From Form To Formless, Self Love and the Return to ONENESS.

Namaste’ New HUmans,

This comes to you with so much love and overflowing GRATITUDE for this magnificent NOW. One of the most consistent messages, persistent flows of new energy streaming to this world in this NOW is to STAY OPEN, listen to and trust your heart ~ and avoid the polarization game! There is a Divine Proclamation of FREEDOM present, the invitation to BE YOUR LIGHT, be your Divine, Sovereign Self, live with an earnest investment in both your JOY and your essential role as a Creator Being.

I have so much to share  – the new reality is SO FULL with such immeasurable LOVE and NEW ongoing. I will just allow the energy to flow here – with the intention that whatever doesn’t make it into this sharing will spill over into the November Webcast! We have a Full Moon this week, pregnant with manifestation energies to assist you in anchoring and birthing your new creations and dreams – and a powerful, timely Lunar Eclipse coming in November. My head literally feels like the size of a planet in response to the quantity and levels of light intel coming in ongoing in support of the unprecedented CHANGE underway for our planet and species.

If you hear/feel nothing more from this post – take a moment and breathe in how incredibly, unequivocally essential SELF LOVE is in this passage. The Mother is HERE, Sophia is here, higher consciousness, the freedom to make your own sovereign heart-based choices based on core truths, and highest outcomes is everywhere present. Know that you are doing the good work of affecting collective outcomes as you withdraw your energy from the confusion and chaos of the outer world and settle ever deeper into the stillness of your Inner Self. If you have moments where you feel that you do not have the answers you need, know that there are other portions of you that you do. TRUST YOUR SELF. TRUST YOUR INNER BEING. TRUST YOUR ENERGY.

We must believe in our Selves
  the Truth of who we are!

Everything in this NOW is meant to deepen our connection to our Selves – to the heart of Existence – to the pulse of the Eternal. I recently had an experience out in a vortex, electromagnetic earth energies, which provide harmony, a balance of opposites, within. I was with a beautiful soul in a female form and we had just had an encounter with Mary Magdelene, as clear and beautiful as having a 3rd human form standing with us. She was reminding us that she is the Feminine Christ and that she is here to teach us what has been hidden from us. As we turn to continue on the trail – a doorway and staircase appeared. The staircase was descending into the Earth – and yet as we walked on, deepening into the earth, it simultaneously felt as if we were ascending. It was utterly nonsensical to the conscious thinking mind – but the sense was that we were both descending and ascending in one motion. As we deepen, we RISE. Worlds within worlds within worlds – ALL is existing simultaneously. I spoke on the last webcast how the use of language was a fairly new skill for this species, telepathy was a natural form of communication. So too, we are remembering that it was not so very long ago that we, you and me, humans on this planet – knew how to move from form into formlessness effortlessly. Divine Perfection and the embodiment of Ascension is the proper qualification and use of life force energy!

We are remembering how to move between worlds!

As souls, we have exuberantly created quite the dilemma – being new in a world so fraught with endless old, patterns and programs – maintaining the higher frequency – with no (as yet visual) evidence of the new reality. We did so JOYFULLY, knowing that it would be both a challenge and that we were up for that challenge. I have awareness the level of work I AM doing in the dream time – I go to bed with certain questions and wake up LIT UP with understanding that I did not have the day before. We are learning how to BE, without thought – with no internal dialogue constantly dictating. It is o.k. to feel that you do not know what you are doing – we are being reset internally, resetting ourselves internally – which means the ego will be forced into more and more nothingness. But with that nothingness, that intimate sense of unknown around and within, you begin to feel this new energy taking up residence in your body. It is bubbly, effervescent, it will begin to communicate with your conscious mind more clearly around diet, choice of activity, how to BE in timelessness while still operating in 3D – the Ascended form is a very different, undeniable vibration. As the body becomes more crystalline, it is capable of emanating this higher frequency light. This becomes more powerful as we transition to a silica-based form


One of the immediate consequences of living in this higher frequency light is what begins to manifest and communicate with us – from a myriad of levels. These photos I have shared with you here are from a moment that left me forever changed, permanently altered in body, mind and spirit. This experience was in Diamond Magnetic Earth energy – near a crystalline waterfall – which I feel is relevant. There was a huge, ancient rock wall framing this waterfall – and all along this wall was the phenomena I captured here. There were dozens of “spider webs” that were shaped like a torus!! PERFECT toroidal shapes, with a geometric lattice joining the tori together. Understanding the human body as a torus is the first step in remembering that we are actually fluid, formless, we are everywhere and nowhere simultaneously! Here I was faced with a ENTIRE WALL of donut shaped spiderwebs. I cannot even find words for how this moment interacted with, stimulated my inner being, on a cellular level. If my words do not make much sense here – LOOK AT THE PHOTOS. Without need, feel the intelligence, the LOVE, the unity, really take in the colors, the light, the whole moment was encoded. The photos with me in them – I feel these were a continuation of the same intelligence – just dancing with my form in a different way. I invite YOU to see what you see in these photos – there is a LOT – it is ALIVE with a joyful UNITY, desiring contact and cooperation. Jyoti is in 2 of the photos with me – and I will say to pay close attention to her form in one of them in particular – all I can say is wonder and awe. We are definitely NOT alone. 

Our higher consciousness animates the body vehicle.
It directs the flow of pure Source light through it.
The body is designed to adapt, to change, to ascend.

On yet another recent vortex outing – how to even find words here – a young woman that resembled Gabby Petito in looks and age came in for a very last minute – impromptu experience. I AM still processing this day deeply, it remains with me with much to convey energetically. I felt guided to take her into Diamond Magnetic Earth energies – the New Feminine vortices that first began communicating in 2017. In the 4 years since, I have taken less than a handful of people into these areas and energies – all very guided, purposeful. SO MUCH showed up – was present in this shared experience. She came wanting to know her guides – and she met 2 of them directly. Several from the animal kingdom made an appearance – strong feminine, goddess presence moving us to tears, to joy, to climb water falls and tone to the waters, feeling the coalescence of the crystalline waters around and within us. One of the things that impressed me through this beautiful spirit is first, how open and aware her generation is – and yet, also the fears they carry, stemming a great deal by confusion around identity.

We explored in depth the very present phenomena around fluid sexuality that so many of the young ones are expressing in this NOW. How determined they are to not be put into a box of identity around the body (ie sex) they incarnated in. They are really stretching collective consciousness – demanding that the older generations reconsider how we define sexuality, identity, wants, preferences… it really is a stunning reflection of what it means to be FLUID in who we are.

Souls are not sexed – so the sexuality, sex and gender ascribed to the body are ultimately illusory. These differences are part of the material world – not the eternal world. We are all souls that cannot be defined by our physical form, spiritual authority cannot be determined by a persons form but by how arduously a person has worked internally to unite the self with the soul. Something that Gabby’s mother expressed to the world after her daughter left this world so young is that “there is a big need for a lot of things.” 🙏🏽 Take your focus off what is right or wrong – for with judgement we lose power. Instead, set your heart-based intention to embody this Higher Presence and become a conduit for Divine Will. You are not so much trying to figure out what your role is – let go of identifying with a certain role and just allow this beautiful light, pure consciousness and LOVE to flow through you. Anymore, what I feel as a consciousness looking out through me is the capacity to SHOW UP to a moment or a person with the energy of, “I love you, I see you, I trust the God within you.” All without attachment. All with Divine Neutrality.

This NOW moment is VERY FLUID!

More than anything else, the world we are reckoning with today is an invitation to make better choices, to disengage external conflict, to err on the side of compassion vs judgement, to understand that as we clear the way, the way will be made clear and to LOVE first and foremost. This allows us to participate in the highest interests of all concerned. Then we are free. We remember that we always have been. Self Love – believing in our core identity, comes with the awareness that we must take care of each other – each protecting the other. I feel that is another message that Gabby left with us. When everyone is your sister, your daughter, your loved one – you perceive and make choices differently. One of my favorite Rumi quotes is – “the Beloved is Everyone.” This is the heart’s consciousness flowing freely through form. As we RISE to embody a new, feminine reality in a world still driven by a primarily masculine consciousness and energy – remember the feminine is HEART – the energy of the heart – ALLOWING the flow of Creation IN EACH MOMENT. The feminine is unguarded – vulnerable – filled with wonder and color, spontaneity, a lightness and joy of being.

No one is you. That is your power. Whatever you dream, whatever you envision for yourself and this world – Speak it into being. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Come out of your perceived comfort zones of known with a willingness to CREATE new expressions of your Self. The Aquarian Age requires UNIQUE expression. ⁠Honor what is, in your personal reality and in our evolving world. Be the Presence which seeks resolution and expansion through the sovereignty of your heart. We are learning to both create and allow realities that benefit the whole and honor our expansion throughout all dimensions of reality, time and space. You are the way, the truth and the LIFE of a new reality rising from within. When one of us walks this talk, we walk it for all, we walk in the Unity of a new world.

With the LOVE of Oneness, Peace to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



P.S. Technology giving me grief but you may be able to click on some photos to enlarge!

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7 comments on “From Form To Formless, Self Love and the Return to ONENESS.
  1. judy says:

    Well written, DA. It addressed some of the things I have been thinking about. Pix so interesting. The Light and Love are growing stronger and stronger. Thanks.

  2. ruty says:

    Looking at those pics -if I can but continue breathing IS sufficient.I’ll keep doing so till I can verbalize some words of stillness.spine quivers. Yoy…stretching a rubber band… it quivers…letting it snap off.
    Looking at -not sure which pic-I found mys’ snapping out of? being else where(where)? not conscious of being at all till here I still AM.
    Love you,Shining Ones; will immerse mys’ in your formidable spread. it deserves every nona sec. of my conscious time.

    • DeAnne says:

      I totally get Ruty – I feel the same way when I AM IN these experiences! So much love and presence, wonder and LIGHT!! Multidimensional communication! I wonder if anyone else NOTICES THE FACE – the first picture of Jyoti and me, on her hip, the right side of the blue energy??? 😊🙏🏽

  3. ruty says:

    Oh,quick look – refresh in my mind those images to glide with thru today and will delve to ALL these WONDERMENTS -hopefully today.

    meantime -you asked re the face seen in 1st pic of ‘Light DA’ with ‘Light J’;
    YES!!thank U 4 asking.NOW I get IT. I thought the face IS Jyoti’s Head. now I underst’ her body is’concealed'(by such powerful light she blends with it)and ‘her head’is not Her head at all! Ao what a beautiful world this ho such a gift every day…Heavens, if it’s not so beautiful up there, Do come down here to Earth.we love You- All That IS,happy to share. DeAnne,pls leave the blog open for some more days? thank you.

  4. ruty says:

    after reading more,I noted my mental exclamation: Yoy! not a toy here.
    there’s so much captured above–I believe I haven’t a clue how wide.

    I thought to tell s’one today that my head feels the size of an elephant head. rather uncomfi-scary. reading your comment :”My head literally feels like the size of a planet” is such assuring help.
    maybe I’m not about to explode even tho feeling like I been compressed by a huge road fixing machine. a relief!

    Would Love to HONOR Mary Magdelene,THANK YOU for your PRESENCE with us.
    (writing this is Magenta on Green background)

    Your comment:”telepathy was a natural form of communication” YES->can’t wait. most of us communicate with gadgets/buttons.I refuse thus far.
    You wrote:”we’re being reset internally” –again -Huge HELP.

    “spider webs”- at 1st glimpse I registered-> constellations.
    The spider constellation under DA&J pics-seems to be walking…hmm…

    Deanne,Thank you Much.the volume of the above is voluminous,sipping out of any familiar container in multitude of’s loaded! perhaps in itself It IS A Constellation.receiving it with Great Honor.

    • DeAnne says:

      I like and resonate with the spiderwebs as constellations Ruty… not that far from the impressions of Toroidal Fields which I got! Definitely some kind of interdimensional communication – UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS in essence! ❣️

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