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The state of grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless ~ a transparent, joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. Your own body grows normally and easily from its time of birth, not expecting resistance, but taking it for granted; using all of itself with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon.

You were born into a state of grace, therefore. It is impossible for you to leave it. You will die in a state of grace whether or not special words are spoken for you, or oil or water is poured upon your head. You share this blessing with the animals and all other living things. You cannot “fall out of grace”, nor can it be taken from you.

You can ignore it. You can hold beliefs that blind you to its existence. You will still be graced but unable to perceive your own uniqueness and integrity, and blind also to other attributes with which you are automatically gifted. Love perceives the grace in another.

Session 636, 1/29/73
The Seth Experience


Namaste’ New HUmans,

Sending you love and shining light into your awareness on this 2/2/22 power portal! The image above was taken on my morning run. If I were to pivot 90 degrees in the spot I AM in, you would see tons of snow. I had stopped for a moment to look for beavers in the pond and absorb the warmth of that sun! This photo is unedited! The rainbow glow around the sun is a radiant expression of the new energy, plasma light and LOVE marinating this planet and our world. I stood in that moment – and I felt GRACE. Undefinable but not any needing intellectual understanding, this grace permeated my body, my heart and my own inner wisdom.

When I got home… this exquisite expression of GRACE, was in my inbox. I did not google, I was not spending time on social media, distracting my Self from the present moment. Many of you know I have had personal experience with Seth… no doubt the higher frequency and dimensional light Seth dwells in decided to “grace” me with another reflection of the living nature moment I had just experienced. What Grace.

I AM sharing this Grace with you on this portal day… with a reminder, with encouragement, a vibrational nudge and most of all LOVE ~ that this entire month of February is the energy of a deep womb. Ancient. Maternal. Unconditional. In addition to the 2/2/22 energy today – we also have the 2/22/22 portal in a couple of weeks!! Significant, transformative, perception lifting, new path clearing GRACE, inviting us inward. Into a deeper stillness than we have yet, known. To give you a little of an idea what that stillness is about ~ relative to this Mastery Year of 2022, I have a dream to share with you.

This dream occurred on the night of 1/31/22 ~ the dawning of this month of February. I do not remember a lot of the details – like how I got to where I was in the dream or even where I was. But I remember the ENERGY, well. This was not a dream to me. The impression I woke with, that lives within me still, this was a dimensional experience that I brought back with me from the dreamtime to anchor into my life, into your life, into our New Now lives.

In the dream, I was in the most BEAUTIFUL, ABUNDANT Spring I have ever witnessed or experienced. Every where I looked, hundreds of thousands of flowers. Lilies, Hyacinths, Blue Bells, Lily of the Valley… so much white and violet, but pinks and yellows and orange and green. Flowers I knew and many more I did not! It was completely mesmerizing, somewhat overwhelming but in a positive way, other worldly – DIVINE – magical: And oh my, the smell. Pause for just a moment here and imagine the smell of thousands of the Mother’s flowers all around you, beneath a brilliant rainbow sun!

The dream was SO grand, so high in frequency that I did not initially remember it. Until I went for my morning run with Bodhi and Jyoti. As I got out on the Earth, surrounded by her beauty and vibration, the dream came flooding into my conscious awareness. The feeling of the experience was so real I had to check in with myself for a moment ~ I felt like I had BEEN to this place, but then remembered the dream. I will do my best here to convey what the dream was expressing for our world, this humanity, our current experience of life on this planet.

The Springtime is not just one of 4 seasons that much of the world gets to experience with great variety of expression. Spring is also one of 4 cyclical experiences that all the races of humanity have and will continue to experience on this planet. An example… no matter how old you are, you have some familiarity of the Great Depression; a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States. This was a global, historic moment in time on this planet. In terms of seasons, the Great Depression was Winter. I am not an expert here – just attempting to share the ENERGY I felt in the dream, so bare with me. But eventually, the depression ended – millions of new jobs were created by certain circumstances of that time… and “Spring” returned.

The intention and heart of the energy my dream of this ABUNDANT SPRING was conveying, that I feel compelled to share with you here, new hUmans… is that for the last couple of years we have been in a pretty historic “Winter” for humanity and planet. And yet, in this NOW moment, the year of 2022 on Earth, we are coming into a NEW SEASON of beauty, of abundance, of creativity, new life, new potential, new possibilities and GRACE such as we have never seen or known before. This is what this dream filled my lightbody, cells and knowing with. Who is ready for THAT kind of Spring? And not just for ourselves, but for a transforming world.

“Grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless ~ a transparent, joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. You were born into a state of grace, therefore. It is impossible for you to leave it. “

This abundant, pregnant, “be still and know” month is rich soil for you to prepare your garden and plan your harvest for this momentous year. Many have and continue to view the pandemic as a time of loss, of things being taken away. May we all honor that experience and perception. But greater still, the entire Cosmos, our beloved planet, this Earth Star and a rising New HUmanity understand that this great darkness has held an inextinguishable and inevitable New Light; destined to be the foundation of a New Day for this planet and species. 

WELCOME this stillness, this inward pull as we each and collectively tune our hearts fiercely to the RISE of a destined SPRING for our beautiful world. Dig deeply into the rich soil of Self, “with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon” this month! Get really clear on what you want, what you are willing to let of and also allow in, in this transformational year of 2022!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you… I look forward to sharing a powerful SPRING webcast with you in March.

One Love, Always, All ways,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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10 comments on “Lean Into Grace
  1. ruty says:

    I had no intention to read the blog now.intended to retire for the day into night.my eyes tricked me &I read a few words. somehow my finger without my permission clicked on the blog link.
    a powerful outpour swept me reading it.couldn’t stop. got swept a way.I don’t know what power is in it- like a surging wave.
    I paddled with it& reached the shore.is this the shore of Grace?
    when I re read it tomorrow- I’ll know. Gratitude DeAnne, …something
    just dropped in: Grace->whatever may come-I AM. L O V E.

    • DeAnne says:

      Namaste’ Ruty ~ you shared in an email that you saw a lion’s head in the sun. That is cool! What does that mean to you? But I totally agree with you – it is hard to find words yet the power and GRACE and Presence in this moment (and do many of our moments) is quite powerful. I felt/feel so loved and encouraged to KEEP RISING, KEEP DEFYING DENSITY AND SEPARATION – KEEP LIVING FULLY because the world needs our Light. LOVE YOU – big hug from Asheville to Cape Town!❣️

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    You certainly caught my eye when I saw the word Seth and I noticed the date. Back in the 70’s I was eagerly reading the Seth material. It was new info and it certainly caught my attention. So glad you mentioned it.

    On the way home today I was thinking about today’s date and its significance so was pleased that you mentioned it too.

    Love the dream and all the flowers and smells and the significance that Spring is coming for all of Humanity (well technically if you live in the northern hemisphere).

    On my way home from delivering clothing donations to the shower van for the homeless, I was thinking about the men and women who were waiting to take their shower. I realize that each person is not really a victim-that they have chosen their paths because of what they want to experience. But it brought me to tears to see them-especially the women-skinny, dirty, a mess. I thought about what is happening for all of Humanity and that someday, there will now longer be any homeless people such as I witnessed today.

    • DeAnne says:

      Good Morning Judy, Yes, you have shared about your Seth experience here before – his love and wisdom is timeless! Excellent to hold the light high over every experience – that humans, more than victims of their circumstances – are TEACHERS for humanity – showing us who we have been and the choices we have made both individually and as a Collective. Continue to share your light and love with the homeless – but in your countenance and giving recognize that each is GOD having a human experience – and more so than focus on where others are – it is about our response and the degree of light we continue to hold as we walk each other home. xo

  3. ruty says:

    Re what The Lion means to me.good question. will answer by an incident in a game reserve about 24 years ago that was experienced by Linda Tucker who became t’ custodian of The SACRED WHITE Lions described in her book.I also attended her talk.((t’sky painter drew a white line above t’ ocean when efforts to save them were made)).
    The incident;
    They were about 5 people on a night outing to see game -lions, other cats.their special vehicle died.no engine, no light, no smart phones(it was before the smart ph epidemic …).
    A pride of lions surrounded their car, likely with disbelief to such a delicious meal that will feed t’ entire pride.(Unity).
    T’ humans realized THIS IS IT. the Fierce lions were growling at their open car wheels ,no way to seek help from the camp.

    Suddenly, a SINGLE woman,started walking towards them. a baby on her back,a young(5?)boy in her hand. walking Peacefully in utter KNOWING & TRUST straight thru the lions who provided space for them to pass.lovingly, Gracefully as The ROYALs that they ARE.
    This Woman is of the Lions Family. they’re fully cognizant of their value and mission on this planet. they ask: why people wants our head? the whales ask ; why do people want to eat our flesh?
    Mara was t’ 1st white cub born in a place in SA called Bet-Lechem.
    They are beautiful beyond belief.
    Magnificent Aslan was a hunter’s trophy.his image on my bedroom wall.For Eternity YOU ARE,Strong & Majestic. I bow down.
    Love never dies.Namste.

  4. ruty says:

    wow, apologies DeAnne & All, I’ve looked at the ‘burst’ above .
    angry…while such emotions do mobilize it doesn’t fit in this form.
    Softness of love-Power,of Grace moved in and ANCHORED.
    Powerful lesson. Namaste’. All forms are ONE whole

    • DeAnne says:

      No apologies necessary Ruty. It is always ok here to express what you feel… as humans, we have emotions and in this NOW – those emotions are really stirred and flowing freely. I loved the story of the woman, so at home on the earth and with the mother’s kingdoms that she of course carried no fear. Only new life on her back, instilling that same love and trust in the next generation. Isn’t it so amazing how much ONE IMAGE from the Mother can stir up in human hearts???? Love you!

  5. Kathleen says:

    DeAnne – once again you are such a blessing when it is most needed. I’ve managed to remain very positive and forward-looking throughout the past two years, yet recently I began to wonder if the human species is worth saving. Not only do you remind me now of the New HUmans – so needed – but also of the power of winter and spring. Mother bears birth their cubs in the darkness and silence of their dens during the winter. Much has been and is being birthed during this important winter and darkness. Now I eagerly look forward to spring on many levels and am ready to assist the new births!

    • DeAnne says:

      “yet recently I began to wonder if the human species is worth saving.” Yikes!! You KNOW this is density and low energy talking Kathleeen, it makes me wonder what else is going on in your reality that may be draining on your BEAUTIFUL SHINY LIGHT!! I AM grateful and joyful that “this” energy reminded you of your True North cause we are just getting started and have so much to both DO and look forward to. It is also meaningful to me that you felt and understood the cycle reference – which is so significant and relevant to how we grow as a species, how we come to KNOW THY SELF and gain a wider perspective on our purpose and time here. Let me know if you want a “tune up” to set your energy for this AMAZING and SPECTACULAR year of TRUTH unfolding in our world. And p.s do take time to listen the the Bush/Marcus video I just posted. LOVE STRONG! ❣️🙏🏽🤗

  6. ruty says:

    Hello, was in my head to write for some time:
    The Sun/ Lion face reminds me of a mighty, wise & compassionate TEACHER- a prophet.The White Lion ‘watches’ over the Sun. connecting to Giza- vital. Lions -it seems – carry the essence of the Sun.

    Interesting weather patterns that everyone feels here :humidity of the equator, heat of mid east, absence of ozone as in Chile .blistering wind – a challenging combustion.
    YET- suddenly for no economic reasons -as gasoline price soared,( no one gets paid more,poverty hasn’t been wiped out & businesses started to pick up significantly (from eye view)in Feb. tourists coming in more & more, masks are used mainly in shopping/banks etc. crowds on beaches – no masks . (no fear?)
    Density can still be cut with a blunt knife, we all carry it to whatever degree (the compost we grew up & live in is a big contributor + our apps we brought with to uproot-) ,yet…what create t’ change?
    I think it’s that power of blazing Light, just sweeps thru like wind over sand dunes. Purifying the profane to Truth. Mammoth task for us each in our Inner& for out there->society , to affect the change.

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