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Hello Beautiful People,

Gratitude for a very full audience yesterday ~ and to everyone who has taken the time to share feedback about their personal experience of the show. It was a pretty orbital and freeing webcast! 🤸‍♂️

Dr. Zach Bush is hosting a webinar this Wednesday, focused on the Brain and how we are each in control of how our brain interprets the world! If you or anyone you know struggles to live your best life in this very uncertain world, you will learn that it is not your emotions that leave you feeling helpless, alone or unable to overcome yours and the experiences of the greater world – it is how your brain is interpreting the reality around you. The revelation is that the brain actually does not control everything you do, you are actually in control. As Dr. Zach has shared in conferences, webinars and talks all over the world ~ research that he has decades data to support, we are an intelligent species, connected to a vast web of micro and macro-ecosystems. At any point, we can stop living the illusion of a life separate from nature. That is some good medicine! 

Sign up through the link below to join in the webinar. Even if you cannot listen live and plan to catch the replay – you must REGISTER BEFORE THE EVENT, to access either the live stream or replay.

The Brain: Stress, Peace and Freedom From Fear
( he is such a new human!)
Wednesday, June 9th @ 12pm PT/3pm ET
Register Here:

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Wishing everyone beautiful life, healthy bodies and inner peace always,


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One comment on “Free Webinar, Brain Health!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Hi DA, I enjoyed your webcast. It was interesting to hear about the 4 women and you telling one of them that she “showed up”. I felt she certainly needed to hear that.
    And I’m glad you reminded us that what we give our energy to, that energy comes back to us.
    Loved hearing about the 15yo boy that came on a portal excursion and your interactions with him. I can understand his anger.
    I was also pleased that you asked another lady what is she doing to help save the water.
    I haven’t listened to Zach Bush’s seminar yet. There is so much to listen to via the internet and it is increasing.
    I continue to hear about the solar flash that is expected and wonder what changes will occur as a result.


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