An example of this for you to play with and tweak as your own: Let’s say you know for certain that a job you currently work or a relationship you are currently in is not supporting and nurturing your expansion process. There is not a lot of thinking (if any) involved in this knowingness. We “know” so much more than we have been willing to ACT upon – and then the thought dialog begins and we talk ourselves right out of that knowing and back into where we (ego, small self, identity aspect) feels safe. The ego will argue from lack and separation, but I need the money, I don’t know what else I am suppose to be doing, this relationship is not so bad, etc. Sound familiar? Does to me!!

Back this up to the place that is your knowing! “I AM complete with this job” – “in the heart of my being, I know this is not my new earth partnership.” This is your seed to plant – this is your awareness to keep anchoring your choices and decisions to every day. Remember, you are not waiting – and this is a time of ACTION and MOVEMENT. Instead of thinking and going into fear and paralysis about what to do next – #1 make that intention part of your daily stillness (to manifest a new job) and #2 – do something everyday toward the new creation. Take your focus off what is dismantling or fading from your new embodiment – and engage in active dreaming, inspiration, creativity, envisioning, process with a trusted companion, etc to give your new wisdom a voice! I have shared about the vision board I created in a Kundalini New Year’s event each year and how the images and intentions on those boards manifested over the coming year with eerie, uncanny exactitude! When I returned from New Zealand and the GLOBAL ENERGY SHIFT of the March Equinox – I was guided (quite persistently) to create a Treasure Map! (LOVE that reference) I bought a large piece of foam board and indulged in the PERFECT magazines that expanded the joy of my feeling nature and divided the Treasure Map into 4 quadrants: Relationship, Home, Work and Health. This process not only taught me a few things about who I AM NOW – but is serving to ground down really strong knowingness from my Higher Self and Essence. I light a candle each day when I meditate, place it in front of the board and read over the words and scan the images before going into stillness and breath. This would be considered an ACTION contributing to MOVEMENT and manifestation of NEW, ongoing. I AM sure you can come up with similar, amazing supports for your own process.

*Staying with your spiritual practices – IS ACTION – it is keeping yourself in the flow. Moments of devotion where we keep the mind utterly still and merge with the pineal stargate (3rd eye) is creating space in our field where the mind has no influence – no judgement or fear or interpretation of what is.
*Time in nature is another essential discipline right now because she is going thru the same process and is so much wiser than we. I go everyday – someplace without people where I can hear and feel the rhythm of my feet on the earth. Take care with busyness and the habit of being (identity) you – the small self will justify its world and actions 6 ways to Sunday, again, because its world is dying. But there is movement and new and expansive light present IN THIS MOMENT, with you and our collective world, that is vibrating a future that is already here, a world that is already born. Our most important work then becomes ALIGNMENT – and opening ourselves up to greater and greater wisdom about what in our everyday reality is contributing to our light expansion and what is keeping us tethered to the old loop of 3rd dimensional life.
The second question that has been coming in a lot lately – and of course, these are ultimately related – concerns diet. Specifically, ” I know you have been doing this in bits and pieces over time, but would you consider sharing daily practices you find most effective – in addition to dietary habits that you consider most useful and essential for well-being at this time?” 

I, quite effortlessly, came across this link in the 5D Forum and felt it still very sound in sharing with you here.

Embodying Dimensional Changes in the 5D Forum:

The thing I love and trust and honor so about this new hUman consciousness and energy is that it is consistent and true. We are engaged in the process of remembering – so the answers and practices are not going to be all over the place. And thank goodness on that because we have had many lifetimes of forgetting and conditioning and picking up not so healthy practices and habits. Waking up and ascending is not some far-reaching impossible goal that only a few will attain! It is a matter of spiritual discipline and the act of creating new practices to diminish the pull (weightedness) of the old. The veils we have always been aware of as separating the earth plane from the higher dimensions, exist as well, within our mind, our bodies and our spiritual understanding. And so, with diet, consistently and ongoing – we must attune our awareness to “being” light. As spiritual beings, food is fuel – nothing more. It is a substance to compliment our natural state of energy. We are vibrational beings. We took on form to engage the world through senses – to experience reality through touch, smell, sight, sound, taste and instinct. These are the tools of our remembrance and mastery. That, and of course, LOVE.

I honestly regard food, as medicine. That is just where I AM at this point in my ascension process. This does not feel strict or limiting to me at all. That would just be more separation and defeat the point. My neighbor asked me the other day, curiously, about my eating. I told her I generally don’t eat after 6pm and typically don’t eat again til noon, 1 or 2 the next day. She immediately said, oh, that is great – I know how good “interval fasting” is?? Which I have never heard of – but evidently it is a thing. She briefly explained to me what this is – and I said, the difference is that what I AM doing is not something I read about and decided to try – I AM eating in the way my body informs me. This is what feels best for me at this time. When it no longer feels good and my body requires something different, I will shift. But I have eaten this way for several years now; not eating after 6 oclock and having warm lemon water and tea in the morning – during which time I meditate – take the dogs out for a run and do yoga. Sometimes I am hungry and my body wants to eat by noon – sometimes it is not til after lunch. I eat salads, avocado, kraut, a plant based protein – alternating with a leafy green and fruit smoothie – I love nut butters and nuts – and keep seasonal saute’d veggies in the fridge. I drink at least my body weight in water each day – along with kombucha and dandiblend. This all feels quite natural and easy to me… it is what my body resonates with and it feels good. I do not buy or eat dairy as a habit – but when in New Zealand for example we ate at the Dangerous Kitchen in Golden Bay more than once!!! And their pizza was highly recommended. So, I had a couple of slices of a pizza with spinach and feta cheese that was divine. If I go out to dinner with friends I love a nice veggie burger with sweet potato fries – the flip side of that is that when in New Zealand someone had a piece of decadent chocolate torte for breakfast while I had a turmeric latte and super-seed bar I had brought from home. He said he liked to eat decadent things when on vacation – which is fine for him. But I like to eat what makes me feel good – what leaves the machine of my body’s intelligent feeling and functioning optimally.

I have never been on any medications and plan to stay with that record! 😉I take enzymes with each meal and feel they are a worth while investment. I also take dicalcium phosphate and magnesium citrate every day – I buy the powder forms and add it to my tea or dandiblend or smoothies. I have also been on a medicinal mushroom kick most of this year – I but this product in bulk at my local co-op! I also take a quality, refrigerated probiotic each day – and have been using collagen peptides for a year or so now.

Another note – the more fine-tuned you get your health and calibrate your body temple to truly serve your spiritual journey – it is increasingly important to be aware of food combining. I know now that this is a core Ayurvedic principle – but my body taught me over time – what foods to combine and what to never eat together. Many people I know boast that they can eat anything and it never bothers them. This is an indicator of imbalance and will eventually lead to dis-ease. If your body cannot digest the foods you are eating – you will not get the necessary nutrients from that food nor will you eliminate regularly. Regular elimination is KEY to health and well-being. Otherwise, what is in your belly sits and begins to decompose (putrefy) like a dead animal on the side of the road. This will lead to dis-ease! We were created – our bodies are miraculous instruments – with a brain (your stomach) and intelligence designed for LIFE and HEALTH – our bodies are meant to serve our spirit. The more we listen to them and make subtle changes based on what does and does not feel good, light, vibrant, radiant, energizing – the more rejuvenating our experiences here will be.

Perhaps this next question(s) will resonate with you!

Since the Equinox, my ears have been ringing with a very high pitched electrical sound. Have you encountered this before? Sometimes it’s quite loud!

Since the Equinox I have been also “worried” a lot more than before…

And my short term memory is also way off, walking into rooms not remembering what I went in for etc…. Very curious, as always!

GREAT questions that I AM sure many of you can relate to!

A reminder here that there are quite a few posts in the 5D Forum on Ascension symptoms that will be helpful to review no matter what stage in your expansion you are currently experiencing. Yes, there are common symptoms that people experience in certain stages of awakening. Ringing in the ears ( or frequency humming) is a fairly common one that many that are in the early stages of awakening will experience. This can manifest in different ways such as hearing musical tones of frequency, ringing, or buzzing within the ears at random intervals. Sometimes it will be one ear (which I would suggest noting) and sometimes it will be both, at once. An important step in inviting the light, your Higher Self guidance and intuition more fully into your day to day is in how you respond to energy phenomenon. I always pause no matter where I AM or what I AM doing and take a moment to be really present with these awakening symptoms. By noting if the frequency humming is in the left (feminine/receiving) or the right (masculine/action) ear, you are activating a co-creative energy dialogue with the non-physical realms – engaging in a level of your experience that will open up more activity and communication for you to then, be able to interpret and understand what is happening! 

Seeing fractals and colored light is another common symptom – this indicates a shift from the mammalian brain to your high brain that can see energy fields and scalar waves, eventually as clearly as you see the world of form.

An ascension symptom that has been fairly active since the Equinox Gate (due to the level of Solar Activity) can best be described as needle pricking or stinging just under the surface of the skin. It is very curious – it can feel like an ant is under your pant leg or that you somehow got a brier caught in your clothes. It is sharp and instantaneous and comes and goes pretty quickly. This is electrical activity connected to DNA activation, specifically, the Crystalline DNA.

The forgetfulness? not to worry with thoughts you are losing your mind. Actually – you ARE losing your mind in that as you continue to take in (accrue) more light and expand into your Essence, the identity aspect is often AWOL. We are all jumping in and out of dimensions regularly as we adapt and make necessary changes to be able to reside more permanently in the fields of light frequency. It is not out of the question that who you were in one room doing one activity… is NOT who you are when you walk into another room 5 minutes later. So, of course, you will not remember that. The goal with these new timelines is PRESENT MOMENT awareness and engagement. The key is not to get attached to these experiences – you especially do not want to be NAMING them – which gives them energy – ie – ” I am losing my mind,” “my memory is terrible or not what it use to be” – if anything – you want to reinforce the positive, ” I remember what is important!” etc.

One of the most powerful things you can take away from all of this is to understand that in returning to Self ~ we are developing a new relationship with Self Love. The truest perception (and mastery) of Self Love – is that this humanity, you and me and the human race of this time, we are the container and vehicle for the Divine Feminine. This planet and species has never had a co-existing relationship with this level of Light, this capacity of Love. It is not possible for this frequency of Love/Light to reside on the Earth plane without our ability (and willingness) to house it, to BE it, to embody and begin to LIVE as this new feminine wisdom, power and vision of a world transformed. HERS is our ability to perceive ourselves and everything around us, as this purest of frequencies – and to begin to live, once again, as if “it”, truly is, ALL Love. Can you imagine? Imagine, we must!

I can honestly say the connections I made, the people that I met and the experiences I had in New Zealand were utterly life-changing for me – on a core level. I will share a funny thing that happened in yoga this morning that kind of makes the point better than my DeAnne aspect ever could. I woman came in late, the class had already started… and she did not come in quietly so as not to disturb those already in the flow of yoga. She came in loudly – announced herself loudly, threw her mat onto the floor loudly, and then proceeded to breathe REALLY loudly. It was almost as if she was in a container of herself – (note not essence) and the rest of us were kinda inconsequential or not even there. She set up next to me – and I quickly noticed (even as I was very present to my asanas) that she had the shakes. She was young (30’s) but had a tremor like Parkinson’s, yet I knew that was not what was up. She was NOT in her body – she was jumping in and out, having a hard time “balancing” between what seemed like a myriad of aspects of herself. I noticed that she had brought a small amethyst crystal with her and had set it at the top of her mat. The class continued – she continued to be “all over the place”  – it was all very curious. At some point, when I had finally detached, compassionately, to her presence, that crystal came literally spinning like a marble and landed with a loud thud, right at the top of my mat. I smiled at the crystal. Then I smiled at her. But in that moment, and still, I felt as if that crystal had flung itself over to me, energetically moving perhaps to a place that felt more like “home”.

What I feel since returning from the EVENT that was New Zealand, is more home – more grounded in my Essence – and clear on that distinction. What is clear to me is that the Essence of Self is felt like crystalline stardust in our field. I am still smiling in my heart at that little amethyst crystal! This Essence is the true NOW Self. It is not past, it is not future – and it is increasingly comfortable, “at home” in the unfamiliar, the unknown territory. I feel the Higher Self stronger than ever – and that my work (devotion) is to receive, integrate and follow the highest trajectory of Ascension. I know that as that is my intention when I first wake up in the morning, when I sit in meditation during the day and the last waking moment before shifting into dream-time – that each next step of my service and my love extended into the world will be made known to me. The Shining Ones convey that the sooner we embrace the mystical sensations and the higher dimensional perspectives and continually embrace LOVE over any other details or circumstances, the sooner the higher levels will provide your Divine trajectory. It really is that simple – and that available to all who are willing.

Finally, as you might have perceived from my last post about Notre Dame, I feel the Essence and presence of the Christ, Lord Sananda, the man Jesus more than ever before. I admire him for his ability to walk between world; to serve and love unconditionally yet defend powerfully the ways of the Light, of Unity, of a just and noble life for all beings, everywhere. And whether we call it Ascension or the Second Coming, the end of the world or the beginning, we are here to care for one another and love one another and lift the Light of this world up to a higher expression of LIFE, on behalf of all.

As we approach this next crystalline grid activation (April 25 – 29), may we all have patience with one another, be kind to one another, reach out and lend a hand to a stranger or a friend, forgive, uplift and continue to Dream a bigger dream for this humanity than the one we have believed and invested in thus far. This is a time to truly observe personal choices through the lens of our Higher Self – knowing this 3rd wave of Embodiment is for the purpose of less story and MORE ESSENCE. What would that look like in your life as you know it? Who do you dream of being, NOW?


This is Freedom!
To live without agenda and yet, with equal purpose~
to reach higher and further than seems possible
unattached to ever succeeding.
To be as dedicated to the light within you ~
as the light that lights many worlds…
knowing they are one in the same.
This is Freedom ~
to be equally invested in everything and nothing
to embody equal measures of strength and surrender.
To forgive without motive, to give without expectation,
to have the courage to say YES to your fears…
and to love with a LOVE far greater than your own.
This is Freedom.

I wish for everyone reading these words
everything I wish for myself
– and GREATER.
The GIFT has already been given ~ now it is time
to LIVE.
PEACE to all, LOVE to all, LIFE to all ~
🙏 DeAnne 💞


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3 comments on “Essence And Rise, Activation This Week!!
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Thanks for the interesting comments and observations. I see myself in some of the Ascension symptoms. For quite awhile now I periodically see aqua blue sheets of light or as orbs-especially around electronics. I have had ringing in my ears for years and that may be due to my eardrum once getting punctured. It never occurred to me to think about which side it is on. Right now it is on the left side. Once in awhile it stops but just for a few seconds. Sometimes it gets louder for a few seconds. I usually say, “I’m ready to receive.”I’ve certainly had some recent diet changes. I was juicing. Now I’m blending(mostly greens in pineapple juice) which is a lot easier. My body likes the plant protein shake I make in the morning and evening. I see food as medicine also. My body does not want a fruit smoothie right now. I used to have one in the evening. My body does not call for as much food as it used to. I feel this is because I’m giving it real good nutrition. I have had periodic skin stinging going on for years and never knew what that was about. It comes and goes and is usually on my limbs. My short term memory has improved because I’m now not hesitant to ask A-giss (my Higher Self) for help. Bashar (as channeled by Darrel Anka{I think} says that we are jumping in and out of realities constantly-many times/second. So I can surely understand your statement about being a different person just by walking into a different room and not remembering why. I’m becoming better at being in the NOW and staying away from judgement. A-giss recently told me that I have to stop thinking negatively beside not speak negatively. I’m getting better about shifting to positive thoughts. But it is still a work in progress. I’m so glad to be here at this time.

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you, as always for sharing Judy… you always have interesting and relevant things to say! You might have missed this by your Bashar comment – but in this piece, I do affirm that “We are all jumping in and out of dimensions regularly as we adapt and make necessary changes to be able to reside more permanently in the fields of light frequency.” It is always a good sign when different teachers and channels are saying the same thing. 😉 Like I said, spirituality is not complicated – our conscious thinking aspects tend to make it so! ❤️

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I’m pleased that you are confirming what Bashar had to say. It makes sense.


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