Strong Alignments Activating

Power RISING from within
Lion’s Gate 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Family!

The Lions Gate portal so far has been very expansive with deep waves of healing, clearing and reset on behalf of powerful new alignments. The 2020 energies continue to impress and not disappoint in support of humanity stepping into a new way of being, a new relationship with the Earth, with one another, with our Divinity and with energy Itself! The eclipses and portals and gateways and retrogrades – ALL supporting you in various ways – helping you to break down and heal and transform the different aspects and components in your life. When you really understand, KNOW and begin to experience that EVERYTHING is here to help you – that ALL of existence loves you through all the expressions of separation and duality on this planet – magic and revelation happen everyday!

I was coming down the New Feminine, Diamond Magnetic vortex in the Shining Ones forest – quartz glistening everywhere – and I felt something different. I know these woods so well – the least little nuance of something different will tap my awareness. I looked in the direction where I felt this – and saw behind a lot of dense, green forest what appeared to be a big opening – like something had come in and cleared the area. I was in a pretty remote location, so my curiosity peaked. It was very noticeable the amount of brilliant light coming in when the woods were otherwise thickly covered.

As I got closer, I saw that a large tree had snapped at least 10 feet up the trunk of the tree – and everything above that just crashed and flattened the rhododendron and shrubbery below. And what I felt – what the forest shared with me in that moment is that everything around the disturbance – all of the surrounding nature – was all running energy toward what had been upset and traumatized. The nature of the vibrational world is to organically heal and support the greater organism – there to help restore balance. There is a profound sense of Oneness. This is what existence does – it is the nature of existence – to help, to restore balance, to vibrate Unity.

That same intelligence is with you in your individual life – and it is with the the collective of our world. So, we have the retrogrades and eclipses and gateways – we have the cosmic energies – all to help your progressing forward – to kinda fill in the gaps with the missing information in your experience so that you can access new solutions and new perspectives, new ways of seeing reality.

We are going to dive into the Lion’s Gate portal together this Saturday – I hope you will join me. We will explore the shifting time dynamics,  higher perspective and understanding around the current global crisis and what stepping into our divinity looks like.

The Shining Ones said this Lions Gate show and meditation would be like a spaceship, because our LIVES are like spaceships right now – traveling thru quantum dimensional spaces and unifying many aspects of ourselves in a manner never before experienced. The transformational energies in this new consciousness live stream will help you focus your energies in keeping with your highest good. We must all KEEP OUR FACES AND HEARTS TO THE LIGHT and not on the many expressions and tactics of FEAR lobbying for our consciousness and energy at this time.

I love you very much – thank you so much for being here with me. Check out the retreat scheduled for September (and another for the December/January Gateway) along with services on my website to support your journey and expansion at this time. Things are happening and moving quickly – keep daily prayers and meditations on the VICTORY OF THE LIGHT and the powerful ways your Soul is here in service to it ALL.

To LIFE!  DeAnne and the Shining Ones❣️

Lions Gate, Stepping Into A New Way Of Being
Saturday, August 8, 2020 @ 11:11 am eastern
Meditation: Lions Gate Meditation –
The Truth Of Who You Are
Music: Healing Shores, Ty Burhoe

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4 comments on “Strong Alignments Activating
  1. Chris Dodson says:

    Awesome piece!! I’ll be tuned in

  2. ruty says:

    Thank you DeAnne for your guiding encouragement thru this current(here for a while)Vortex of experiences dished out like a new pack of cards.perhaps curiosity can serve as a tool to help alleviate our apprehension about what’s next or the immediate card presented to us. we can only gain thru it all.
    The Light has taken OVER whether I’m aware/see it or not shinning like a stadium spot light on what is covered up and this is not comfi. it’s like a Cosmic surgery and the ‘infected’ particles must come
    up &out to see the Light.
    Abundant Blessings thru t’ Lion’s Gate to everyone as it chases the fear away to never-never-no-land& we’ll drip LOVE particles of The ONE>
    Roaring Blessings for t’row DeAnne soaked in Love.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty, the Light is SO abundant and present and the new dream is for it to chase away all the Fear humanity holds on to. I love all your imagery in this sharing – Love you too!! 💞

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