Reclaiming Our Lives Part 2, ION Gut Biome

Namaste’ New HUmans,

What an incredible, centered, light-filled and expansive 11/11 portal yesterday! There was a profound depth of clearing present that really served to keep us in our bodies, in the moment, to fully receive the direct beam of Light activated this day. Thank you to all of you for creating and holding such a beautiful space with me on the 11/11 New HUman Transmission ~ 2+ hours of light intel and flow from a new consciousness and energy here on behalf of an upleveling world.

I went to nature shortly after our time together and captured this delightful moment. At first, I indeed, noticed it as I crossed a creek… I smiled and said hello, but kept on toward the trail on the other side. But it STOPPED ME – “no come back”… clearly it wanted to be shared! ❤️ And you can see here, why!

EXQUISITE, Crystalline, Dancing Waters that seem to be playing with the light, with the elementals and nature all around it. Orbs, heart consciousness, rainbow bridge, plasma light and beings, so much of what we talked about in yesterday’s webcast can be seen and experienced in this photo. WOW! I felt ecstatic JOY and pure immersion in this moment, there was no separation, no mind, no thought… I felt the waters both invite me in and merge in Oneness with my being. SUCH LOVE. SUCH LIFE. Such Truth about the inner radiance and wisdom of all CREATION.

New HUman, Divine Being Dr Zach Bush popped in a couple of times in the show yesterday, of course! )November Webcast: 😉 I shared how much stability, clear mind and higher wisdom that spending time with him during the election provided for me. There is so much disinformation out on the web, so much to keep the mind fixated and energy knotted up. Yet, tuning in to just a moment of his wisdom relaxes the whole bioenergetic field and reminds you PEACE is always available and a choice.

I have heard from and shared experiences with so many of you regarding the ION Biome products, I really wanted to share a few resources here to raise energy, lift spirits and expand your own inner intelligences. The foundation of this product is 60 million year old soil, a profound opportunity to realign our bodies innate intelligence with the eternal wisdom of this planet. Few would argue that this humanity is at a critical tipping point in our relationship to each other, to the systems in place, to institutions we’ve created, to the food we eat, to the air we breathe, the state of our health and our regard of this planet we call home. If we are to come back into alignment with the existence within and all around us, it makes sense that the most powerful and effective place to start is reestablishing the essential human/planet connection. Enter ION Biome! 

In addition to my personal testimony about this product which you will find here:

I AM including some additional inspiring, empowering videos with Dr. Zach. You can actually see the vertical dispensation lighting up his being when he talks. There is no emotional and mental body present, no attachment to what-if scenarios, just a genuine and wise embodiment of what is clearly his higher, divine purpose at this time. 

In addition to the original Gut-Biome product, Dr. Zach has developed a unique formula for children, so powerful to start the young ones on this protection for their immune and a cellular communicator to assist each child’s remembrance of their own body wisdom. When the gut-brain is functioning optimally and the body is absorbing essential nutrients, children can think better, perform better. Many of you have shared with me that your kids seem less agitated and more calm, peaceful since taking this formula! YAY!

There is also a unique formula for pets! I shared on the November webcast, how Bodhi has always had a sensitive stomach that I have been really diligent trying to stay on top of, using various products to help with his digestion. Well, he is like a new dog!! He has been on gut biome for pets for a couple of months and not only has his digestion changed, not one upset since he began… but his entire physique has changed, as well! So amazing to witness how essential a healthy gut lining is to how our overall body, muscle, weight and mental clarity are functioning.

Finally, there is also a Sinus Formula. I have not personally experienced this product but I have heard from a couple of you that have bought it for spouses and children with very positive results.

I would love to hear from you with questions or comments about your experience, either here on this blog or via email: If you feel so inspired to take this journey to reline your gut, optimally stimulating the Gut Brain while greatly enhancing your immune system ~ you can support all things New HUman by following this link to purchase: 
This is my affiliate link that you may also find on my testimony page! 🙏 This will take you directly to the ION Biome website where you will find all of the above products!

I will sign off here so you may just enjoy the beautiful light, energy and love of this human below.


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  1. joyfuljudy says:

    That is an AMAZING PIX. I’m going to try some sinus Ion Biome.


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