The Agenda of Love


I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS NOW – and you and me and LOVE and this amazing, complicated, messy, joyous gift of LIFE we are all experiencing. I was meditating this morning and had this truly profound, deeply felt communication about 45 minutes into what would be an hour long meditation. The last 15 minutes I was a completely different person than the me who came to sit in that space. From whom? you might ask. Remembering that the upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on Tuesday is about UNITY and finding stability in the new, (July Energies –, I feel this contact was my own Higher Self, which of course, is the purest connection to Source we have.

This time, this incredibly spacious and free space between the July eclipses has been a crystalline passage with mirror activations occurring between the earth’s crystalline grid and human crystalline DNA. The concurrent and unprecedented earthquakes in CA are directly related to the earth’s crystal beds. These crystal beds encompass a vast area from the Pacific Coast of the U.S and California, Oregon and Washington. They branch into Nevada, Arizona, Utah, parts of Colorado, Kansas and Arkansas, to the East where they anchor into North America. They also connect to the Hawaiian Islands to the West.

The work I have done over the last several years traveling to Sedona and Mt Shasta to open channels between the Lemurian energies and the Atlantean energies here in the Carolinas has all been part of this greater phenomena activating crystalline bridges between ancient civilizations and future trajectories for earth, humanity and cosmic alliances. The Light Expansion Event in New Zealand, Motherland of the Mu ~ was continuation of this bridging of Unity. There are Sirian portals now opening in the vortices I work with in the Carolinas – I sense these are directly related to the Lemurian Legacy, as well as, the collective opening of ancient structures, crystal beds and aquifers across our globe. Yesterday, on an early morning run in deep, pristine nature, I came upon a quartz the size of the hood of a car ~ clearly shapeshifting from what once appeared as ordinary rock. Wonder enveloped me! This is an extraordinary transition for all aspects and expression of Creation.

The sequence underway is the individual resolves the conflict (separation) in their personal lives, which lends itself to the greater healing and Unity of our world, which initiates complete resolution of the past eras and conflicts that arose in previous timelines. We talked a LOT about bridge energy in the current New HUman Transmission, with many relevant and relatable examples from the current timeline. (July WebcastNurturing A Pristine Environment ) When these events start to CLICK for you – and easily – you are in a position to wake up and remember where these ancient structures, crystal beds and aquifers are and what you have agreed to on their behalf.

This voice that spoke directly and clearly to my heart’s knowing this morning activated an essential awareness into my present mind, body and consciousness. God/Beloved Father, Mother might just as well have been sitting in front of me and spoken to me! I “got this”, understood this message so clearly as it relates to my journey at this time. I share this with you because this is exactly what this crystalline channel is about. We are not now anywhere where we have been – the energetic environment we find ourselves in is very pure and refined. I feel compelled on a regular basis to THANK MY SOUL for waking me up in this NOW. I feel charged to a new level of insight and accountability to the WHY of my being on the earth at this time. I AM, we are, standing under a direct beam where there is no noise, no static, no distraction, nothing we are not willing to look at and LIFT into higher frequency and light. It is JUST THAT BEAUTIFUL and FREE, this NOW moment.

The above image is exacting in reflecting this space in between eclipses – you are ELEVATED to a key point of clarification and edification in your journey at this time – and the light is centered directly on, over, around and within you. Listen well, pay attention, be willing to step out of the old container (whatever that looks like for you) and live more intentionally in the spaces of UNITY, nothing and no one separate – all of life, the space within your heart. 5D is an INCLUSIVE frequency. I find myself praying for the highest good of EVERYONE I know, those close to me, those seemingly estranged or on a different journey, for the highest good of all that seems so utterly out of balance and for the future that is here for us to step into, now! This is very liberating because the mind is not trying to define or decide anything – it is the act of giving life back to life – of giving our creations back to Creation.

More than anything, remember that this planet is intent on Ascending, as are you. This planet and humanity are, indeed, built for Ascending. The Solar activity, the ancient activations, the mirroring and synchronization of the earth’s diamond heart with the human heart grid is serving to release codes of liberation in our DNA to neutralize any remaining distortions and limitations. We are free now to migrate to the new timelines – everything new – with ease and flow and a new unified creativity. Your true nature is UNITY, Oneness, the innate desire to return to the whole. And we do that one relationship, one thought, one emotion, one day and one experience at a time. As always, time in nature, time spent creating, time spent in what brings you joy ~ lightening your earthly experience with meditation, stillness, movement, simplicity, service, eating vibrationally (remember to bless your food with gratitude) and drinking lots of crystalline water; these things support the return of your energy back to Self – back home.  

This year, 2019 – has and will continue to be WIDE OPEN EXPANSION. We are on the other side of the rainbow now, or so it feels. Especially since June, we are in high intention based preparation for the 2020 energies. As we ran a lot of energy around and illumined in the July webcast (7/7 Global Activation day) – it is essential that we see and breathe in and embody the etheric first in all events (personal and global) and the physical second. Again, this current webcast is so very relevant – listen often. Ascension has already happened in the higher realms and is anchoring into the denser experiences. We are the vessels – our new lives, the teacher; a new Unity between Gaia and humanity, the new reality. Everyday, the intention is to be responsible creators of the new. We do this through surrender, through allowing, through grace and through love. Focus on what you want and intend it so. Stop falling for the antics and agenda of the small self and lesser realities that are motivated by FEAR. New HUman, New Earth, 5th World, Christed Consciousness – we reside in the HERE AND NOW and our only Agenda is LOVE. 

I’m off to FL for a few days to visit with my 97 year old Aunt – definitely a new human!! And to create bridges between alienated family members in my own Divine Family Tree. SO HAPPY TO BE WAKING UP FROM THIS DREAM – so GRATEFUL to be sharing this NOW, with you.

Always in my heart, always in UNITY ~ I love you, each and everyone.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “The Agenda of Love
  1. Martine says:

    Oh sweet DeAnne…this is beautiful and yes i know and feel the truth of all that you say here. So happy to hear of your upcoming family healing….how wonderful ❤️

  2. Aralyn says:

    DeAnne, this is so timely. How to navigate the accelerating divisions? Love and more love. I am finding that the capacity to step into it amidst the chaos and density expanding. Much love. No doubt, the Florida family will receive you well.

    • DeAnne says:

      My 2 beautiful kiwi sisters – Aralyn and Martine, thank you for stopping by. Aralyn, you are exactly right – the time in FL was amazingly transformative and healing – a merge of old and new that can only be credited to magic and grace. There are “sides” of family that are alienated from each other – and I have always seemed to be the bridge. I brought together a 97 year old (female) on one end of the divide with a 1 year old (male) on the other… “family” that does not know each other… and they all thanked me for coming and expressed how much it meant to them. RIPPLES of grace, healing and RISE… so blessed to witness and be a part of this experience and time. 💞

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