Inspiring Discussion and NEW WEBCAST!!

Namaste’ Love to All,

We are cruising through some pretty wondrous light spectrums right now. The gifts of the rarified passage in February of 2022 have thrust us into a new energy we could never have anticipated.There is greater coherence between this planet and the Universe she inhabits. New beings are present to assist both the Mother as she sheds what has become superfluous to her Rise… and the new levels we are stepping into, individually and collectively, as a species. Imagine if you will, the 2/2/22 – 2/22/22 gateway as a birth canal that has catapulted us NOW into an atmosphere that is completely different, foreign even, than anything we have ever known. So, initially “landing” on the other side of this gateway is likely to bring up all kinds of emotions; ecstasy, lightness, strength of center and greater clarity on your purpose – and also, confusion, a sense of “now what” and pockets of greater isolation, alone-ness in the journey. A great refinement is underway. It is all purposeful – all on track. Know that nothing can thwart the greater intention and plan we came to step into. The timing can be tricky to our human aspects because we are so conditioned to the physical cadence of time. Yet, we are zooming with great proclivity and grace toward the New Earth experience we envisioned as souls. It is SO VERY POWERFUL and SO VERY BEAUTIFUL, hang on! 

So this rarified gateway served as a very purposeful “practice run” for the greater “push” coming as this year opens up. And it will! We are being so supported from so many realms and dimensions… by new levels of light both enveloping our planet, but also activating within. Yet, we must also come out of each of these thrusts more centered, stronger, less influence of the old story and a more refined, trusting relationship with one’s own inner knowing. It is essential that each find the crystalline compass activating within and that our intention, bolstered up by individual and collective ACTION, is reflecting ONLY this Now moment, everything that is here, all that is rising, the joy of new creation now manifesting and the great LOVE midwifing us toward this humanity’s greatest destiny.

I AM looking forward to sharing space and grace with you on the March New HUman Transmission: Sunday, 3/6/22. Strong, Divine, Cosmic Mother energies have become so amplified, changing consciousness, expanding hearts, bringing the many together in new ways … the earth and all her kingdoms continue to reveal new levels of co-creating with us for a brand new level of Light intelligence. I have beautiful expressions of this co-creation to share with you, light-codes, sound, tools for manifesting while deepening your connection with Self and more remembrance around what is unfolding in the Crystalline Fields as we shift into Unity Consciousness. Please mark your calendars NOW to join me and this collective. And bring a friend!🙏🏽

Until then, another inspiring talk with Zach Bush, Aubrey Marcus and Charles Eisenstein. I AM remembering back in 2005 when Eckhart Tolle wrote A New Earth, it became quite the buzz word. I was sitting by a river on a day with brilliant sunshine and I said to the Shining Ones – this awareness and focus on a new earth is great – but what about the people who will be living on the new earth. Where is the instruction manual for them? Their answer… The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity.

Since that time and with their input, (the Shining Ones have a very intimate relationship with this planet that extends far before the time of Atlantis) many of the understandings, the knowings, the specific levels of awareness these 3 new human males have to share in this video ~ you have heard in the 12 years of live webcast and in the New HUman ancient to future teachings. ALL is expressing and quantifying UNITY in this NOW. The River of the Great Mother is flowing strongly now and gathering a fierce and growing collective in her Divine Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Clemency and a new level of unified light to Ascending HUman Hearts.

The heart photo that is included in this blog was found on 2/22/22… in an obscured and muddy place out on the Mother. I then found this perfect, elevated perch of honor for it so that many would behold and be stimulated by its wonder. Kinda reminds me of the lotus coming from the mud or a humanity once lost, but now remembering its rightful place in the Universe. All is coming to pass. We are so loved. You are so loved. There is only love.

Some Highlights from the video below:

You cannot research a future that has never been experienced before – the only thing we can do is surrender to it!

The birth canal push is just starting.
We cannot do this with out the Mother.
Only people who are tapped into the Mother have hope – she is pushing and we can trust that.

There is a new energetic field emerging around humanity. The new humanity is there and you can feel it. This tension is expelling us from the world that we knew.

The Mother is providing – it doesn’t require your own resources and money. The abundance we all crave is an abundance where the mother is taking care of us.

A very new future is just a shift of consciousness away.

This decade we have the potential to lose the genetics of fear and guilt

Will the Cosmic process you are now a part of be fulfilled? Or will we need to try again?

To grasp this shift is to begin to fight for a love of life! It is so amazing what we have. And it will be ok no matter what!

It is intrinsic to the human soul to freakin LIVE. You cannot separate the DRIVE FOR LIFE from the word human.

Humanity has an enormous amount of light. We are currently pushing for a much higher life form on our planet.

Is life surviving? or Living?

Earth, our planet, is becoming more and more alive all the time. And we are a part of that!

Hope is a pregnant word. It is the future approaching. Faith is the hope of things unseen.

We are here to be witness to the cosmic manifestation of the masculine and feminine archetype.

It doesn’t even matter if we make it or not – we have to give it everything we’ve got.

New Life abounds. The New Earth is here. New HUmans are RISING the world over. What an incredible opportunity to be here now and to show humanity what we are made of. Looking forward to “sitting with you” next Sunday. Until then,

SO MUCH LOVE, from my heart to yours,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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4 comments on “Inspiring Discussion and NEW WEBCAST!!
  1. Robert Ong says:

    Thank you DeAnne!!

  2. mark says:

    I think I’ll just add my own ‘Thank you DeAnne!’ I’m busy enough at the moment that If I hadn’t been directed to the last Zach and Aubrey ‘summit’ I might have not taken the time to watch this one. But watching this will most likely GIVE me more time in a sense.
    In any case it is a gift. I think I KNOW YOU Robert! In any case. Much love to you!!!

    • DeAnne says:

      Yep, Mark and Robert – New HUman Bros!! 🥰 Busy sounds good, just remember to create lots of space for what feeds your ENERGY and brings you joy! Love you! ❣️

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