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Namaste New Humans, ❣️

I want to talk to you about 2 very different worlds. One of those worlds is represented by the image you see above. I was out for my morning run with the dogs. I felt inspired to run along the Swannanoa river today because the morning light was just so brilliant. Though much of Asheville is covered with dense, lush greenery and a vast variety of trees… this trail in particular is mostly exposed to an expansive sky – and this day… that sky was calling me. I paused in a giant field with grasses blowing gently in the morning breeze, the dogs meandered around me, following their nose. I just happened to glance down and there was a 4 leaf clover looking right back at me. I felt its energy, its lightness and joy of being just RISE up and wrap itself around me. I couldn’t believe this magical moment that kinda intersected with my world.

Clover in hand… we headed on down the trail which was positioned as if I was running right up to meet the sun. It was not 10 minutes later when I found this feather, literally at my feet. I picked it up and the moment you see in this photo happened, so spontaneously and with such ease. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the world is. The energies of good fortune and freedom just filled my soul.

Juxtapose my morning and this beautiful world with the current unrest around the country! It seems everything is escalating. We are in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of an economic crisis… 40 million people are out of work – and that does not include the furloughed, underpaid workers! People are anxious about losing their jobs… much of this unrest is a manifestation of all that turmoil!  There is this level of anxiety gripping our country, for a few months now, and a lot of this escalation is a manifestation of that anxiety. Not sure if it was Oprah or Maya Angelou that said, “hurt people, hurt people.” But the rage and sadness from a long history of suppression and discrimination and imbalance is just bubbling over! What’s next?

When you have the murder of an unarmed black man in Minnesota sparking violent protests in Salt Lake City and L.A. and Atlanta and Miami – even over seas…  and not just a night but many nights – it feels like we are coming apart at the seams.

People are tired! And people are tired of being tired!

There is something very different about this moment. How many times has the senseless killing of a black person been in the news and we feel the outrage, we want things to change. And it happens again and again and again. This seems different. 

So many are at home – already with so much stress, under so much pressure – and all of the sudden there is no distraction from what is going on around us! There is no work to occupy us, to busy ourselves. THIS IS HERE – and its growing! It is everywhere you look, your phone, the television… and we NEED to pay attention and acknowledge what is going on and really absorb it. We can’t just turn it off – thankfully! We’ve got to witness it and absorb it and process it and think about how we can contribute to something different.

Consciousness is playing itself out. I am sure you have seen the 12 year old gospel singer, Keedron Bryant singing a tribute to George Floyd. What moved me even more than his heart-felt expression – is the back story. I saw an interview with Keedron and his mother, Jeanette. This woman was the epitome of calm dignity – of poise and a strength far greater than one can find in this world. She shared that when she heard George Floyd cry out for his mother – as a black mother of a young son, she knew she needed to find a way to share something powerful with her son. She wrote the words to what we hear Keedron sing. She gave him the words and told him to take it to his room as part of his daily devotional time. He decided to sing this message, what he felt in his heart, to the world. 

Keedron video: https://youtu.be/arYjPsqlk4I

In her wisdom, from a deeply understood and LIVED history of blatant, ignorant racism, suppression and injustice… Jeanette Bryant declared this moment, a Spiritual Fight, as well. 

When you see an incredibly diverse group of people marching – Black, Brown, White, Asian – ALL these people – they are angry – and nobody quite knows what the end game of this is…

Right now, humankind is the cataclysmic event on this planet! We are at a tipping point! We must find a way to harness this energy – we CAN find a way to harness this energy for good. Even in the protests, the people are rising. But they are coming from incredible stress, conditioned to NOT being heard and things NEVER changing. There are real solutions ahead. There is a great world ahead. In fact, the beautiful world I captured in the photo, with such abundance, that loves ALL people so unconditionally… it is the SAME WORLD that is now falling apart – desperate to be put back together in a way that is fair and just and balanced for all beings, everywhere.

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
Arthur Ashe

I feel equal parts conviction and humility. Conviction that Black Lives DO Matter. Period. Humility, that I will never truly understand. But neither am I blind to the systemic racism in our country. I believe everyone deserves the right to a life free from discrimination, fear and racial injustice. This is also a basic human right. I also believe that through collective action, we have the power to create lasting change – to build a better, kinder, more equal world. These actions start with each of us as individuals. We need to do the uncomfortable soul-searching work to uncover our own biases, to recognize the privilege, safety and access our skin color has helped grant us, to listen, read, and learn.

When I moved to Asheville and needed a job, the then Principle at Asheville Middle School created a position for me. There were 30 black children between the ages of 13 and 15 who had already been kicked out of every other alternative school in Buncombe county. He gave me free reign to create a school within a school for these kids and told me to do what I could to “save them.” I knew I needed to get them to nature!! I would create a curriculum around the beautiful, unconditional world that they were not aware of. I needed a 15 seater van to take 1/2 of them with me at a time while the others remained with my aides. I needed supplies! I wanted to get everyone of them a book for Christmas as a gift to encourage them to read – and to make them feel special. I began giving talks at local churches where predominantly white business professionals came to hear my pleas. And what stands out to share in THIS moment as representative of so many greater like moments around the country, is that the majority of white, professional people I went to for money… long time residences of Asheville, they acknowledged they did not know that their city had projects!

I finally got to get my haircut today at a local salon ~ and the young 20 something year old and I easily fell into a profound and moving discussion about race. It was incredibly beautiful and enlivening – and I knew that this is the way we can start to move forward. One thing we can ALL do – is to start a conversation. We are called to talk about racism, with our families, friends, and teammates, even when – especially when – it is uncomfortable to do so. There are actions each of us can take. My stylist and I were googling what restaurants in Asheville were owned by a black person – there were MANY!! Supporting black business owners and artists, inspiring inclusion practices in our schools and work environments and cultural institutions – VOTING and donating to organizations who are doing important work toward justice. I have listed a few below:

*Campaign Zero
*Color of Change
*Black Lives Matter

There is much work to be done ~ how much better to be doing it together, in Unity.

I felt the Light so strongly and felt so connected in Oneness with Janette Bryant when she said – this is a Spiritual Fight, as well. Because, of course, everything is connected and we are, when all is said and done – ONE Humanity experiencing a time of Ascension and great Light.




Friday June 5th Lunar Eclipse 3:24pm Eastern Full Moon 3:12 eastern

This is the first of a Triple Eclipse series that will bathe the Earth with Light. The June New Human Transmission scheduled this weekend encapsulates the energy of a NEW CREATION RISING, with LOVE AS THE EXPANDER. This is such a powerful month in the awakening of humanity ~ all the entrenched patterns of separation, long suppressed on our planet, are rising to the surface with an opportunity to transcend in new ways. I will illumine in greater depth about this Eclipse and the 2 following in the coming month on Sunday’s show. This event and every challenging thing going on on our planet is because we can no longer deny or facilitate a world fraught with separation and imbalance when everything in the heavens and even our own best selves – is moving toward Unity.

I have talked since late last year about 2020 being one of Unity and forming new alliances. Little did we know then how much that unity and community and connection would be challenged and threatened. This Unity is clearly being demonstrated profoundly around the world and from every walk of life with the STAND people are taking. Additionally, this Unity, with the support of these higher, energetic events – will be felt and amplified around our planet in the human connection to Source, Creator God and also in our connection to the Light realms.This Lunar Eclipse begins the opening of a Galactic-level DNA activation initiating the physicalization of the ALLIANCES of the Light as never before. Can you feel the connectivity – the purposeful lifting up and inclusive love by an intelligence that is urging this humanity to GROW.

From a spiritual perspective and understanding, our focus this month, the midpoint for 2020 – is on our ancient star families, our higher aspects – each of you have higher aspects that are pleiadian, arcturian, andromedan, sirian – and yes, Shining One. Something that I have always known, yet, has become so much clearer and very real to me, a knowingness – is that I AM a shining one in some distant timeline. What I know – in this time with ALL its discordant events, is that this humanity is anchoring our higher aspects at this time in preparation for a time when much of the Earth is inhabited by our star brothers and sisters. So, an example and what the Shining Ones have shown me – is that – we will use metaphor here to help the conscious thinking mind absorb something pretty fantastical – so our higher brothers and sisters of light are like a giant crystal – and we, in our human embodiment, are facets of those larger crystals. So I AM a Shining One – but in this incarnation, I am one tiny facet of a much greater crystal. Its like the drop of water in the ocean idea. Take a drop of water from the ocean, it is still very much the ocean – but not the entirety of the ocean. I AM a Shining One – yet they are so much more.

So, let’s work with this a bit – so relevant to where we are in the ascension spiral at this time, this humanity. We are here to anchor these higher experiences, capacities and aspects into the collective, as preparation for stronger frequencies and brand new experiences. This is so beautiful and surreal to receive in remembrance and through my experiences, especially so when I am in nature. You know that I have been creating “bridges” in local vortex areas, as well as, linking to Shasta and Sedona and even as far as Europe; very high vibrating, pristine, interdimensional earth environments, creating these bridges that are connecting lower vibrating earth energy, mostly masculine, with higher vibrating, new feminine energies for the last several years.

I took someone on one of the bridges last week. We went from the feminine, magnetic earth experiences into the new feminine earth energy – I am still “listening” on how to express this new earth energy, Diamond Magnetic has a resonance… we were traveling across a frequency bridge where it was very apparent – is neither where we came from or where we were traveling to… but its own bandwidth and purpose.

Well, these bridges connected to the earth, she is modeling them for us – are representative of the bridge energy of the embodiers here to anchor the new timeline. WE are the bridge energy that will allow the star brother and sisters to eventually walk and live upon the earth, inhabit here with higher purpose. How is all this feeling to you? And this June 2020 in the current timeline on earth – coronavirus, earth changes, violent racism and elitism elevated on our planet at this time – this is a predicted passage which includes dynamic cosmic frequencies, quantum stargates (connecting the ancient with the future), for the last dozen years. Since the New Human was written in 2008 – I have shared it as an ancient to future teaching – this remembrance and Activation of a Golden Race, Crystalline DNA – is the bridge from the 3D Earth to Gaia, a 5th dimensional earth experience and humanity. And with this Shift and Divine Embodiment comes Divine dispensations from the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light, in service to a very new gateway of ascension for this planet and its people.

I want you to hear how strong and centered I feel in sharing this with you… this is not just about me – this is about you! This is a frequency, this awareness, that positions us where we may witness the events and details of the coronavirus and its consequent upheaval – which I have shared all along only exists in a certain frequency – and we are positioned to both observe it and respond to it from a higher awareness and understanding. It is so important to not be giving it our energy – because OUR energy is needed elsewhere – namely – on our complete reunification with the Multidimensional Christed Self – so that we become what we have intended – pure conduits of Source; of Love, of Truth, of the Divine Human Experience as bridges for the higher realms of Light.

I am aware of the “reach” of this post… moving from something so immediate and urgent with the crisis of racism on our planet affecting so many, to our capacities and identities as LIGHT and how this time is affecting us spiritually. I imagined for a moment creating separate posts… but I knew this is EXACTLY right and true! That no matter where humanity is functioning and demonstrating, whether they are in fear for their lives or remembering lives greater than the very brief time we have here… it is ALL connected. We are ONE HUMAN FAMILY. We are diverse and complicated and each of us, doing the best we can in the moment we are in and know. Maya Angelo said, people are doing the best they can, until they know better. And it takes ALL of us, carrying what we know with our hearts, sharing and helping and doing what we can to contribute to the lives of others and the WHOLE of this world.

I know I have MANY very wise New Humans that know of books and movies, TED TALKS etc and I encourage replies to this blog that will give people a place to start in understanding themselves and their lives in relation to race. I shared the personal story about to show that it really does start at home – in our own cities. We must ALL make HEROIC efforts to get to know and share our lives with people who are different from us. What I know for sure is that the Soul, your Soul, my Soul and its desire to become Whole, is ALWAYS seeking out Unity – ways to merge and remember itself back to Oneness. Let’s start where we are and DO BETTER in living lives in TRUE community, across every illusion of division and barrier. Stand up, Reach out, Get involved, Join together, Initiate conversations, Lead With Love.

are WITH this Humanity toward that New Day.
Let us begin, anew.

Love to All, Peace to All, Life to All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Join me this weekend for a New, Live Transmission of the New Human

Sunday, June 7, 2020 @ 11:11 am eastern
Theme: New Creation Rising, Love Is The Expander
Meditation: Expanding Love
Music: Apana Artist: East Forest

New HUman Global Unity Meditations every Sunday @ 8:11 ET, 11:11 ET and 5:11 ET. Come in remembrance, bring your light, meditate with the intention of peace, of healing, of unity and the expansion of LoveLight in our world; for the highest good of ALL.

I AM the One, I AM the many
Truth is my Intention
Love is my religion
Peace is my compass
Devotion in every breath
for the Highest Good Of All.

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3 comments on “Harnessing Energy For Good!
  1. Robyn says:

    I just Love your wisdom and knowingness. I don’t understand it all but I am so drawn to seek the Light🕉 Thank You❤️

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Robyn ~ I so appreciate your presence here and your honest reflection. Just know that the heart understands even when the mind cannot quite grasp! FOLLOW THE ENERGY ~ trust that knowingness within you and that things/intel/wisdom lock in and become clear when we are ready. LOVE to you!💞🙏

  2. ruty says:

    yes DeAnne,you are A Shining One & Thank you for coming to Earth.
    You probably knew what’s on the menu to come…
    I cleared my space of/off TV in 2000. what a relief!
    I don’t twit my face on F/B or any social media mind bending gadgets.
    I guess – it’s a personal choice.

    Info is needed.It can (and does) give ways to CONNECT back to The One.
    yet, the Forces hungry for Power use it to manipulate public’s mind, like plastiline. inducing fear,to keep control. t
    Their aim – justifies their means.Masses are hypnotised by images moving on screens blinded by it (and sounds) while pressing buttons.
    we’re not meant to be so. my take of this occurrences.

    It IS changing.it’ll take t i m e and various’sounding bells’of world events will keep reminding us t’ old makes space for the New.
    Thank you for Being such a FW moving catalyst helping it be a New Reality.dedicating your Breath for the betterment of The Whole.Namaste.

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