Happy Divine Mother’s Day To All 💞

I am here.
I am the peace you are waiting for.
I am the cosmic power in your own being.
I am your deepest nature, 
Luminous wisdom weaving all things.

I am calling. I know you hear me,
and yet you turn and look away from me,
forgetting I am the inside of the inside of all beings,
of all things, of all action, of all words.

I am so close; even closer than close.
Lean back into my embrace, all the way into me.
Through you I will birth my Peace into this aching world.

Yes, you, beloved,
come closer.

Divine Mother, give me roots within your luminous heart; 
let my mind and imagination soar in the vastness that you are;
 let my words and actions emanate your Peace.
Mother, wrap your arms of compassion around me
and pull me all the way
into you.

Source: Chameli Ardagh, from Awakening Women
Artist: Flora Aube

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