Empowering The Self, Always, All ways!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

It is so important that we are truly present to this NOW. It is so important that we are standing strong in our knowing and speaking our Truth. It is so important that we dare to seek the highest point of view, not the consensus point of view, which tends to be the lowest. One world, 2 realities, side by side, no connection. What defines each? Fear or Love.That’s it. In many ways, this choice point feels much bigger than a virus, a pandemic and to V or not V? This feels like a personal choice convergence of many lifetimes. Those who chose the FEAR point of view are on a path that will lead to more fear – because that is what they chose. Those who rejected the fear path did so because that is simply not acceptable anymore as a way of life.

KNOW THEY SELF! Educate your Self. Be Self informed. Be empowered. Dig deeper until you begin to feel the UNITY of those committed to LOVE. I have shared Catherine Austin Fitts often over the last 18 months. She is one rooted in higher knowledge, not consensus knowledge. She is one rooted in Truth – for the sake of Love, Compassion and Liberation. I encourage this New HUman community to SHARE sources they have found that are rooted in Truth and Love – so that we may empower and support one another. It has been well over a decade that I have encouraged you to GO LOCAL – to get your monies out of the big banks and to stop supporting the big box stores. In the link I Am sharing below – Austin Fitts talks more intelligently about why this continues to be so important as the 2 worlds continue to delineate! CASH FRIDAY is something WE CAN ALL DO!! So, let’s commit to that.

The choice point, which is still fluid and open, has created two distinct realities. The realities are within each other, but they are not going in the same direction. For some time to come – we can just count on wobbly legs and racing hearts mixed with moments of profound exhaustion, wide eyed revelation and ecstatic states of wonder.The 2 realities are diverging and they will not meet up again. It has created a moment unlike any other in my lifetime, perhaps even in the last 26k year cycle, and we are going to feel the personal and collective reverberation for some time as we sort out what’s what. REALLY refine your focus, be pristine in what you allow into your psyche, expect answers/solutions to come from every direction but the expected direction, in other words, remove expectations, especially those rooted in the Fear Matrix. We really ran very strong, centering NEW energy on the September New HUman energy update ( https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page ) around an entire consciousness rooted in a cycle of fear based compliance; fear manipulated through abrasive coercion as a means for safety. This humanity has always been vulnerable and on the defense based on this belief A one line, main consciousness that believes the Universe is not safe and humanity is inherently evil. This is totally incompatible with a world of Sovereignty, Love, Compassion and Right Use of Power.

We live within a Field of Energy, of Vibration and potentiality – which is all possibility. Everything that exists is a frequency, every emotion, a frequency, every thought, every belief – a FREQUENCY. So, if you believe that you are small and without power, the frequency band generated by that perception of Self will interact with the Field and draw to you exactly what you believe, exactly what you are vibrating. We are and have always been co-creators in this human experience. We have become quite skilled at co -creating unconsciously, the world as we know it. This is the truest definition of karma; “little me being tossed around in a world I have little control over.” Of course we have a population of billions that distrust one another and life itself because they do not trust themselves! They believe they have no power. NOT because its true but because they believe it is.

But when you open your heart and open your mind, for just a moment, to this limitless Field of which you are a part – your frequency band expands, in every direction – it breathes a new breath, a conscious breath and you begin to experience life at a new level, your life as a new possibility. We, this humanity, are in incredibly uncharted territory, one that requires self awareness, original thought and the audacity to question everything, without judgement, but a defiant commitment to LOVE. Everything is truly playing out as it is meant to. We signed up for this knowing our level of commitment to Love and the Truth we inherently embody. There is an agenda at this time over which Joe Biden is commander and chief – and there is a greater reality of Unity, Love, Liberation over which the Source of All that IS prevails.

Set your intention each moment from your first conscious breath to make every decision, every choice from love, to think only thoughts aligned with love. Your thoughts are energy that reverberate out and around the world. You are that powerful. I honestly feel we are at a place where we must ALL take control over our own lives, no matter what the cost. Opposing forces in every direction are getting desperate in their measures to assure compliance. We must HOLD THE LINE of Truth, supporting one another, seeking out voices of Unity that are working for the highest good of all versus a few. Take time each day to feel your life, to check in with your inner compass about the direction you want for your life and stay on course. Flexibility is key!

Before I let you go so you can have a listen below – I want to share an experience I had recently that feels SO relevant to this STAYING THE COURSE; the choice between a commitment to Fear and Compliance or a commitment to Love, Compassion, Understanding, Liberation etc. I was having a conversation with my neighbor, who is married to an astrologer. He was telling me all the things he was preparing for “when”, but that right now, such in such is in retrograde and so he was waiting. I had to STOP HIM – I felt this huge surge of energy rise up from within and found myself, without thought, saying that NEW HUMANS DO NOT LIVE IN RETROGRADE. NOW is the only moment. NOW is always our greatest source of power. There is no waiting. Remember, FEAR OR LOVE. In love, the river is flowing and supporting the expansion of the Light, within and all around us. The image that I created the above meme from was taken from a *drone flying directly above my home. I live in a valley. Fog is often present in the early morning. But as you can see, up above the clouds, the new day was perfectly clear with a bright, shining light. Take this metaphor with you as you set your compass on the new horizon. Two realities, one within the other, but going in different directions: Fear or Love, choose well.

So Much Love, from my heart to yours!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

*tap photo to enlarge – drone shot by Patrick Olin

The Highwire Interview – Del Bigtree and Catherine Austin Fitts


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5 comments on “Empowering The Self, Always, All ways!
  1. Darlene says:

    What a powerful post! Thank you for reminding us that now is the time to be self-informed, to educate ourselves and dig deeper into what is being broadcasted as truth. It is so easy to just accept the prevailing consensus, but you are right. When I think about so much of the “information” that swirls around us nowadays, it is laced in fear and dis=empowerment. Thanks for reminding us that we are and always have been powerful co-creators and that looking for the unity of love is the only way out of a society steeped in fear.

    Thanks also for the video. Excellent!

  2. ruty says:

    Just opened and looked at pic. all my eyes saw/see – 2 semi closed eyes and in between, Spirit Eye in full force of Bright Light.
    Got to be a quick glance. re-check now- and I see the fluffed up mist.
    Thank you DeAnne.my eyes about to close- will imprint the image above.LOVE

  3. ruty says:

    I can almost see you there peeping thru the clouds… enchanting.

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