Cosmic Influences, Nurturing Presence

This moment, that sky – the SUN!! It reminds me so much of this NOW –Β  just SO MUCH GOING ON! It was the rainbow “wormhole” that first got my attention – which was very evident with the naked eye. But the addition of plasma light, the blue orb, the small secondary orbs just above the sun, ( are they orbs??) golden radiance around sun, and that BEAM – with additional color rays closer to the tree line. Even the clouds had additional Sylph presence. It is not lost on me that I just compared this NOW (on last Sunday’s webcast) to its own Aurora Borealis with all the charged particles of New Light, Solar activity and coded plasma we are being marinated in at this time. WHAT LOVE this is. What do you see?? (tap photo to enlarge) I invite you to engage in community by sharing your impressions and experiences below. πŸ™πŸ½Β 

I AM still kinda basking in GRATITUDE and a very centered alignment with peace, with vitality and autonomy and JOY after the November webcast just a couple of days ago.Β The intention and ENERGIES in this transmission were showing us how to really empower conscious, creator CHOICES in our lives around Abundance, Health, Finances, Relationships, Aging and Self Love. A significant part of this humanity awakening and reinventing a new earth experience, is truly understanding that everything is Consciousness and everything is Energy. When humans appear to make what we deem poor, bad, negative, fear based choices, they are not bad people – I don’t care what they have done. But they ARE operating within a conditioned belief, a consciousness that has mirrored for them hatred and disregard for life: most especially their own. Most of humanity lives in a perpetual wheel of this conditioning and programming. But many are waking up and taking back their lives in very real, felt, meaningful and powerful ways. So, this transmission in this NOW – really turned the wattage up on Self Responsibility as Creator Beings – with a lot of love and compassion to help you shift your paradigm of Self from flawed, powerless humans to NEW HUMANS with a really strong alignment with your Soul.

Even as so much seems to tighten the vice grip on controlling human life and taking away autonomy and personal power, ALL OF EXISTENCE is really stepping up its Presence and HIGH REGARD of this species with strong magnetic pulses to reinvent ourselves, reinvent our lives and what it means to be human in these times. IT IS A NEW REALITY. WE GET A RESET. But we must be NEW in it! No matter what your life has been or entailed, accepting responsibility for the Self is to acknowledge with a grateful heart – that you have created every detail. Because once you truly do and feel this Truth in your core – you are free and have the power of ALL EXISTENCE to write a new story of Self and recreate the way you relate to your world and the way the world relates to and regards you!

I have created a few inspired posts, including this one, very NOW, with inspiration, high vibe, encouraging you to TAKE TIME to love and nurture your whole being – body, mind and spirit. Caring for your whole Self is a practice in alignment, transparency and allowing for the whole of existence to be PRESENCE with and for you as you navigate a very new reality in your day to day lives. For the body, I AM sharing a new EVERYTHING GREEN SOUP that I AM obsessed with, along with a delicious GRAIN FREE SEED BREAD and a super easy CHOCOLATE CHERRY ALMOND SMOOTHIE. You will find these recipes in the 5D Forum under Happy Healthy Human Recipes.

Next – OH MY!!! a song I have been playing everyday for many hours since the beginning of this supercharged month. I AM, by Nirinjan Kaur. This song will wrap itself around your whole being and remind you of the PRESENCE that you are and that is always with you. I AM determined to learn it on the ukulele to play at the next New HUman retreat! Stay tuned and hope you LOVE it even half as much as my soul! Look for I AM in the Time Out section on DeAnne Live.

Much of the November Webcast emphasized the myriad ways that the New Feminine/Goddess/Divine Mother energy is anchoring in our world. Yet, one of the most essential ways this Presence is being Embodied is through Self Love, Self Care and the practice of nurturing your sensual nature. How do you nurture your sensual nature? A few examples… I love to burn candles and incense – I have a new incense called Golden Era that I just love, Moldavite incense is another favorite. I also practice Abhyanga everyday after my shower. Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves massaging the entire body from the head to the toe with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. It is pretty easy to discover what your dosha is – I make my own infused with 4 specific to me oils. These are just a few examples – there are so many. Think anointing the Christed Self, nurturing what is holy and sacred in you. To have the holy and sacred show up for you – you must first show up for that in your Self.Β 

Speaking of PRESENCE! Existence is just SO GENEROUS with her love. The photo below is from my morning run. I was at first enamored with the red leaf that had fallen and was gently lodged in this lanky bush. But then all of this happened – blue light, pink radiance, a golden ring around the sun – AND a fairy! What do you think? Better yet, what do you feel?

I AM sending Blessings of JOY and EVERYTHING TRUE to this Beloved Community! Tomorrow is the 11/11 – a day to really hone your ALIGNMENT with the greater Truth of existence. Take time, Cultivate Stillness within and without, open your heart and wonder to the expansive invitation and LOVE that is so ABUNDANT in this NOW. For the Love of ONE, for the Love of ALL. I Bow.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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11 comments on “Cosmic Influences, Nurturing Presence
  1. ROBERT says:

    Mahalo. Beautifully written. Transmission received :-}

  2. Neda says:

    Lovely to read your words…..and absolutely gorgeous pictures πŸ™‚

  3. mark says:

    I’m bursting to say something about the November 7 webcast. I hope posting here will suffice. I’ve been listening to DeAnne’s webcasts for a good 7 or 8 years. Possibly more. I don’t think I’ve missed one. I usually listen twice. Often I understand concepts on the second listen that I couldn’t quite grasp the first time. But here, on this webcast (and of other recent webcasts I’ve noted) the messages and concepts are crystal clear. Pristine.
    Pellucid! And SO essential, so in line with the path that I want to be on( “Straight to the heart like a cannon ball.” a little over the top maybe but I’m fairly sure that is a line from a Van Morrison song). that I’ll be listening again and I think again. Just as intently and joyful as I can.
    And I loved the account of the semi-corporate guy who climbed up on the large rock in the Emerald Electric woods and sang Danny Boy! It reminded me of an experience I had long forgotten. When I was in college in Massachusets in the late 70’s one of the courses I was taking arranged a visit a monastery in Vermont one day. As I recall there were 7 or 8 monks living there and there must have been a group of nuns living nearby or in an adjoining structure. Some of the monks showed us around, talked with us about various things and then we went to their chapel where they sang for us. There was one young monk with locks, a beautiful face and a serious stutter who played guitar and sang. I think his name was Joseph. The others all sang along. Monkish, modal, Gregorian music. The thing was. The music wasINCREDIBLE! Ethereal, sublime, gorgeous, divine, TRANSCENDANT!
    Joseph, of course, sang beautifully and without any hint of a stutter. But ALL OF THEM DID!
    I was just blown away. I think we all were. And to top it off the nuns came in and joined in at a certain point bringing the already unearthly music to another level. Truly the Heavenly Choir! Afterwards I asked if they were all professional singers. I really thought they must be. But they weren’t. Not at all. . As one of them explained to me.
    Their singing was simply an expression of their love. For each other and creation.
    (I imagine he said ‘for each other and God). Talk about being in alignment!!!

    • joyfuljudy says:

      Mark, I enjoyed reading your story about listening to the monks and nuns sing.

      I happen to be listening to the annual Globe Sound Healing Conference. It is entirely free. It goes on for a few days with many different speakers talking about the benefits of sound to our health. The address listed below maybe of interest to you. Sound therapy is gaining in popularity-especially in Europe.

      jj(which stands for Joyful Judy)

    • DeAnne says:

      Dearest Mark,

      You are very dear! This is easily the BEST OPENING LINE reflection on a webcast I have ever had! So THANK YOU for that. Totally made my day and filled my heart. I also appreciate your presence and dedication here – because what is essentially true is that these transmissions 12 years strong have as much to do with those of you sharing space with me – they manifest from the WHOLE of New Human devotion! So THANK YOU FOR THAT. AND – I AM very elated and intrigued about the change that you are feeling – allowing these transmissions to become more lucid for you ( ie like a cannon ball to the heart! ) Because that is all YOU – something in you is shifting on a CELLULAR LEVEL to allow that to happen. So GOOD ON YOU – WELL DONE – MAGNIFIQUE!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

      The story of the monks and nuns is a great memory, Thank you for sharing. β£οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  4. joyfuljudy says:

    I also enjoyed your webcast and stories. Your reputation is spreading far and wide. I’m proud of you. Loved that you mentioned the dragons. When I was younger dragons were always considered the bad guys and mythological. Just a few years ago, while reading The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra, I was introduced to who they really are. One of my goals is to ride a dragon as they fly thru the air. Have you had the pleasure of riding one yet?
    How was the hike today? Did all 11 show up? These are exciting times!

    • DeAnne says:

      Namaste’ Judy, Gratitude for your continued support – always love hearing from you. I AM still processing the 11/11 experience – it was perfect and exactly who was meant to be there showed up! I AM contemplating a blog response – stay tuned.

      I have not felt a desire to ride the dragons… so far there is so much to take in to just be in their presence, their energy – it is a very humbling and awe-inspiring experience. I more than anything just want to honor their return by continuing to be available to them in whatever way they desire. πŸ™πŸ½β£οΈ

  5. ruty says:

    ‘it’s all fascination’…
    1st a Thank yous to all who added to DeAnne’s basket of many folds.we all gain from it.
    I wonder if MARK managed to find out from the Monastery if they have any recordings.their singing ‘sounds’so beautiful.would love to listen.

    *JoyfulJudy-the link U gave in yellow-can you enter it in black?

    DeAnne, the’Sun’ shape is same as your Eye/fan in yr 19/01/21 mail
    “Vying for space”+a detached part below.IT’s projected intent is??

    The ‘Orbs’Star size-celestial objects are??.maybe visiting moons?.
    The Beam must have a thundering sound of a very High of those ‘straight arrows’,sending Star-Light blast from Sun to Earth.

    Beautiful red leaf n’same oil lamp light under it as at ‘Metatron’-tree. perhaps-it all points TO ‘Creation IS Beyond’-‘All poss’under any Sun’.

  6. mark says:

    Thank you Joyfuljudy. I’ve bookmarked the link and will check it out surely. Sound healing is definitely one of the essential healing modalities of the past present and future!
    And THANK YOU DeAnne for your comments just thrilled me!!!

  7. ruty says:

    Hi Mark,your comment to JJ helped me activate the link she gave.
    all I could see was some mashed yellow of no format.thank you.

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