New Year, New You ~ Gut Brain Health

I AM this human, with this body, this mind,
this soul and this heart –
what can I do every single day
to take care of this body, this being –
in order to live the best version of my Self…
the most fulfilled life for me?

A New HUman, New Year Message for this Shiny Tribe!

I AM learning so much about this next level of our process.  The frequencies flowing in are quite powerful. The light provides a new level of intimacy with the Creator; the I AM Presence is such a beautiful expression. The Shining Ones say that the attunement to God, to Source, to the highest possibility of existence… is also attunement to this vessel that houses our soul and all that that entails.

Both Self awareness and Self Acceptance is a huge impetus for 2021, which vibrates 5. The number 5 is a symbol of balance, especially so balance between the material and spiritual aspects of your life. This is the year when Divine Merge truly becomes a reality for many humans. As you attune all your awareness to the ascending spiral, the energy of RISE all around and within you… you feel new levels of body wisdom, of higher mind intelligence, of the ancestors and our cosmic family all coalescing, merging into a beautiful Union of Self, Oneness, Zero Point energy.

My body awareness has increased exponentially
just since the Solstice Gateway.

I will go into greater depth on this new intimacy with Creator God, I AM Presence, body wisdom and what that means for our lives moving forward as Divine New HUman, on the January 12th webcast. Today, in honor of a Bright and Powerful New Year initiating tomorrow, I want to shine more light on the importance and significance of Gut Health.

When it comes to our health on a global scale – we are not supported by our Government. The current system does not have our best interests at its core, which makes it all the more imperative that we take back our power around the health, care and maintenance of our physical bodies. In general, the current Health Care System is pretty impossible because of the way that the western system is structured. Even if people have the desire to look out for themselves, the languaging hurdles alone to sign up are just not clear. For a long time western medicine has treated the symptoms and not the cause, which just takes people further and further away from their intuitive awareness and innate capacity to heal.

Depression and Gut Health

For example, depression – which we have seen greatly escalate this year – for many, 2020 has been a depressing time. The spiritual factors on that aside for a moment, depression stems from many things besides a pandemic, besides the economy – which are external factors. If a human goes to the known system with depression, they are given endless booklets and then a choice of pills to treat the depression. What the current system is not looking at is what is going on inside your body that can be adding to your depression. Gut Health is the first thing that you should look at if you are feeling blue, down, depressed. Your second brain is in your gut – this is well documented with a lot and years of research, decades really. 90% of your serotonin lives in your digestive tract. Your immune system lives in your digestive tract – so much is going on there. Giving your brain a pill, that we don’t even know that much about, as the first line of defense is a mistake. That is treating the symptom and not the cause, which again, is how so much of medicine functions right now.

So how do you know if your gut is healthy? Just to acknowledge that the greater portion of the human population do not have healthy guts because we are living in a very over processed, chemical world. Some indications that your gut is not healthy and needs support #1 are regular bowel movements!! Eat a meal, digest and absorb the nutrients, eliminate the rest – each day, each time you eat!! That is the goal of a healthy gut. Also, knowing your body and being aware of your poop, what you are releasing when you do have a bowel movement. Color, consistency etc – I know, weird to talk about but the truth is, feces is an easy way to tell about the inside of your body.

I remember when I first moved to my mountain home, new life, new REALITY 25 years ago – I met a guy that took me to the most AMAZING experiences of what my new life would be like. I was completely blown away and in wonder and gratitude. We went to a homestead out in Sandy Mush where we picked apples and made cider. Then we picked blueberries and made cobbler. Then we went to the trout pond and caught our dinner, learning the Native American way to honor the soul of an animal before its sacrifice. The home of his friends we were spending the day with had a composting toilet – and all these years later I remember the parents talking about how they would sometimes celebrate their children’s poop after eliminating because it was so healthy. lol I AM smiling as I write this – but it makes a really good and true point. Not only are we what we eat, but what we eliminate has both direct and long term effects on how our body is functioning and our overall health!

Also directly connected to your Gut, what is happening with your skin, what’s happening with your energy levels, if you have brain fog? These are all symptoms of an imbalanced gut. Are you really gassy, are you cramping, does it hurt when you eat certain foods? I observe so many humans that just barrel through their day, their lives, their routine ~ seeming to accept physical discomfort and imbalance as part of being human. Major Illusion! It is not hard to tell when something is imbalanced, but many will eat something, it will hurt – and they just eat TUMS, everyday, for example! Which completely destroys the gut brain connection, your inner intelligence and your body’s ability to heal, restore and stay balanced.

*GUT BIOME is a superior resource! Nature’s intelligence.

Dr’s have also been failed by the system, but many, brilliantly led by physicians like Zach Bush – are starting to consider a more 360 approach; lifestyle, self care, support resources, mindfulness practices etc. Even though it is kind of a slow burn – which we the people are huge factors in driving – I feel this is ALL a part of the RISE, New Consciousness – Wellness – respecting and working with the body’s innate intelligence. It is so important to be your own best advocate when it comes to your health – ask questions that come from the empowered place that NO ONE knows as much as you about your body and needs. PERIOD! If you do not already have a naturopathic doctor – definitely add that to your tool box. WE ARE MOVING ON from the old system!

Depending on your current gut health, in addition to *ION, I also recommend trying an elimination diet. If your belly gets unhappy on a daily basis, chances are you are eating something that is hurting your body, something that you could be allergic to or just doesn’t suit your body’s constitution. Try to eliminate each food group – “ok, I am not going to do dairy for the next week” – no change – keep the dairy then “ok, I am not going to do grains” – for the next week, then nuts, etc. Treat your body like you are in partnership – inner physician/outer being  – you are always in the ideal situation to turn your health around and know what is healthy for you.

The better your digestion, the better your blood,
the better your organs, the better your health

Another incredible and lesser know benefit of a balanced, healthy GUT – COLLAGEN FORMATION! Yep! ION* helps with Collagen Formation! Your body doesn’t just use proteins like spare parts, but instead breaks them down completely into amino acid molecules so it can build new proteins. It is in this need for amino acid molecules that we find one of the functions of the microbiome: lysine production. So why is lysine production important? Well, for starters, it’s a critical part of collagen formation.

In recent double blind scientific studies, it was discovered there was a significant increase in lysine in those adults that regularly took the dietary supplement, ION* Gut Health. Since these adults did not alter their diet, we can conclude that ION*Gut Health is supporting the microbiome’s production of lysine. We already know that ION*Gut Health helps to support the body’s defensive barriers; how exciting to share how lysine and immune system support from ION*Gut Health further fortify these defenses.

Not wanting to get too scientific for you here… my goal is to continue to share the incredible benefits of this New HUman, New Reality, New NOW product that benefits the body on such a core level.

Today I have shared about the direct link between Collagen Formation and Gut Health, as well as Depression and Gut Health! Let’s not forget the children who have also had their worlds turned upside down this year as well. There is a special formula for them – as well as for your pets. I know especially in Bodhi, who is 7 and has always had a sensitive stomach, all his symptoms of digestive imbalance have completely disappeared in just a few months. Jyoti is still a baby and I AM feeling really good to introduce the Pet Biome to her young so that her system stays clean, balanced and healthy. Just a note that if your pet eats grass, has gas, burps, has bad breath or smelly poop, these are ALL signs of unhealthy gut. Healthy Gut is KEY to overall Health and wellness.

I look forward to sharing with you on the January New Human how the Solstice Gateway into New Reality has increased body awareness and how that attunement is lending itself to NEW HEALTH, New levels of Vitality and Youth, Clearer Minds, Increased Inspiration and overall OPTIMISM about the year AND decade ahead. WOW!! Age of Aquarius. WOW!! 5D, New Earth and Collective uprising for New HUman Creations in Love and Unity.❣️

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My *ION Biome Journey:🙏


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