New HUmans on the Move! Special Offer!

Bright Greetings to this Shiny Tribe!

Gratitude for your presence and love on the March New HUman Transmission! ( We are all learning to navigate very new spaces and environments in this New Reality NOW –  and these transformational energies always bring clarity to purpose, direction and especially so, the ongoing process of raising personal and collective vibration. The unified meditation was particularly sweet and peaceful this month. Sitting in this circle with each of you each month is meaningful beyond measure and a powerful expression of Unity Consciousness. 

With Spring around the corner and new levels of freedom on the horizon – I wanted to say HAPPY SPRING with a special travel offer, created just for YOU, from *ION Gut Biome. If you haven’t yet taken the *ION plunge with me – this would be a very cool way to get your feet wet. If you have already experienced the amazing benefits like me, here is a really convenient way to take *ION on the road with us when we travel.

This exclusive New HUman *ION offer includes:

  • one complimentary travel bottle ($15 value)
    with the purchase of a two-month supply (32oz bottle)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • free shipping

The coupon code “gratitude” will automatically be applied at checkout using the following link!

I would love to hear from you! You may read about my *ION journey at the link below, along with many New Day Blog posts about all the amazing benefits that come with repairing your gut lining and creating optimal health!

Love to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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6 comments on “New HUmans on the Move! Special Offer!
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    Yesterday I finished listening to your latest webcast. I had had several interruptions including our electricity going out.

    I found it interesting that you too are promoting fasting. I recently started listening to a young man (only 23) named Jason Shurka. He talks about water fasting also. He will soon be leading group on a 3 day water fast.

    I had not heard of mirroring though have done a similar thing. When I remember I look into the mirror and make positive comments to myself. However this morning I did it the way you recommended-for a few min. Then I laid down to listen to a meditation. I ended up in an out of body experience that was quite vivid. When I came back from this my reality here seemed flat. Have you had this experience after mirroring? I wonder if it going to happen again. I plan to do mirroring again tomorrow before meditating.

    My brother-in-law is belching more and more. He is concerned about this. I wonder if Ion Biome would help him. I’d like to tell him about this but am hesitant. Do you have any ideas? He did not tell me about the belching but told Doug. I’m giving some thought to telling him how it has helped you.

    I like the quote from Joan of Arc that you shared with us. I certainly feel I chose to be born at this time to help with the Ascension Process.

    That is exciting about the newly activated Lemurian portal that you found. When I participated in one of your portal events several years ago I spent time in one the portals and I did not want to come out. It felt so good.

    It is always good to hear that love has already won. So many wonderful things are happening now.

    Love and Blessings,


    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Judy, Always good to hear from you. I am not sure what you mean by “reality seemed flat” – as in literally flat or flat as in dull and lifeless. Either way would be interesting. My consistent experience after doing the mirror work in this way is a feeling of lightness and peace. My routine has been run, meditate, yoga, shower then mirror. I always just feel armored, centered and ready for whatever. I feel it is very reinforcing for the NEW NEW NEW we are constantly making our way into. The ego feels VERY unstable in this now – this exercise, I find, calms the ego down.

      I do not know your brother-in-law or your relationship with him. Of course I feel that the *ION would be very helpful in addressing the belching or in general – one possibility would be to send him a link (or sit him down at the computer at your home) to my personal *ION journey page – The Intelligence Of Nature – what is good about this is that I have been adding ALL the blog posts I have created that address different things and benefits about the Gut Biome. He could read through each and then email me if he has any other questions.

      Just a few suggestions. I AM REALLY EXCITED about the Summer Solstice event here in the Carolinas where we will explore all the ways the Earth is renewing and birthing the 5D experience. I LOVE HER SO!! 🙏🏽💞

      • DeAnne says:

        p.s. from the Shining Ones. This is a time of Self Awareness, Self discovery, humans diving deeper into the journey of Self. So, there is a LOT going on “out there” – things to do and try and join and BE! What comes to me to share is that doing the water fast came to me INTUITIVELY. It was very divinely guided, a felt sense and presence as something for me to explore IN A MOMENT. For me, it was ALL about tuning into the shift and embodiment around our crystalline essence. I did not have to take a course, I was not drawn into a “thing” – it was a very inner journey experience. It is important to kinda be our own witness around what operating system is driving and guiding us – to not do anything for the sake of doing it or trying because of what others say – but authentically moving with our own inner wisdom. 🙏🏽

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I have been hoping for a reply from you but was looking for it in the wrong spot. I was checking my email. I finally figured out where your reply was.

    Doug’s brother lives in Texas. I think I will send him an email about the products and how you used them for 6 mo. before promoting them. I’ll ask him if he wants more info. I’ll mention about your personal ION journey page.

    The reference to “reality seeming flat” was in comparison to what I had just experienced-a different, more inviting, more pleasant reality. It was a taste of how much more there is to experience and know.

    Wow! Lightness and Peace after mirroring. I continue to be called to do mirroring. At the end I smile at my reflection and wave. I get the word, “Yes!” and feel loved when I do this. I had not thought about my ego being calmed down but I will be more observant now.

    I’m not surprised that you intuitively got the feeling to do water fasting. You are so in touch with that side of you. Many years ago I did a water fast. I don’t even remember how many days it was. At this time, I don’t feel drawn to do it again.


    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Judy,

      Even though you were commenting on the webcast via the biome post – I will always respond to you where you left the comment. 😉Sounds like a good place to start with your bother-in-law, let me know if I can be of any help, answer any questions, etc. Belching and bloating was actually Bodhi’s issue if you remember – being on the ION completely changed his physique! No more weird stomach noises or bloating – no more eating grass, etc. I have gotten nothing but such grateful praise feedback from many who are using it.

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    My bother-in-law said, “I’ll look into it.” He has more faith in Western dr than I do.

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