A Tremendous Gift, The WOW NOW!

💫Feel the New Light 💫

Drink it into your cells through your breath, your skin, your feeling nature. The New Earth Harmonics are so much stronger – powerful – calling human consciousness into RISE, clarity and ultimate peace.

There is a fantastical shift to Divine Perception and, as we have been talking about much of this year, REVELATION. The final Gateway event of 2020 is profoundly altering our mental, emotional and physical states. Our emotions are not driving us – just calm, intuitive feminine consciousness  – the consciousness of the heart. The frequencies emanating are drawing us inward and up, opening us to a profound new level of Unity Consciousness. This moment is a tremendous gift

We talked a lot in the 11/11 webcast (https://deannehampton.com/archives/17841 ) about how to attune your light body and feel a part of the “river flowing” of this New Light. I AM preparing and enhancing my experience, first and foremost, by paying attention and listening within. Daily meditation, yoga, nature time and creativity is essential to being acutely present to the beauty and magnitude of this New Light. Waves of Revelation are amplified, manifesting through dreams, through visions and compelling guidance throughout the day. I recently had a dream that was so clear with presence and support, even celebration of my journey here, that all the details in the world of form felt like a distant lifetime, a vibrational world I no longer dwell in.There is an unprecedented influx of divine frequency that is shifting dimensions and consciousness while expanding the heart into a new way of BEing. The 11/11 New HUman transmission has a break down of the new sensations, traits and experiences of the new human, new earth being.

As we observe the world stage, where emotions and opinions and energies are focused, the choice of timelines becomes so clear, conscious or not. This is a time when it becomes very clear how much of our earth experience, 3D life we have created unconsciously.

A quick New HUman primer on the difference between the emotional and mental body and that of the feeling nature:

Emotional and Mental Body: horizontal energy flow, driven by beliefs, past, memories, wounds, no completion. When you are in the mental and/or emotional body you will feel addled, not clear, unsure of yourself and filled with need.

Feeling Nature: Vertical energy flow, present moment, heart consciousness, Intuition, Instinct, Clarity. When you are in your feeling nature, there will be peace, you will feel calm. You will feel confident in your process and your own guidance will be strong, even if that guidance is to wait for more information.

The Divine Flows are so profound and easily felt out on the earth. Portals and Stargates appear in increasing numbers, consistently adjusting and widening in preparation for the impending galactic wave. When I captured the photo above, it was a 27 degree morning. But I was not in my mind or emotions around physical conditions – my focus was on the immense light coming over the top of the mountain skyline. I was called off trail, 4 inches of dead, slick leaves on the ground and a steep gradient from where we entered the woods with that pulsing light atop the mountain. I felt it so strongly in my being, the pull of this Light UP THAT MOUNTAIN. All details fell away. The harmonics were singing through the bare trees, I felt like I was on a divine escalator, being effortlessly carried up the side of an immense mountain ~ the only awareness was the radiance of that Light.

About 3/4 of the way up, a moment captured me. This dancing piece of nature, as tall as me, brushed my arm. I just felt the joy of presence ripple through me. It was the shape of a trident. I have been captivated by tridents much of this year, often wearing my mala with a small silver trident charm, much like wonder woman wears her power amulets on each wrist. Tridents represent Power, Strength, Dominion. I have also included the photo of a “trident tree” that I discovered earlier this year, off trail, deep in the forest. This tree is no joke. It is massive in both its size and the authority it emanates. I once came upon a very large bear standing and scratching itself on this tree, it was a SIGHT! I imagined even that bear knew the mojo of this tree. I love it so and feel very loved and watched out over by this tree. EVEN WHEN I AM NOT THERE! Because everywhere all around in each moment, if our consciousness is attuned to the RISE, all of existence is supporting us, guiding us, celebrating us and loving us to a NEW DAY for this humanity and planet. I know that the 3rd prong of trident in the BLAZING LIGHT is not fully evident – mostly because I couldn’t see what I was doing, everything being so bright. “EVERYTHING IS SO BRIGHT”! But it just brings me joy to share the moment with you.

It is so important that we be incredibly lucid and aware where we are focusing our energy, our consciousness, where we are vibrating. If we are truly present to each new moment, there will be no worry, no fear, no need. So many of our human family are so dependent on known, predictability, the appearance of sameness and certain outcomes. But that is just not where we are or will ever be again. It is for the minority but mighty woke and light-filled, light directed, light guided NEW Beings embodying this NOW moment to vigilantly model a new way of being.

This Gateway in December is such a turning point, a transformational step in this beautifully uncertain time of our human existence. This is a time for us to be centered in our knowingness – rooted like the tree of life, radiating outward like a new sun on a new day in a new world. Focus on transformation, alignment and Embodiment of the highest version of your Self, on Self Realization and how powerful you are as a creator!

I share many tools in the current webcast. There is no one right or best way to prepare for a completely new reality and being. Increasing your water intake at this time is encouraged, drinking adaptogenic teas is highly beneficial in calming the nervous system and counteracting stress. Really listen to your body, there are tremendous changes underway so adjusting diet ongoing, even fasting when guided, will support the reset. TUNE IN! Create space out of routine. There is something so sacred unfolding for you, for me, for us, for this humanity. Our bodies will receive more Divine Light and recoding than ever before. The New HUman is the Crystalline Lightbody Activation. The meditations on DeAnne Live, along with the Shining Ones, support the Christed journey of becoming a pure conduit of the I AM Presence. Nothing is as it seems in the denser realities, they are playing out a very old timeline. We all have a unique and essential role to play in holding sacred space for what is unfolding. I AM SO GRATEFUL for each of you and especially so, for this NOW.

Love to ALL, Love IS All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “A Tremendous Gift, The WOW NOW!
  1. ruty zarosta says:

    Rooted DeAnne In the Earth deep&strong being nourished by her daily and reciprocating nourishment to her as a Love’s Light powerful battery.

    Do you have a suggestion of how to Root/connect to her e’deep,strong, roots to GROUND.very tricky currently to some – me as 1- who has not 1 planet in Earth.None.all above.trunk/roots are in the sky.upside down.
    need to walk IN clean SOIL -yet-not such available living in town.

    Love yr 3 prong tree;imagination isn’t enough seeing to feel it as roots as well.Any suggestion?grounding, grounding,…Thank you,DeAnne.

  2. ruty says:

    Apologies DeAnne, I neglected to state that if a response to my request isn’t OK for you nor does it correspond with The Greatest Good -regardless of reasons – please ignore it utterly & completely.
    this is totally OK & accepted to me .honored with Love
    3 Red hearts placed on the 3 pronged tree for you.

    • DeAnne says:

      Namaste’ Dear Ruty, Always good to hear from you and your sharing is always welcomed. I feel one of the most important ways to be with the Earth is to come without expectation, without need. When the mind is still and we are in our hearts, we can then intuitively follow her energy, sitting here, lying down there, climbing a tree, meditating on a rock. You can connect and root into the earth no matter where you are or what the conditions – it is about intentions and heart consciousness. The nature KNOWS who we are and what we bring ~ because we carrying our entire story in our energy. So I always encourage people to “notice what you notice”, FEEL the energy of the nature you are in and LISTEN. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the earth and there is never any judgement. The more you consistently “show up” to meet the Mother, to appreciate her goodness, abundance and love, the more the vibrational world will open itself up to you and show you its wisdom, its gifts, its peace and its love. Sending a hug and love to you always Ruty. 🙏

  3. ruty zarosta says:

    Thank you DeAnne for your insight,t’ angle of projecting your Wisdom.
    I can ‘feel’ it! received with Love in my sacred mind/heart.

    years ago, in a dream she came to me and said “please help me”.
    she helps me so plenty daily. when I said once driving “you are so beautiful”, she sent birds instantly…
    I’ll tune in to yr Clear-View Deanne.Much Love via t’ grid&air streams.

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