Blessings Of Peace and JOY to my AMAZING New Human Family,

A few days ago I stopped in our local Co-op to pick up some herbs to make tea. As synchronicity goes and flows ~ I wound up there at the exact same time as a dear, magical, former teacher friend of mine that I had not seen in years. We are both, such different people than we were in our former realities and lives. And yet, there was a joy present, a heart-felt delight and appreciation in this reunion that felt so divinely orchestrated! We talked and talked and hugged often and prepared to go many times, and then were drawn back into the moment by this powerful, palpable, intent expression of feminine strength; the rise of feminine light, truth, service and embodiment finding its way into a transforming reality through our individual and collective lives.

Sigh ~

There is something so very different present that I trust you are all feeling in your own ways. Gone is the tendency of the ego to compare and contrast, to be thinking of what to say instead of just holding an open heart space to receive. It is so clear and present, this new connection, new depth of unity between women especially so, understanding that we need each other and each have our own unique and incredibly significant gifts to share. As we visited, another woman whom my friend knew stepped into our conversation briefly – and again, there was that relaxed, drawing inward of sisterhood – this sense of without hardly knowing one another in 3D – this felt unity that the new feminine is stitching together like a vibrational quilt as we joyfully get out of our own way and just devote ourselves to serving the Mother, empowering this holy love through our deeds and actions and courage and determination to make a return. 

We talked of many things, my friend and I; the new children and new schools, goddess groups and the many ways women are finding their voice at this critical time in our world. And most of all – the MAGICAL movement of our beautiful planet into a new and destined role within the Universe. It was SUCH a wondrous moment of the felt Unity that is laying itself as a new grid on and within this sacred Earth.

One of the sensory impressions that has remained with me from this encounter is receiving the observation from my friend that my “roots run really deep”. Into the Earth, high into the mystical realms and worlds, a strong core of influence that marries the ancestors and ancient wisdoms to those now coming into power, coming into their own. That I AM an influential teacher, because my roots run really deep. 


This experience invited a new perspective on the idea of “home” for me. I AM sharing with you here a recent photo taken as the dogs and I came down off the mountain behind my cabin one morning. The moment stopped me in a stillness that filled my heart and emptied my mind. The light streaming through the winter landscape as these ancient mountains appeared to hold my cabin in a loving embrace, really impressed my whole Self with how abundant my life is and how very much I AM loved. Home is really not about a structure or even a place, so much as how the Earth is holding us in her care. I feel held and protected, supported and LOVED by the energy of this planet; my roots deeply entwined, with hers. All thought and the details of the material world seemed to just fall away as I allowed this moment to fill me.

This is what I know for sure in this moment:

We, you, me and an expanding light family around the world – we CHOSE this experience of existence in this NOW, knowing we were worthy of carrying the new Light: and powerful enough to transform the energy on this planet to a new level. We all have a very unique destiny in being here at this time. Coming out of the known and familiar roles and ALLOWING THIS ENERGY to touch us and fill us and JOIN US TOGETHER ~ will accelerate that knowing. We do not have to and were never meant to walk this path alone. You are not alone. YOU are powerful beyond measure. And loved even more. YOU, my beloved and true family – you are very much a part of my strong roots. THANK YOU for that.

202O is here! Embrace it fully and courageously. Give your whole Self and heart to this NOW, to the mystery, to the magic of your being and the stellar (as in STARS) ways you have prepared to SHINE in service to Unity. STAY AWAKE, eyes wide open, see the past and future simultaneously through the present wisdom of your knowing. And leave everything on the table of this vast, eternal, LOVE.

in the way that most resonates with you and yours.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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One comment on “ROOTS RUNNING DEEP
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    Today I volunteered for an event to make C’mas a little nicer for the homeless. Then I came home to read your article and there were so many similarities. People coming together to help one another and running into someone you knew from years ago.

    One of the female employees(where I was volunteering) turned out to be the very same woman that called me the night that my Mom made her transition at the assisted living facility where she had been living. I remember this nursing assistant as being caring. But I had not recognized her when I started doing volunteering at St Mary’s Kitchen. It was amazing how the conversation led to this recognition . At first the woman did not remember Mom but finally she did. It brought me to tears. I felt Mom contacting me and I was filled with joy.

    Yep, things are changing for the positive very rapidly now. Isn’t it wonderful?!


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