Solstice Gateway

Everyday, in every moment, within every experience
the Light
poised before every thought you think
every choice you make
every breath you take
the Light.

Blessings to this Beautiful Light Tribe,

As I sit to create this post to you, I feel an incredible welling of emotion within. I feel the consciousness, the presence and love of the experience I am about to share. I was out for an early morning run on the first eclipse of the Triple Eclipse passage we are in the midst of. I had just reached the top of the ridge-line I had been climbing, when I felt an energy, a presence pull me off trail. I followed this pulse, this intuitive knowing, to a point and then paused. The image above is what greeted me. This was NOT fully visible to the naked eye, it was a deeply felt vibration. And it wanted to be captured and shared. When I held the camera to my eye, I felt the immensity you see here wash over me like a sonic wave. I took the phone down and began to sing the morning song that you hear at the beginning of each New Human Transmission… and this happened.

In the mist of the morning we open
to all the gifts of the day
we open our hearts and take it all in
and give it all back in our way.

I will share that again, here in this moment with you, I feel what you see in this photo, in my body. I feel the immense love the Light has for this humanity. I feel the tremendous desire of this higher frequency and potential to communicate and have relationship with the people of the Earth. The additional rays of white light you see above are harmonics, crystalline sound radiance conveying a Unity that dissolves the duality of form. If you have ever experienced the giant cathedral organ pipes such as in St. Stephane’s Cathedral in Passau, Germany, this moment for me in my tiny human form up on a mountain in N.C., was that magnificent. And it swept me up! I was the sound, the radiance, the reverent reverberation of a LOVE that is never absent to us in our experience on this planet.

Tears welling in my eyes and my heart so full with joy, I opened my arms wide to sing the final verse that you hear at the closing of each New Human Transmission… and this is what happened next!

and we sing of the beauty around us
and we sing of the beauty within
oh hear the earth tell
that all shall be well.

In my imagination and true seeing, the Light is mimicking my arms, opened wide. Receiving me, seeing me, reflecting back to me the deep connection that we share with wisdom, with higher knowledge and understanding about our time and purpose here. Everything is assisting us moving forward. It is my intention in being the emissary of these images, this moment of brilliant Light, that you have a greater understanding of this Triple Eclipse Passage and what this Solstice Gateway holds for our ascension, healing and freedom; individually and collectively. 

Summer Solstice, June 20, 2020
5:43pm Eastern

This is a Major Galactic Convergence, a tremendous alignment of Crystalline Light from the Great Central SUN. Reflect back on these images, again, to feel and see what this looks like. Ancient Stargates and celestial pathways are open and available to all. Our becoming is ON!! I have felt my own evolution on so many levels the last couple of weeks. My work and capacity to share these very new and present light-codes has expanded. I AM attracting those poised to step into greater levels of mastery that in turn, is allowing me to hear and connect with and feel ancient wisdom within me activating and coming on line. I AM feeling a steady calm, a centered clarity and peace as I open to the consistent activations of 2020. In a recent vortex experience, the metaphor that came in to assist a female ready to take on new levels of her own power, was that of a giant, oversized easy chair. We must surrender the lower chakras, lower self tendency to drive and cling to and manage all this SHIFT that is occurring the world over and deeply within. You will feel the mind literally go still, as I talked of in the recent New Human Transmission. To fully receive these light-codes, the quantum realignments and allowing of the Divine Feminine energy, we must let go into the breath and relax as if falling into an easy chair made of gossamer downy light filament. 

The Time Has Met The Moment

Reflecting a bit over the past two weeks, an important shift has happened in the collective consciousness. Good things are happening. The outer IS reflecting the inner transformation underway. Things that were acceptable are no longer. Things unspoken are being shouted. Things that were buried are being uncovered. Priorities are shifting and roles and responsibilities are changing. Breathe that in. People across the world are speaking out and mobilizing, culminating in a level of activism and engagement we have not seen in decades. We certainly feel it.The time is meeting the moment of this Galactic Convergence. Suddenly, skin color, socioeconomic and cultural divide become secondary to the demand for Equality, fairness for all people everywhere. Everything is working together for the good with the Light you see above at the center of a widening recognition of a deep-rooted and pervasive injustice taking place in our country. There is no comfort in silence anymore.

This Gateway is purging the density in the mind of humanity – our beliefs systems that we must each work through –  a lot of what is RISING is the suppression of self expression and lack of control people feel after being stuck in their homes ( but it is so much deeper of course), the loss of routine and schedules – all of this massive change kinda forced upon humanity in the last couple of months, has brought up a lot of emotion for people – anger, fear… I have been able to observe people/families who represent different levels of income and how they have handled this upset in their known reality. And it is interesting that those with more money, more back up, more security and resources are actually the ones most addled and upset and freaking out. People with money – LIKE THEIR MONEY. So, from a spiritual level, this is all so beautifully purposeful because it is forcing many to look at their beliefs and attitudes and emotions around their relationship to life. This is calling up every little thing – the Ancestral Stargates I spoke of above are stimulating the ancestral roots, with ALL that that entails, in every human on this planet.

The fear around the virus – the fact that it is associated with breath which is about LIFE! This is an essential and profound – very SACRED gift – this whole messy moment in our world. Every human on this planet is participating in it from both matter and spirit – ALL souls on deck! And we have CALLED THIS FORTH – this humanity. On the deepest level – this is an incredibly, deeply spiritual humanity – each showing up in full force with their role in demonstrating both the imbalance AND the unity of a species on the rise; WAKING UP to itself and all of existence.

The ego is undergoing a death – the egoic mind has been in opposition with the Infinite Self for eons of time – and that is being peeled away – from the work that has gone on on this planet before us – to the solar activity – to the level of light and awareness that many now embody.

I had a very personal shift in my own mind and understanding shortly after George Floyd’s death. I initially went straight to 3D – to the fact that I am white and must do more, actively talking with my black friends and family about what I can do differently. But after 4 or 5 days of hanging out with it from this level, IN the separation that thrives in the duality on our planet – I was able to SHIFT, expand out to viewing all the current events thru a 5D perspective. Which, of course, changes everything. The ego is not able to understand the conditions that we experience here, are actually our own creation. That the injustices that we experience are part of our own creation, in some way… even if we did not deserve it. The ego does not know that we have the ability to move past things that seem really limiting and restricting in the moment. This is true for every person on the planet – this is true for those directly impacted by George Floyd’s death… and for every person of every color in their own individual lives of experience.

The ego lives from a very guarded place where everything is perceived as competition, LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BLAME. The ego only knows separation, duality – fearing anything it perceives as outside of itself.There is only one event happening. This is where the dark and the light come into play, the belief in evil and dark forces… some kind of external opposition. It is always our own self battling our own self. It is the ego in opposition with the Infinite Self.

I have donated to Black Lives Matter, I have dedicated a dozen years of my life in a really beautiful and meaningful way to creating bridges from my white privileged world to that of inner city, “project life reality” where injustice is as tangible as a piece of clothing one wears out into the world everyday. But, what I KNOW and understand my role as now – is running the energy of and anchoring a higher understanding of what this WHOLE GLOBAL MOMENT in our world is truly about. When Keedron Bryant’s mom Johnetta looked right into the lens of the global community and said “this is a spiritual fight” – in that moment, I felt an understanding between us that expands far beyond race and injustices in the ego’s world. That ego, that level of consciousness is asserting itself as strongly as it can as it goes thru this simultaneous Divine Merge and Dissolving. This is happening individually and collectively – where by one and by thousands we are recognizing that no one is our opponent – no one is evil, no one is the dark force – it is all a part of our own creation. We are moving through layers of the dream, consciousness is playing itself out. We are in the “throes” of moving beyond the layer of the dream that believes in evil and hierarchy – this is why we are seeing the hierarchy demonstrating new levels of control and suppression over the people.

It doesn’t mean the 3rd dimension is going anywhere – it is staying right here. But we are starting to move into a different dimension of consciousness – where more and more will have a different and higher perspective. If you listen to the New HUman Transmissions, you have a deep and abiding understanding of unprecedented movement to a New Earth experience via the embodiment of a new consciousness and energy. We are the true pioneers of being ON this planet – but not of this Earth. We have ALWAYS, ALL ways, everyone who incarnates here – been Divine Humans. What is different now is that we are ready to be a new and evolved version of ourSelves – Divine New Humans – who understand the Unity we all share; demonstrating an innate ease, joy even, in being able to come together in new ways – forming NEW alliances that share a common goal and vision for our world. We have the choice of navigating the experience here from a higher level of focus and awareness – this Divine Codex is activating across our globe – in every walk of life – comprising unique and necessary gifts that when joined together, will create a new future with a very different outcome.

With a large portion of the planet in protest – it is clear that it has all been building up on many levels – and it is all now coming to the surface. It is now ALL seen and embraced by the BEAM of light, the energy and Love and INCLUSIVITY you see in these photos. Day by day, moment by moment, I feel such a tenderness running through me. We are never alone. The Light is with us in this division, this sorrow and uncertainty. And the Light is with us as we dare to remember our truest nature and capacities, unique and remarkable in our resilience and ability to RISE UP! 

Breathe in Love, Breathe out Everything else.

We must take hold of this Light, as our own, meeting the individual circumstances that we know still vibrate ignorance and separation around us. I met a mom last week of a child that attends the very first charter school established in Asheville. This school in known for innovation, for nurturing creativity and the beautiful uniqueness of every child. She received a recent letter from the school stating that, per the Governor’s mandate, the children will be required to wear masks when returning to school in August; for 8 hours a day! Of course she was upset about this. But, we must be more than upset and made uncomfortable. We must TAKE A STAND, in every little moment and circumstance where the old paradigm and consciousness is trying to maintain its traction. I reminded her that the parents of the children in this school, a school that was formed to get children OUT of the restrictive, controlled system of public education, these parents need to RALLY! If the parents and administrators of this community school stood as a whole, a unit – on behalf of the health and well-being of their children – they can make their OWN rules. It is these little actions within little communities the world over that will continue to anchor the Light and a new expression of LIFE into being.

When we tune into the wearing of masks at this time – this too is representing something so much deeper and more important for us; the idea of being silenced, not heard, suppressing our true potential, our self expression our spirit. It is because of our own lack, our own ignorance, our own doubt, our own fear, our own belief systems that have limited us – so we have suppressed our own selves in ways. To own this, is to pull the nose up on the plane of our history.

We cannot move into the experience that we want to have –
if we haven’t had the experience of its opposite.

ALL along, the wearing of these masks has troubled me, DEEP IN MY SOUL. And it is more than the concern of hypoxia, it is greater than the fact of the Surgeon General, the CDC and the WHO all declaring that the masks cause more harm than good. It is an ironic reflection of a much greater human injury – that of being silenced. 

Through eras and generations, at some point in the awakening and RISE of being human on this planet, we go thru all these different experiences – each in their own way – until we come full circle. Anything that you experience is a part of you!  Be it another being, another group consciousness. Through all these different archetypes – falling into all these different roles. And its all happening inside our consciousness – which is why we have to experience all of it. So, when we believe that something is happening TO us, that there are dark forces and dark aliens and lesser humans forcing an experience upon us – it is us in denial of our own Divine Nature – which is Oneness – and the inclusion of the ALL. We have ALL had the experience of being silenced! We have all had hate toward someone, we have all had ill will toward someone – we have all had envy, judgement, disgust, rage, the need for revenge – even if on a subconscious level. We have all contributed to that energy within the collective mind. And now here we are, individually and collectively – in a PROFOUND TIME MEETING A PROFOUND MOMENT – for higher choices, honoring all experiences – and unifying in a peaceful, powerful choice of a NEW DAY.

As Above, So Below
Unity is our Destiny

The Solstice – Eclipse alignment is now active. The organic stargate system is already at work – we are becoming part of the anicent stargate system which is our starseed lineage. Know that everyone’s experience is different. Personally, the overwrite of my personal history and experience has been profound. It IS INTENSE. Some days, like last Friday – I feel sure I just might be leaving my body permanently. There has been SO MUCH tremendous activity in my heart – since the whole coronovirus event took hold really. As I shared in the June webcast – ( this virus is helping us to see who we want to be and the kind of world we want to live in. I talked about additional ascension symptoms as well – various ways the physicalization of the Ascension timelines and Crystalline experience is affecting us. It is essential that we meet these symptoms and experiences with a calm mind, with trust and a knowingness that our time and devotion here is so much bigger than the physical. We are here purposefully. Each and everyone. And we will not be going anywhere until we, as a soul, make that choice. So, set fears aside. From bliss to sleepiness, from inexhaustible energy to none at all – as these crystalline strands of DNA reconnect within, we must allow time for integration and rest. Use your intention and get good sleep ~ there is a lot happening in dreamtime.

Gratitude and Grace Moving Forward

Take another moment here to experience these photos ~ the presence, the consciousness, the love and Unity. (*tap on each photo to isolate) This is the invitation now extended to ALL of the human family. We are indeed, ALL in this together. And we are never alone.

Everyday, in every moment, within every experience
the Light
poised before every thought you think
every choice you make
every breath you take
the Light.

Send Love, Compassion and Golden-Diamond light to all of HUmanity as often as possible. I AM sending that to each of you, as well.

Create time and space to just BE this week, especially Saturday. It is important to allow for your own unique alignment with this Planetary Galactic Axis Activation. With Conscious breath and unconditional heart, use your intention to meet with your Highest expression, vision, awareness and Self – and to step onto the golden pathway that I shared my personal experience of in the June webcast. The world needs you. You need the world. May we GLOW in this Eclipse Unification, together, as One.

Summer Solstice, June 20, 2020
5:43pm Eastern
Eclipse Global Meditation this SATURDAY
5:33pm eastern

Come sit, create the space, hold your intentions 10 minutes prior ~ collectively Co-Creating Peace, Revelation and Opening the Ancient Stargates for ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LOVE.

I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL for this moment, this time, this humanity and EACH OF YOU. You are always in my heart… ❣️



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10 comments on “Solstice Gateway
  1. nikki dolan says:

    Beautiful DeAnnne!
    Such pure, beautiful heart warming words…. love!

    • DeAnne says:

      Love and miss you Nikki ~ sending hugs to you and your Aussie family with appreciation for reflecting my heart and light back to me! 💞

  2. djura says:


  3. joyfuljudy says:

    The pix were great. So much wonderful energies emitting forth. The essay was well written and uplifting. Thanks. I’m in agreement with you and The Shining Ones.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Dear Deanne,

    I love what you are sharing here and how astutely you describe the process we are going through. I totally resonate! I feel the sound vibration acutely and am doing much sounding with voice and crystal singing bowls for myself and all to assist in this transformation and transmutation. Amazing photos!

    Thank you so much! 🙏💓🧬💚

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Kathleen, toning in nature of any kind is SO powerful because the vibrational world knows us by our frequency! I love to take my ukulele out to serenade the woods where I live. I feel very loved doing so. Crystal bowls are priceless instruments in these times. Love to you! ❣️

  5. ruty says:

    The soft &infinitely Powerful BLAST of A Light Shaft.Love Power.if I stood there, I’ll probably be electrocuted.
    I seen 1 goes into land.not like this.nothing like this:
    straight arrow & not so narrow. from abundant cosmos to thirsty earth opening to receive like a new flower(humanity’s hearts opening)& then spreads like a canopy enjoying DeAnne’s song tunes.words fails this. maybe Cosmic words will fit here. I don’t know them.

    Factor”C”….Created CLEARING .comfort zone couldn’t do such.
    I sing AM facing East song of light celebrations…
    Thank you Deanne, so beautiful. pics,intentions, expression-Thank you.

    1 World, 1 people , in UNITY we are FREE. PEACE.

    • DeAnne says:

      GRATITUDE Ruty, for your observations and reflections. I love that my Native American name given to me by my lodge family many years ago is STRAIGHT ARROW. It is meaningful to me that you felt that energy here. We are SO connected – we ARE One with ALL of Creation – a Creation that loves us so. It was a profoundly powerful, exuberant, quite otherworldly moment to stand in. I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL to have the stability and love of the Light in my very much lone experience on the earth plane. And grateful too – to have family like you the world over. 🙏🌎❣️

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