We Rise TOGETHER! Show this Sunday!

Morning Light Tribe – high vibe new humans!

I AM looking forward to sharing the dynamic “landscape” of the current ascension passage on this Sunday’s Mother’s Day edition of the New Human Transmissions. I feel pretty honored to have a show on this day when so many will be focusing on the nature, qualities, power and gift of “Mother”. This Sunday –  May 12th, feels like a golden pinnacle energetically – all around the globe and within each of us – the energy of RISE moving through us as never before. This rise can be felt in our dreams, in our meditations, in nature – all so very different than just last month! Many and more (including myself) are undergoing direct and powerful kundalini experiences that are reflecting initiation of the physical aspect into higher dimensional life. I feel it is important to share details from these mystical experiences to help dispel any fear and open the channels of the higher flows of energy into our minds, our bodies, our perceptions, hearts and lives. This merging of the Higher Selves and Higher Realms is magical, mystical and sublime.

The energy of Creation – creativity is SO STRONG in this NOW – we are being encourage to STAY IN THIS LANE as we become conduits of the New Earth Realities. The mind is not in this lane – when you are in creative flow – you are BEING your essence, embodying the Christed DNA! Keep shifting to what inspires you and evokes passion, which will quickly shift your energy from linear to dimensional. This is a time of utmost persistence and confidence ~ of re-membering that you are walking with the Divine. The energies of Embodiment are at an all time high ~ and along with Creativity (no mind) are assisting you in uncovering what is hidden.

Stay active with your practice, keep moving forward and join me and the many this Sunday – for a new webcast covering all of the above and so much more. SO MUCH MORE is the ultimate remembrance ~ that there is so much more, that YOU are so much more, and that together – WE are so much more. 

New Human – May Transmission.
The Self, The Soul and a New State Of Being
Sunday, May 12th, 11:11am eastern

Reminder! New Human Global Unity Meditations!
Every Sunday – 3 different times to choose from


              We are ONE WORLD ~ Bound together by ONE LOVE 🙏

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