Lion’s Gate/New Moon Part 2!

“She Cradles My Loneliness”

Christed Light
Golden Radiance
New Day
Promise of Rise
As Above So Below
Blissful Moments
Stillness Speaks
Newly Polished
and Heaven and Nature sings!

I woke up with an awareness bursting through my heart that I just had to share. Just coming off the Olympic Games in Tokyo, I was filled up with the metaphor of this Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 arriving like the long awaited Olympics. The best in the world work for years, some even a lifetime, for this one moment of time to stand out and demonstrate their gifts. Imagine this Lion’s Gate, made ever more shiny and potent by the Leo New Moon, as being your time to express your most polished self. You’ve prepared for this moment. Now it is time to SHINE, to wear the frequency of your highest light. As I shared in yesterday’s post, this Lion’s Gate invokes worthiness, reminding you that you are everything you are capable of being, in this moment. The combination (gift) of this moon on the Lion’s Gate makes this the perfect time to manifest your most passionate desires. Not sure what those are… or want a significant hint on how to go about manifestation in this NEW NOW!! Consider this – as humans, we use considerable energy trying to manipulate the physical reality. But Mastery is understanding that it is through RELAXATION and becoming still within all the chaos, that new energy is released. You become much more effective in creating what you want and need when you befriend spontaneity and trust your own inner being.

WAIT WHAT? says the small self! You mean I get to relax and not feel so stressed, worrying about this and trying to control that? Really? Yes! When you RELAX, lay the mind and emotions at the alter of your heart… that is when the inner self gets to shine.

This Lion’s Gate New Moon is sandwiched between a double Full Moon in Aquarius. As I mentioned yesterday – the next one happens on August 22. So, back to the reaching the Olympics metaphor… imagine these 2 powerful Aquarius Moons in this New Aquarian Age as being the bottom 2 quadrants of a Golden Triangle – and this 8/8/New Moon Juncture being the pinnacle! Everything lifted up, in this moment. Including YOU!!

The image here (click on photo) is from my morning run! I love how morning kinda explodes out of the night – as a seed pushes through the dark soil toward light. This New Moon/Lion’s Gate energy amplifies our abilities to co-create with the universe – it is jam-packed with confidence and signals the green light to show off your assets. Bold Authenticity. Supercharged. Speak from the heart and be transparent with your feelings. The number eight in numerology is the spiritual number of infinite possibilities and prosperity!

What area of your life would you like to make richer? JOURNAL THAT on the 8/8. Use this elevated day to polish the mirror of your worthiness. Aquarius is the leader of Innovation and Authenticity and is Leo’s sister sign – so the influence to express yourself is at an all-time high. Leo is connected to our self-worth, confidence, creativity. Thanks to this lunar phase falling into alignment with the “lion’s gate portal,” this Leo New Moon comes bearing gifts of abundance. TAKE TIME, BE STILL, FOLLOWING THE ENERGY OF SPONTANEITY to discover these gifts because ALL OF Existence is showing up for you at this time. You need only show up for yourself. Trust your Inner Self, Inner Light. Trust your energy. You are an Olympian Of the Golden Age! 

Because we walk the Earth at this time, we’ve already won!



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6 comments on “Lion’s Gate/New Moon Part 2!
  1. RUTY says:

    Yes!Thank you DeAnne -If the 3rd mail-ray burst to POP UP
    -please let IT pop.
    We’ll all be the richer-all aspects.The 3rd mail will complete a Triangle.
    3 and 3 put together sideways -> form an 8.EIGHT ->
    * Enlightenment * Ignition * Goddess * Heart * Truth .

    • DeAnne says:

      🙏🏽 I’ve been out on the earth in the golden rays of morning sun soaking up the wonder of a world waking up to a greater TRUTH!! You are part of that TRUTH Ruty – sending you sun filled hug!! xo

  2. mark says:

    I was so happy that DeAnne mentioned the inspiration of this year’s Olympic Games.
    I only gave myself the time to watch a smattering of track and field and gymnastics.
    But in that ‘smattering’ of watching I saw miracle after miracle. I’m inspired to share one that is still giving me wave after wave of inspiration. There is a an Ethiopian runner name Sifan Hassan who presently represents the Netherlands. She won the semi-final 1500 meter qualifier like this. She tripped over a runner who had fallen in her path, got up
    in what seemed to me to be a fairly relaxed fashion considering, caught up with the pack
    and finished first. The pack of course, consisted of some of the fastest in the world.
    Two things about watching her on the track have really stayed with me. Her attitude before and after the race. Before the race, while all the other are stoked and hyped and
    determined to give their all in one of the most important moments of their lives, Sifan Hassan looked to me like she could be staring into a campfire. And AFTER the race,
    after running a nearly 4 minute mile (!) while all the other olympic runners are stretched out on their backs recuperating. And rightfully so! She didn’t even stop and bend over to take a few recuperative breaths. She put a mask ON and bounded back up the stands. On her way to the locker rooms I imagine. (She went on to win gold in the 10,000, gold in the 5000 and bronze in the 1500 final) Truly transcendental! Voila! I hope this little detour isn’t inappropriate. But I’m still so bowled over that I couldn’t help myself. Love to all

    • DeAnne says:

      I appreciate your sharing Mark… your enthusiasm and meaninfulness of this experience for you was evident. What I encourage you to do is to take the experience a little deeper perhaps, feel into the energy and metaphor (light language) of how the way you perceived/received Sifan Hassan relates to the greater context of what is happening right now for humanity and planet. I will do the same thing on the next show – reflecting on what Simone Biles was modeling/reflecting for us in a greater context as we wake up and move into new awareness as a species! COOL STUFF!!

  3. mark says:

    I’ve been felling a periodic tingle right over my heart for the past week or so.
    I think I first noticed around August 4th or 5th. And it feels good! Like a little flutter, a thrill of excitement before some magnificent event. And I thought… is this an upping of the heart vibration related to the energies of this particular Lion’s Gate Portal and beyond? I asked my daughter what she thought as she is visiting at the moment. And she’s a freshly minted doctor. She just laughed lightly as said, “Maybe you’re in love Papa.” Just thought I’d share.

    • DeAnne says:

      I love this and appreciate your sharing Mark. THIS IS THE DIVINE FEMININE, absorbing the new light frequencies into the heart chakra – and it DOES feel like being in love. WITH EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME. Just so gratifying to hear from a “new male” experiencing these new light frequencies in such a personal way.🙏🏽

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