The Most Powerful Force…

Bright Beautiful Blessings New HUmans,

Holy WOW, this NOW. Take a breath and pause for a moment, focus on this photo and tell me what you feel. What is the ENERGY? You can tap the image to enlarge – just take in all the many facets of color and light, energy and POWER!!

For me, this photo (taken on my birthday above a snowy landscape) expresses REACH, it is saying COME WITH ME! The power of RISE is so strong in this NOW. This new light level commands our physical form to embody more spirit, more of the NEW frequencies which shift us into new wave forms. Less dense particles, more lightbody as flowing light waves. How are you feeling physically? I just created a new post in the 5D Forum you will want to check out, supporting your ability to really harness all this power commanding this humanity to RISE and live our best lives: no limitation, no settling, no compromise. A brand new expression is stepping forth; the Cosmic Self can flow in, supported by the thinning of the veils (magnetosphere depletion).

When I stood beneath this expression of light captured above, brilliant blue with an explosion of uncompromising radiance, I felt this energy in my body. I was this energy. I AM THIS ENERGY. And so are you! I was inspired to focus awareness with the caption to REDEFINE and SHINE. How you see your Self – is a powerful force. Everything that is presenting in the Consciousness kaleidoscope of our present world is to empower humanity to BE STILL and truly discern what is TRUE. There are many stories playing out on both a personal and collective level. And yet, at the core of every one of those stories of self, is TRUTH. An invitation to KNOW THY SELF and consciously, with a fierce sense of your own truth, to create the reality and life of your dreams. An expression of existence through you, within which you can SHINE. No power outside of you can define who you are, what you trust and believe in and know – unless you give it permission to.

It has been a long and arduous journey through this Covid reality ~ all along the greater wisdom and love of TRUTH encouraging all humans everywhere to be still with the given narrative ~ until you discern what is true. It is really about KNOWING WHO YOU ARE – and standing strong in that awareness, no matter what the outer world is pushing at you. I feel tears often -the levels of beauty and light, the ongoing communication of how much we are loved – this present photo included. I really invite you to FEEL the energy building, your inner Self, the god within – the confident Self who has lived to RISE in this now.

We, the sentient and sovereign beings of this beautiful planet – we are at a tipping point, where the Truth must and will be known. There just aren’t enough veils to cloak what is operating in shadow. The ascending spiral is dismantling the pejorative spiral. Remember what the Shining Ones shared with this global collective in March of 2020! Using the metaphor of “the emperor with no clothes” – the awake and aware citizens of this humanity are calling out the puppeteers and manipulators and saying NO MORE. But we must must must remain in Love. Come from Love. Teach and be only Love. Those still being coerced and manipulated by fear – we must bring compassion and patience to those moments and situations…. because no one willingly wants to live in and be controlled by fear. It is just a very powerful illusion rooted in the lower chakras throughout many races of humanity. So, no judgement. No criticism or negativity about where people are and the choices they are making. We must take care not to fall victim to the same energy of negativity and fear when responding to that which is outside of us that we do not have control over. WE MUST STAY IN LOVE.

When I stand beneath the light of the New Day (such as this image expresses) and breathe that knowing into my whole being – what is strong in my core is this:

I believe in personal freedom. And that personal freedom may not always look like mine – still, I believe in the freedom of CHOICE. I believe people have a right, an obligation really, to KNOW THY SELF. Personal Freedom is a reflection of Spiritual Sovereignty – it vibrates completely different than human conditioning. We must armor ourselves with the greater Truth of who we are. Every single day. RISE UP! We must remain clear and focused and strong in our Light.

We are all here to help each other.
Life is happening FOR you, not to you.
Nothing is preventing you from doing that!

Stillness – the unplanned nothingness (see New HUman Energy Pie) is increasingly essential to your day.This is different than meditation, it is outside of routine, ritual and rest. This new energy is INTELLIGENCE, it is Wisdom of a Higher Order. Surrendering to the unknown trains us for PRESENCE; freedom from linear time, and our Ascension. Even though it feels odd, even though time jumps keep throwing us off our linear calendars. Just bring astute awareness to those moments in your day when you are inspired to go here or there, or not go here or there. Pay attention to energy influxes… some days you might feel like Wonder Woman or Super Man, so much energy and a focus that can accomplish levels of impossible. EMBRACE THAT. Other days, you may feel an inward pull, low appetite, several meditations, no conversations or social settings. Honor that, as well.( Listen well to inner wisdom and it will grow.) This is all recalibration. Continue to recalibrate your intentions and choices as you move with the energy of the moment. Re-frame the breakdown of rigid constructs as POSITIVE CHANGE, and trust the acceleration to remove all 3D/4D constraints on how we, the new humanity, create and express in these realms.

Remember, (I remind myself daily), you are NOT YOUR STORY. We are making our identities CONSCIOUS. What a beautiful gift. You are a Creator Being. What is your wildest, out of the box most expansive expression of your life? We are wired for Unity. Open your awareness to the many ways we will be coming together this year to create from a higher vision for our Selves and our world. This is a brand new moment with new energy and new possibilities previously beyond our reach. Transformation is regulated by the Divine marriage of higher and lower levels, until frequencies like this come along and push for a realm shift. Know that rapid change, challenging external circumstances, and multiple distractions ultimately force us to make a choice: unity with Source in infinite expansion, or the experience of destruction of the finite. We get to choose. Decide what you want your experience of reality, of your life, to be – and then continue to surround yourself with persons, aspects and elements of that higher vision.

Really pay attention to Self talk!!! Really pay attention to your ENERGY – how you feel; after you ate that, after you participated in this, after you expressed yourself or didn’t in a certain way. LIFE IS HERE FOR YOU – in each moment, in every way. If you are PRESENT to it, and not in your story, you will feel the river of this new energy flowing and all you have to do is surrender to it. WE ARE SO LOVED. Do make note of the new 5D Forum post, Moving To Create Movement. I was very compelled to get this post up in this NOW. As a sovereign being, you are the Queen or King of your domain – your physical environment and your emotional and mental self. Your mental and emotional state control your story – period! Surround yourself with support, with upliftment, build a fortress of SELF that only allows in what is nurturing and empowering to the NEW identity you are ready to express. REVELATION energy can be disorienting – demanding that we stay really present. If you get addled or life feels momentarily distorted, first acknowledge you are experiencing your old story; “OOPS, I have fallen out of the moment, my consciousness has left the building of Self.” Stop whatever you are doing – breathe – assess where the leak occurred. Were you watching the news? Were you on social media – there is an entire science around how to keep you on line longer – and it is NOT for your highest good, it is for profit! Pay attention to what you were doing, who you were with – STAY IN LOVE and know you get to choose how you feel! And what you create, ongoing. DECIDE TO DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY. Once you decide what to look for – you will find it! What is wrong is always available – but so is what is right!! Look at the image above and tell yourself – “WOW – how beautiful my light is – how worthy I AM of the Universes love.” Make this your one pointed focus. Stay consistent with how you define your Self.

As a Sovereign Being of Light –
I know the truth –
that I AM guided by wisdom,
and I have no fear.

Breathe that in. 2022 – Redefine and Shine. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Let’s do this together. As One. Let’s show humanity what is possible.

From my heart to yours, ALL LOVE, Unity, Peace,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

** Additional support for your New Now Self – see The Return Path in my services on DeAnne Live. 🙏🏽




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  1. Judy says:

    Thanks for posting these messages, DA. Very similar messages are coming thru others now. We are on a roll. It is happening. YIPPEE!

    Great pix that you took on your birthday. Wonderful present from Source.


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