Lion’s Gate/New Moon This Sunday 8/8!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

I wanted to reach out, joining your hearts and lives with mine, once more as we head into a brilliant weekend of transformation. As you can see from the photos here (tap to enlarge), the New Sun, Plasma Light encodement is brilliant and unapologetic! I see every color of the rainbow in these photos, creating a rainbow bridge during this transformational passage of Lion’s Gate/Leo New Moon. The great gift of this gateway is about honoring the light within you and the transparency that is here. It’s important with this gateway, more than any other to this point, to pay attention to what we gloss over. Because this is a time of transparency! Make sure you have plenty of personal time to reflect on your own shifts and take responsibility for what is yours, setting boundaries against what isn’t. If a direction you have been going towards suddenly changes due to a new insight or another’s choice, make the shift with grace and gratitude. In the same “light” – if something dreamlike, otherworldly, seeming miraculous in nature presents itself to you in this now, don’t think, say Yes with an exuberant heart.

Leo New Moon Sunday, 8/8, 8:50am eastern.
Embrace the courage of this Leo Moon to help you be your most vulnerable, transparent, beautifully flawed, authentically you Self!

This is a moon of the open heart with a need to be progressive, inclusive and self-aware. Movement continues to be a strong theme in this passage, joyous, effortless, expansion that seems to be gathering up new tribe and building community in the flow. This Self awareness was a prominent theme of the August, New HUman webcast. We did an exercise to help pull humans out of the old program and into their own center to access their own light. The more we embody this light, the more we see the true nature of ourselves and the greater truth of what is happening on this planet. Then there is no longer fear! Only Peace remains.

Which brings us right back to the Lion’s Gate this Sunday!

The level of surrender in these light codes is beautiful and profound – supporting with great invitation to LET IT ALL GO – LET OF OF THE MIND and thought and fear and doubt and what ifs. There is a palpable tenderness, heart consciousness present if we just get still enough to drop into it. That is where you are going to find the clarity to move forward into your next levels of creation.

Remember that every step of the way the ego is conditioned to interpret the story of what it sees – however, the more present you are with this true moment of creation, feel and breathe with each moment, you will see an entirely different reality forming. A reality born through the Christed Heart.

BECOME that love. Become what you desire.

You are absolute pure consciousness coming into vibration. The lowest human being on this planet is starting out at an incredibly high level. Just think of where you are. Everything in the universe wants to be where you are. Where you are sitting right now. The concept of God, of Love, of this living blue planet and what it means to be human at this time is evolving through you. It is not that you are trying to become god – god is becoming you. The Oneness of All Creation is inhabiting the human heart. Take time to be with your Self, with stillness, with the Earth, feel deeply into your own truth and intend to live only from that center.

Core Level Confidence arises from your relationship with Self.

Spend time with the Lion’s Gate Transmission from August 1st – and the golden triangle meditation, Exploring Inner Worlds. Both will support you remaining perfectly centered in your knowing, the joy of being and the wonder of what you are now creating. This is a powerful time of Self Initiation, Self Discovery, Self Love and your power as a creator being. Fall in love with it ALL. Flow everything through your heart, stand outside of nothing and no thing, for then you are in judgement. It’s time to move on. Set time aside this weekend to create and clear space for connecting with who you are beyond all space and time.

There is yet another brilliant support for your quickening with a Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/22. I invite you to envision climbing a crystal stairway this weekend, find a pristine moment of singularity wherein you fully embrace your light and intend to remain in that frequency, your highest and brightest potential – through this Full Moon in a couple of weeks. Allow it to catch you in your reach and heart’s desire.

LOVE from my heart and many universes!!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

The world needs you…

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One comment on “Lion’s Gate/New Moon This Sunday 8/8!
  1. ruty says:

    DeAnne’s Truth ASSERTION:”The world needs you…”
    I see us each as a particle of the COSMIC puzzle,a Sand MANDALA. each grain of sand is 1 of us. together we are ONE >
    A Mighty LIGHT-FORCE engaged in a Mighty Task.Love particles in action.
    when we put heart with heart and pull forward in/with The Light-
    Thank you Cosmic Heart DeAnne/The Shining ones-showing The WAY FW.
    LOVE IS doing IT.We Are.

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