It Is A Very Full NOW!

This image is such a beautiful expression of the current energies. Full Moons are a time of spiritual completion and harvest. With this timely Full Moon landing right before the 12/12 Gateway… energies of love and fullness, wisdom and healing are radiating streams of light upon this Earth and humanity. The above image shows the moon’s radiance over water, which is a metaphor for consciousness. So again, new light, new consciousness, strong, abiding, unconditional support for the transformation and freedom of an evolving world.

It feels as if all of existence everywhere is pulling out all the stops to show its love for humanity and the promise of a new earth experience. Take time to honor the gifts being offered, to express your intention to the Great Mystery, to feel the wonder of this reset within and without… to trust your dreams, your visions and most of all your Self to step out into a new reality of conscious, heart-felt creation.

Thursday 12:12am eastern – Full Moon in Gemini – what are you ready to put a bow around and send it once and for all, into the infinite reaches of the Universe. What are you now ready to CLAIM in full embodiment for your Soul and for greater service in the world?

12:12pm eastern Global Unity Meditations for the 12/12!

7th Anniversary of Gaia’s Ascension on 12/12/12! This is a magical and blessed passage – an invitation to stand in a new power, Divine Feminine marrying the masculine and feminine energies into a new harmony. No place will you feel the profound gift of this experience more than on the Earth, in sacred nature and intimate Oneness with the Mother. Wherever you are – we are all gathered, as One. May your one and highest intent be to be in service this day.

Create an altar space, light a candle, take gifts to the Mother and then sit in Unity with the many around the globe in joyful celebration of how this NEW LIGHT has transformed a world. The Gates are open, see the Light streaming in, see ALL in Unity.

December 12/12 – Early Bird Registration for PERU 2020 Closes. This is a co-created experience of Divine Service, not a retreat or vacation.  Stay out of the mind and tune into, trust and feel those already anchoring this intention – you share profound connection long before this now. May the gathering of the Light Tribes commence as we step into Divine Power and a New Unity forged by Feminine Light.

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