Full Moon, Winter Solstice, New Now

It speaks to you from the depths of your being.
She speaks to you from the depths of your being.
The Mother of All.

Gratitude to this beautiful community for holding the light SO high with me on the 12/12 transmission last Sunday. Oh my! Heart so full, mind so still. This webcast was filled with riveting revelation on the many ways the eclipse passages and recent gates profoundly shifted the trajectory into new dimensional spaces. This up-leveling is directly affecting both personal and collective consciousness and refining the energy and threshold of 2022! Just WOW! Holy Now.

One of the new consciousness prisms that many have commented on after last Sunday’s webcast, was the revelation we did not come to this planet to work! The primary consciousness on this planet is steeped in the belief that life, freedom, the joy of being, feeling safe and cared for, must somehow be earned. It is a very masculine paradigm that dictates we must toil and labor and earn our right to BE HERE NOW, exist and have life! This concept of “working for” and earning a certain objective is even tied to our understanding of LOVE! “How can I make myself pretty enough, or perfect or worthy enough to be loved?” Earn approval, buy attention, shape and cut and somehow alter who we are ~ to be seen and valued and accepted and loved! This is POLARITY consciousness! But when we understand exchange from the perspective of ENERGY, of  Unity and Heart Consciousness ~ we re-member we entered in worthy and enough. And that we are here to CREATE NEW WORLDS.

If you have not yet listened to the 12/12 transmission, I encourage you to do so. The meditation will help you dissolve any remaining density in your body, in your relationships, in health and finances, any lingering fears and doubts. We also spent time running energy around the Winter Solstice Gateway with revelation around how Gaia is preparing a new 5D Foundation via the elements and weather patterns around the globe. https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page

I chose the image above as a visual, quite realistic, for you to embrace and imagine as present with every Eclipse, New and Full Moon and Gateway. There is SO MUCH SUPPORT streaming through photon energy, diamond infused plasma light, tremendous solar activity and interdimensional presence – all for the love of YOU and this world. Yes, absolutely, no denying, there is great pressure trying to shape and mold and back us into a corner from the outer reality… but this energetic influence has NO POWER over the reality activating within you NOW! Everything is Consciousness. Everything is Energy. Everything is Dimensional. Abiding in this awareness is your power.

Take time, create space, find your stillpoint and embody this knowing:

I live in a safe universe
that loves me, supports me, guides me, watches out over me
and infuses me with the light and wisdom I AM RE-MEMBERING
are my own

For this Gemini Full Moon on Saturday, ask: “What does my life look like if I have no need? If I am no longer doing, just being my wholly, fully Christed Self?” Feel that stillness. Get the mind still and feel what is rising from within.

For 2022 on the horizon  – never have you been more empowered as a Creator Being. May you see your visionary ideas with complete clarity in the full potential of your true identity, Divine Light, as we walk on into a NEW DAY on Earth, within and without.🙏🏽

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you’ve imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

You’ve got this. We’ve got this. Let’s show humanity what is possible. 

Love Always, All Ways,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Full Moon, Winter Solstice, New Now
  1. mark says:

    I just re-listened to the meditation from the 12/12/21 webcast. It is a…….DOOZY!!!
    And again, there was an absolutely shimmering gem, among the many other gems,
    shining through like a beacon, near the end of the webcast. ” If something seems to good to be true. It’s NOT.” I will keep that quote at the forefront in the upcoming months and times. And having just re-read this beautiful post with the path to new dimensions
    image at the top. I just want to share that I feel….. Supported!!!

  2. mark says:

    AND! Supportive!

  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Mark ~ I appreciate the “I feel supported. and supportive”. I do feel your heart and love pretty much all the time! 🥰 I AM grateful for your devotion, dedication and INTENTION, all things New Human. I got this image – you and I standing on the top of a cliff, some 50 feet, over looking a vast ocean, holding hands – and knowing, “if something seems to good to be true, its not!” That’s what I got??? 😋❣️🙏🏽

  4. mark says:

    Wow! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!! That’s an image that just sings. Rings clear as a bell.
    And I think I’ll be keeping in my heart for quite some time!

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