Solar Synchronization ~ Summer Solstice 2021

Dear New HUman Collective,

A floodgate of expansive radiance has opened with activation, reset and celebration the world over. A massive clearing is underway that just feels like a balm of relief. Wherever you are in the world, know you are in the sacred, that existence is showing up for you in the way that your Soul most needs in this moment. Rest, drink tons of crystalline water, fast or eat vibrationally, meditate often throughout the day. As I have shared, this Gateway is a time of initiating a new self, a new expression and a new experience individually and collectively. Stay in your heart, feel today deeply and then work with that feeling nature to create what you are now ready for. This is not a doing passage, it is about feeling what you want your life and body, mind and relationships to feel like.  This Gateway is a vibrational catalyst for harmonizing imbalances of all kinds, imprinting a new cycle to now manifest. 

Sigh ~

I feel happy JOY to launch the Summer Solstice, Solar Synchronization event in Asheville into this beautiful Equinox radiance. Many of you will remember from the March webcast that this event downloaded into a New Earth Activation portal that I recently discovered on a trail run ~ very Lemurian energy guarded by a massive quartz. I feel grateful and excited to be creating this container with you and for you this Summer. As always with this New HUman initiative, I will refine this event around who attracts in, making the intentions and activities unique to you and the greater expansion underway.There will be more in-depth information to come… but check out what has come in so far so that you may begin making plans now. Saying YES into this gateway weekend would be a powerful affirmation of what NEW you are initiating. It is important to understand that each gateway this year activates and moves us to a new level that is essential for each next gateway experience. The Spring Equinox is an ascending staircase to the Summer Solstice ~ all part of the greater RISE underway in 2021!


This Solar Synchronization experience will deepen your understanding of energy ~ who you are vibrationally, the nature of the new energy on the planet and the importance of vibrational mastery in creating new realities. 


It is TIME FOR UNITY, coming together with new community in new ways in the New Reality that is already here. As intense and unknown as this NOW is, there is that much Victory of the Light and JOY in New Creations. I would LOVE to have you join me and look forward to hearing from you!


Solar Synchronization 2021 PDF


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