Settling Into October!

A Field Of Fall Sorel

GRATITUDE for an amazing ride, powerful flow of energy in today’s October New HUman Transmission. I felt like I spent a lot of that show in another realm or dimension – which means the many of you were there with me. There is such tremendous lightening, acceleration and NEW that is anchoring, transforming and liberating consciousness at this time – we talked about and experienced communion with the supernatural and it is my greatest heart and intention that through these webcasts, you experience the vast numbers and realms of beings from within the consciousness spectrum that truly love us. Remember, you raise your vibration by finding joy and gratitude in the simplest things – right use of power is focusing your consciousness on peace, unity, compassion, forgiveness, freedom and LOVE everyday. Both for yourself and our transforming world. 

We had a stunning visitation by a Great Horned Owl during this webcast and I promised to share its meaning. Take the energy of these gifts and insights into your meditation relating to the old story that is playing itself out in our current world. 

The symbolic meanings for owl:

Intuition: Ability to see what others do not see and beyond deceit.
Wisdom: Capacity to have insight and know when to act.
Transformation: A great change/transition will come into your life.

Revered source of both spiritual and intellectual wisdom. I love that they are skilled at navigating darkness and have the keenest sight in all the animal kingdoms – yet this one journeyed into the light of day to remind us that ancient knowledge, magic and mystery is very present in the mundane reality. The Great Horned Owl teaches feminine power, timing, how to extract secrets, to hear what is not spoken, protection of the unseen and is a harbinger of New Cycles. I AM remembering the circles within circles and wheels within wheels of reference and energy in this show – how about you? The Great Horned Owl is sister totem to Red-Tailed Hawk!

Wild Morning Glory

In addition to listening to this webcast AGAIN  – (they will change with each listen because each transmission works directly with the DNA), Dr Zach is giving a really interesting FREE webinar on Infertility. Why would this species be experiencing a decline in fertility at a time when the Feminine Principle, Goddess, Divine Mother energy is RISING?? What I so appreciate about Dr. Zach is that, just as with the New HUman, his work asks the deeper questions and looks at energetic factors affecting everything in the world of form. If you are unable to join the webinar live – there will be a replay opportunity at a later date and time. But you must register for the event before Wednesday to have access to either.


What: ReGenerations: Fertility, Childhood Development, and Puberty.
When: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 12pm PT/3pm ET
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I also shared a NEW PRODUCT that Dr. Zach just developed to compliment the ION* Gut Biome support many of us are using. ION* Skin Support spray defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow.
I AM MY OWN – Sunflowers!

You may read about my ION* journey here:

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The photos I shared in this post are just recent random moments in my commune with this beautiful planet. May they bring you JOY, Appreciation and a lightness of being.

With Love,

and my shiny little Miss Jyoti!❣️

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8 comments on “Settling Into October!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I just finished listening to your webcast. It was very good. I’m going to listen again soon.

    I certainly like the idea that we are in a checkmate position now. The Ascension Process is certainly moving along rapidly.

    I’m pleased that you and I chose to be Aquarians this time around.

    Loved hearing your Great Blue Heron story. We used to see them often on the docks where we lived. They would stand so still and suddenly pluck a fish out of the water. I had another encounter with one that was unusual. I was driving along a narrow levee road one day when I came upon a GBH. He was standing next to a dead skunk. I wondered what he would do if I slowly approached him in my car. I only got so close and then he suddenly picked up that skunk and flew off with it. I thought they only ate fish.

    I’m glad you mentioned hummingbirds and dragons also. We have hummingbirds in our backyard. They are so amazing and my favorite bird. They sometimes come close to check me out while I’m on my lawn swing.

    I have created my own personal help team. I asked 4 dragons to be a part of my team along with Adama, 2 Blue Avians, Yeshua, A-giss (my Higher Self) and White Buffalo Woman. It took me awhile to allow it to be okay to call upon my team when I needed help but now I’m much better at it.

    Loved the story about the couple with the masks and then finally asking for hugs.

    I’m glad you mentioned that we are NOT going back to normal. YIPPEE! Who wants normal when we can have something so so very much better.

    I also enjoyed the story about the grandmother and her grandmother.

    Yep, we are coming into the awareness that we belong to ourselves. I say affirmations each morning before meditating. One is: “I’m a Multi-dimensional Divine Being of Love and Light.

    Of course I heard you say my name.

    Sending you the Most Benevolent Outcomes,


    • DeAnne says:

      Good Morning Beautiful Judy, I appreciate all your reflection and sharing here ~ and as you can see from Ruty, it helps us ALL get to know one another better. ❣️ It is awesome and powerful you have created your own support team – do them just honor!! This whole show felt like zipping thru the cosmos to me – I felt like I was “there” deeply rooted in the container of the show – and yet not there – perhaps everywhere. This feels like a pretty BIG NOW to navigate and hold the center of – and yet – as Joan of Arc reminds us – I AM NOT AFRAID, I WAS BORN FOR THIS! And I will remain devoted to it ALWAYS – All WAYS!! Love you! ❣️

  2. ruty says:

    Enjoyed reading JJ’s input,being very close to birds.a Robin just popped in outside to say hello.Thank you.

    DeAnne,Oct 7th@9 AM I start a new cycle around our Sun.I ZOOM pointedly and intently into this owl’s gaze- wishing to MERGE with it’s gifts. attributes:
    “A great change/transition will come into your life”-transformation.
    “protection of the unseen and is a harbinger of New Cycles…”
    I ask this Sacred-OWL to be with me that day.I thank it-my sacred heart.

    The exquisite IPomoea(morning/G )-symbolize Gratitude(India-T’Mother).
    Sunflowers,Love them.perfect for new cycle with Sun’s Blessings.
    Thank you from to and thru Eternity DeAnne, and Shining Ones.Nmaste

    • DeAnne says:

      HAPPY DAY YOU WERE BORN RUTY – I AM SO GRATEFUL you are on the planet at this time with your beautiful light and wisdom. ALL the magic and love of many realms, including OWL and MORNING GLORY – are celebrating you and with you always. ❣️🤗🙏🏽🌎

  3. ruty says:

    Oh, how could I miss mentioning Jyoti. thought of her 2 days ago, jhow much I love this so called she is as imagined. Light itself.

    • DeAnne says:

      She certainly lives up to her name – “Jyoti – Divine Light!” And loves to share it with the many! ❣️

  4. ruty says:

    ” what a day for a day dream…” ; “yesterday, all my…” I believe the Over-lighting consciousness of The Sacred Owl was/is with me still.

    Woke up to the most magnificent day.GIFT beyond imagining,A Cosmic manifestation of what we’re striving to help achieve:-Gaia’s innate Divine Truth.I live next to a field. opened my curtains and the field with mountain backdrop dropped into my camping.the world dance in a beautiful loving smiling humane meddling.Magical.
    (I noted your’organic’curtain as a backdrop for your Webcast dressed table).
    went for a walk in pristine ravine-beautiful Nature habitat-4 minute from home.I live in t’city.not out in t’bush. Nature is coming back!
    Blessings for Gaia and ALL her Kingdoms.

    a drop dripped into my mind :
    Jyoti IS a facet/spark of Divine Mother/The Sophia.I feel it so strong.

    you wrote above-‘reply’to Judy : I felt like I was “there”… and yet not there – perhaps EVERYWHERE …”
    This is how YOU felt -to me-a week ago. I felt as thou you were like a water sprinkler that sends sparkles/drops everywhere.I wondered how you were. The owl was already watching you . all this wonderment.

    I feel like a grain of sand looking up to t’cosmos trying to fathom it all.makes me lough-why should I fathom it. The Mystery IS.
    Love to All.

    • DeAnne says:

      SO MANY BEAUTIFUL METAPHORS here Ruty! What lovely images you paint to fill up the heart space – I AM VERY GRATEFUL for your wise reflection and the love you have for Creation. The Shining Ones say we are here to feel the joy of all Creation – to re-member ourselves through the beauty that is here. I do not doubt your sense about Jyoti – she meets and spends sacred time with perfect strangers (new humans) on a daily basis via vortex tours – and she behaves as if she is channeling the Madonna – such gentleness, love, caring for ALL. Her heart is simply profound. She is sending you that manna from her heart today – and says next time you go to your pristine ravine – to invite her along. She LOVES water! ❣️🙏🏽🐶

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