The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

I attribute the humor in the title of this post to the Shining Ones!! GRATITUDE for the stellar showing of new humans today for this first transmission of a NEW DECADE!! I so appreciate this light tribe!

I returned to the woods shortly after the show… it was the only thing TO do to compliment the amazing, pristine energy of today’s show. As I was climbing a steep passage to then walk the ridge-line linking the feminine (magnetic earth energies) to the balancing, electromagnetic energies of this vast forest, I felt a strong presence that identified itself as Sanat Kumara. I was curious as to why this ascended master showed up, what was the connection, the link to the energies I shared in the show? It did not take long to get the answer.

First, Sanat Kumara is known for his continuous rapport with Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, 5th World. This made perfect sense, after all, since a strong focus of today’s webcast AND this Now is the Earth Mother. Sanat Kumara is an “Advanced Being” regarded as Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity. As I was shown this information I got both excited and filled with gratitude, with the love of Creation.

As I walked the high ridge in the Shining Ones woods in gale force winds, 23 degree windchill… I was shown a vision of the Ascended Masters, both the masculine and the feminine masters of ancient wisdom, coming together over Machu Picchu, joining masculine and feminine forces in support of a new harmony on this planet. 

I did not think, I was not in my mind, I persisted, determined to walk the way I was guided, headed toward a spiraling kundalini trail that descended through the center of this forest. I wondered, why Sanat Kumara in particular, what was his presence orienting me to?

Lord Sanat Kumar is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth. He is the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwell to this day in Shamballa, known also as the City of Enoch. The main temple of Shamballa is topped with a golden dome and is surrounded by seven smaller temples—one for each of the seven rays. I AM very familiar with the 7 rays, which have been a part of my daily meditation for almost 2 decades. With the awareness of this golden dome with 7 smaller temples dropping into this NOW in which we have just culminated Gaia’s 7 year ascension… the energy of what was happening on the ridge line in Asheville today – picked up considerably. 

I AM sure many of you know much more about Sanat Kumara than my DeAnne aspect… but with this visitation I felt compelled to find a greater link to what I AM charged with, the space I AM holding in this first year of a new decade, the RISE of a new humanity and the ancient to future teachings of a new consciousness paradigm. It was then, that I found this!! The Great White Brotherhood which I spoke to above, that includes Maitreya, the Maha Chohan, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Master Jesus – where they formerly resided near a sacred lake in old Tibet – they withdrew through tunnels to an alternate location in PERU!!! They currently have an earth base there, today!!

I encourage ALL who read this to MEDITATE – get really still, move without thought into your own higher wisdom around the PERU 2020 initiative. The guidance and connecting links of light intel have been so clear from the start. I AM really good, it is my spiritual strength, to create new paradigm spaces, vibrational containers for humans to step into to accept a new mantle of responsibility, new identity and greater service to an evolving world. And yet, I cannot build these new structures of technology all by myself. On today’s webcast I talked about this phenomenon where in the really refined frequencies of Ascending Gaia, I feel as if I step into a transport, and I AM no longer in the same atmosphere of the world of form, 3D Earth. In the particular material I was guided to concerning Sanat Kumara, it talks about these “canisters of violet flame”, that are used to travel between Venus, Earth and Shamballa, to replenish the violet flame in large, circular patterns on our planet. This is the vision I have seen above Machu Picchu.

What is real? What is imagination? In the invite to the show yesterday I included a living sculpture called Earth Goddess from Imaginary Worlds! As the veils continue to thin, as the old constructs continue to dismantle in the known reality and the New Earth ascends into its original glory… WE MUST EXPAND our ideals, our beliefs, our minds, our hearts and wisdom around the TRUE NATURE of reality.

Sanat Kumara ( Lord of the world, the One Initiator, the Ancient of Days) has been on earth millions of years! He is here to help with the Divine Plan of Creation, as are the new humans of this current race of humanity. The great plan of the Masters is to bring the human race to higher levels of consciousness. We must continue to reach beyond our current understanding and awareness, trusting the Great Mystery and ( as I spoke of in today’s show) our instinctive center. ALL of this wisdom, this VISION and Divine Plan of Creation can be found (and felt) in the heart. This is the way we all carry, within.

PERU 2020 April 21st – May 1, 2020
Final Registration Ends 1/22/2020


Full Itinerary:

                      * NOTE EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of this Light Encoded image!!

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8 comments on “The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Happy Birthday, DA.

    And what a wonderful way to celebrate to have a special visit from Sunat Kumara. I have heard of him but did not know much about him. Thanks for sharing your experiences. We are blessed by his presence.

    Listened to your latest webcast and will write some comments later.

    Love and Blessings, jj

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I listened with interest to your webcast. Nature has so much to offer us and you have quite the strong relationship with it.

    You mention that as we are upgraded the mind will be by-passed. That reminds me of what I just saw on the internet about how a mouse could continue to function without its brain. I don’t know if you know who Kryon is but he mentioned that each cell also has brain power and heart especially too. He says the brain receives instructions from the heart.

    So pleased that the Goddess group of 7 chose to work with you.

    I’m glad you mentioned the living language of Nature that you are so well tuned into. Nature has so much to offer us. I’ve read that animals are already operating from 5 dimensionality.

    And I’m glad you mentioned that we are broadcasting a new signature out to the world-our true nature.


    • DeAnne says:

      YOU are a Cosmic Gift Ruty!! I’m still hanging out in and taking in this visitation. Each reflection begs a different focus. I AM really mesmerized by the mention of the “canisters of violet flame” when I have been experiencing and mentioned on this webcast the ships? transports? vehicles that I know I AM stepping into that take me immediately to another dimension!! SO profound – we are so loved. LOVE YOU RUTY – I really want to come visit you!! 😉

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you for sharing Judy – yes, I AM familiar with Kryon. I will make note to take about what is shifting in the 3rd and 4th dimensions next webcast. Love you! 💞

  3. Ruty says:

    Hands together, head forward -DeAnne,Sanat Kumara -Head of The 144.
    Cosmic Honour.THANK YOU.
    Every detail, breath and pause.every particle of such Exquisite Elevated Light radiation all round-spherical. Cosmic Gift. ETERNAL GRATITUDE.
    One Love. Ruty

  4. Ruty says:

    Thank you DeAnne for your Love.from which all else radiates forth from you (broken R shoulder- tricky typing).
    by the New WAY – His Holiness, HHDL said 5(or 7?)years ago that ‘Tibet’- Shambala – will move to Macho Pichu. Love You , Eternal.

    • DeAnne says:

      Well I AM not “His Holiness” 😉 but I did share on the New Human Transmission 12/12/12 that the mantle of consciousness had shifted from the Himalayas to Peru!! This began Gaia’s ascension which we just celebrated the 7 year anniversary of on 12/12/19. The LIGHT shines brightly through the many as we all kinda walk each other home. 💞

  5. Ruty says:

    …and re the wish to visit – you are always welcome.
    Thank you DeAnne …1 Love .

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