Intention, Power, Peru!

As many of you are aware who follow the New Human Consciousness and Energy ~ the mantle of Consciousness on our planet shifted with the 2012 Gateway; from the Himalayas to Peru. This moment in all time and space, both cleared karma from our planet and changed the trajectory of potential for our individual lives and collective world. This Cosmic event redirected, pulled the energy back in from a linear, outward flow, inward and up to a vertical dispensation. This began the paradigm shift from a masculine to feminine power structure, to prepare humanity and earth for embodiment of a new Golden Age of Unity Consciousness and Authentic expression; alignment of body, mind and spirit. For the last 7 years Gaia has been in a profound process of change and transformation, much like her sentient beings; an awakening humanity.

And now here we are, on the cusp of another epic shift, even greater in potential by virtue of where we are now vibrating and the wisdom we have gathered, individually and as a whole, in the culmination of Gaia’s (5D Earth) ascension on the 12/12/19.

I did not choose the intention or location of Peru, 2020. It is a vibrational alignment in support of both Gaia’s expansion, and yours! Every book, webcast, vortex experience and RETREAT formed within the container of this New Human Paradigm, has been following the RISE of the Divine Feminine, within and without. We are following the Mother’s wisdom and expansion, and mirroring the activation of her Crystalline Energy and DNA, with our own.

There is a NEW ENERGY, a Stargate activation, sacred serpent energy, in Peru, activating within the earth beneath the area known as Machu Picchu. Even if you have been to Machu Picchu before, this is a different time and we are being called into sacred service in a way significantly different and more expansive than before. If you are truly still and tune inward, you will connect with this awareness. WE ARE FOLLOWING ENERGY. There is no greater wisdom or access to our power than to do so.

I just learned that “the oligarchy has taken over Bolivia and has forced the 1st indigenous President out of office.” This news “current” sent a wave of electricity ( knowing) through me. As I observed the itinerary of Peru 2020 take shape, I noticed quickly and with interest that we are landing on one complete side of the country (Lima) and the next day journeying to the other side, bordering on Bolivia. I didn’t not question or wonder about that – but did take in the impression of it energetically. It is that location in the Amazon where we will be both gathering from indigenous wisdom and ways while equally so, bringing in a new energy of Divine Feminine balance and rebirth. It is all just so divinely orchestrated and working with our higher levels of mastery, capacity and love as we remember the greater purpose of our lives on Earth at this time.

I don’t know exactly who this group of lightworkers are – but you know who you are! I do not know the entirety of the journey that has led you to who you are and where you are vibrating today – but love does. I just know it is mine, along with the Shining Ones and their genetic mastery, to create this container for you to step into. I also know there is a lot of JOY, there is absolutely NO separation or limitation in this intention. That alone, tells me a lot about you! 💓

There is a lot going on, everywhere, all the time, in each moment. I GET THAT. I AM just reminding you ( as I will continue to do) and nudging you along a bit toward FINAL REGISTRATION, which ends 1/22/2020. I encourage you to go ahead and raise your hand ~ come and flow (grow) beside me as we unravel this great mystery of Divine Feminine Light, Power and Invitation to empowered lives and purpose.

PERU 2020

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