And The People Shall Rise

Dear New Human FAMILY!!!

First, I AM SO GRATEFUL for all of you! I felt SO loved yesterday when the initial opening of the show caused a POWER SURGE – and I was about 5 minutes late getting these beautiful waves of light flowing for the March New Human Transmission. Thank you for your patience and attentiveness to this work! It makes PERFECT sense to me that this technology hiccup occurred. The strength of CENTER and STRONG PURPOSE and WISDOM (so much more knowing than the mind) that I felt in this show, this intention, was in direct opposition, defiance even, to what is going on in the material world. PLEASE SPEND TIME with the ENERGY of this webcast. It will EMPOWER you and clear your mind again and again in support of a strong center and compassionate understanding of what is happening in our world.

I live in a safe Universe
and so do you.

I highly recommend watching the documentary Psywar, that you can find free on Youtube. This is not an easy watch and likely not something those in this audience (including myself) would necessarily be drawn to. My suggestion is to watch with a deeply penetrating intention to SEE clearly, asking as a Lightworker, what your role is in this very human, complicated (and messy) creation we find ourselves in the midst of. The subject matter in this doc lends itself DIRECTLY to the current coronovirus event. This virus IS A BIG EVENT! And this big event is going to help people understand that they are being manipulated. This TIME, with this virus now as the epicenter of global human awareness, IS A TURNING POINT event in consciousness on our planet. It looks bad (and is ultimately going to be fine) – but people MUST WAKE UP and see how they are being controlled by FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real.

You are Fearless. I Am Fearless.

Is it an accident that last year, THE PEOPLE in China and Hong Kong took to the streets and gathered in LARGE, FEARLESS, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH protests … and then, this virus starts in China? We must look at these things with razor sharp vision, not with the mind and ego consciousness, but with our considerable spiritual perspective. The big corporations are loosing control over the people and the only way to get it back is by FEAR. They know that the people are starting to come around and understand what is happening and they don’t want to lose control. This is ALL about power and control. When this all settles down, whatever the agenda of the virus is, will make itself known. THIS IS CONSCIOUSNESS playing itself out in everybody… all points of the spectrum on our planet. If the ones in power, with the money, know they can use fear to control, they will – and a good portion will obey. BUT – this RISE I have been talking and writing about and sharing via TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGIES on the New Human webcasts – it only takes a small but strong faction of Divine Humans to STAND IN THEIR POWER and KNOWINGNESS – to tip this balance to a very new and different future.

Activate and Unify!

Over the last few weeks, the dogs and I have been consistently encountering a mama bear with 3 yearling cubs. The cubs are nearly as big as mama, so all together, they have quite the presence. Just a few considerations in the context of this NOW on bear medicine. “Bear symbolizes fortitude and strength of mind. They possess a sense of Self-assurance and confidence, apart from the raw power and physical strength. The bear totem represents the depth of power that you possess, and the strong pillars of support that you have during difficult times. Bear symbolism also highlights your aptitude to take on a leadership role, because you know the meaning of devotion and what it is like to be a fierce protector. You are fearless just like your bear totem.” I extend this bear energy to you – there is enough of this medicine to share! 😉

Listen to the Mother’s wisdom.

As I watch local businesses closing their doors in my beloved Asheville – I feel like a mama bear; fierce, protective and a bit angry. THIS IS NOT OK!! The most recent data on the CDC website says that from January 31st to NOW – there have been 1600 cases of Coronovirus – out of 330 million people in the US: with 41 deaths. And for this we are shutting down schools and ravaging grocery and paper good shelves and persistently planting the message of SOCIAL DISTANCING, suggesting we had better stay away from one another – separate the people – plunge them into FEAR! Because, then they control us. This is but another agenda for the media corporations, an event to keep people in a state of fear, to control them. Initially it will work.

Respond To Everything, React To Nothing.

We must keep our minds STILL and FREE. As I shared in yesterday’s webcast – we have the POWER to send this virus (and all it represents) on its way. Breathe that in! Unprecedented things are happening in the material world (3D), because unprecedented things are happening in the higher realms! We must look at a situation, be still and lift it up; observe the ASCENDING Spiral. This IS a spiritual phenomenon and again, a HUGE EVENT to get people to UNDERSTAND not just that they are being manipulated, but that they do, indeed, have power.

YOU are Free. I AM Free.

This morning as I ran the trails of a hundred acre wood, the only human within miles… what I was filled up with is how much I truly LOVE LIFE, LOVE what I do – and how grateful I AM to be HERE!! This is my protection. This is reinforcing my immune system from the inside out. Breathe OFTEN. Set aside many moments through out the day to BE STILL, to sit and feel the stillness of PEACE, of LOVE, of the Christed Light we have called back to this planet at this time. This time of RISE. We, each of us, must continually counsel with the Light, with higher wisdom, on OUR ROLE in this GLOBAL HUMAN EVENT. Use this time to rediscover your Self, to dig deep within you, to CREATE, find inspiration and passion that you did not know you had because so much of life in the material world NEVER STOPS. CREATE, EXPLORE, GET OUT ON THE EARTH, REACH OUT, HELP THOSE THAT NEED IT IN ANYWAY YOU CAN. We are being gifted a nation wide timeout. How will we respond? In times of uncertainty, meditation, mindfulness, LOVING SELF CARE, enjoying one another, checking in on people near and far are all stabilizing and remind us to breathe. Stay present. Clean things out. Make your windows sparkle and shine. Do some yard work. Read. Listen to good music. MAKE good music. Take a walk. Sit and talk to a tree. Sit and talk to one another. Be gentle and compassionate with each other. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay off media! Put technology DOWN!! Check in with one another, get news locally and limit exposure to once a day, max!!! Honestly, it just cannot be trusted.

ALL Wisdom Is Within You!

I went by my beloved Dobra Tea House today to get a Forest Dragon matcha tea. They all know me well – they all know my reusable cup even if they do not see me. This is my community. I feel so loved and HAPPY going there. Today, I learned this is the last day they will be open for a while. I felt such a loss. This place is a part of me – the employees my family – we care about each other. And in the midst of all this small business uncertainty – first, I was offered a giant mason jar with lid by the staff to put my forest dragon in because they could no longer use the reusable cup. THEN, as I waited, the manager comes up to me with such a soft and felt heart. He said, “I will be here a few days a week… we won’t be open but if you come by and see me working at the counter – just tap on the window and I will make you a forest dragon!” sigh ~

I AM Unlimited. YOU are Unlimited.

I FEEL THE LOVE of this now. I AM the love of this now. And so are you. We will prevail. We will RISE and we will be stronger and wiser as a people and world because of this event. Promise yourself you will not give ONE MOMENT of your time or energy, to FEAR. Remember the “Emperor With No Clothes” moment on the webcast yesterday… there is more than one thing happening, RIGHT NOW – and it really comes down to FEAR vs the power and Truth and clarity of LOVE. The virus is real – but it also an illusion. Don’t buy into the panic, the propaganda and manipulation of those who seemingly have all the power. Because you know what, they are gripped by a much greater and more sinister FEAR than that they try to exert control with.

Take care to not ruminate on what you cannot control. You will be ok. I will be ok. We will be ok. The old agenda and game is, “I can’t pay my bills”- and then a savior comes in (the Government) to save us. THAT is control. THAT is manipulation. It is a dark agenda. YOU are made of Light. The power is within you!


Love to each and everyone of you ~
sending a strong center of PEACE and KNOWING to ALL.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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7 comments on “And The People Shall Rise
  1. Carole says:

    What a beautiful powerful message. Thank you DeAnne.

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you so much Carole ~ and thank you for BEING HERE NOW. We are ONE human family, it is important to stay connected in anyway we can. Sending Love xo

  2. Charles Carruthers says:

    Great post DeAnne… thank you.

  3. DeAnne says:

    CHARLIE!! you TOTALLY made my day and week and YEAR… hearing from you. I AM so grateful for your presence here and ongoing support of all things new human… I miss you and am sending big LOVE and a hug from my part of the world to yours. 💞

  4. says:

    Thank you for putting into words what I felt (and still feel) deep in my heart. I know without a doubt that “I live in a safe universe” and I refuse to sink into a state of fear.

    Almost two weeks ago I had my own personal crisis, an accident, that physically knocked me down. Laying on the ground in shocking disbelief, temporarily immobilized, I felt the most intense, pure, all-encompassing love surround me, comforting me, reassuring me that I would be fine. Even though I was in the most vulnerable position that I had ever been in my entire life, the love was to deep and immense that I could do nothing but surrender to it. And when I did, miracle after miracle began to happen.

    The more I sank into love and gratitude, the more miracles came pouring in. The more I opened myself up to the gifts of the tragic event, the more gifts I received. As you so eloquently stated, the current global situation is a gift, a rare and precious opportunity to RISE. I know personally that when we fully embrace what is before us and see and be only love, the power of that love transforms all.

    Thank you for your insightful and reassuring words. I so appreciate you.

    Much love,

  5. Martine says:

    as always DeAnne – on point. Love you sister and all that you offer and stand for… <3

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