Something Extraordinary Is Happening!

Namaste’ New HUmans, 🙏🏽

Oh my, the beauty of this rarified light is filled with Infinite possibility. It is beautiful, blissful and wildly expansive, yet paired with mourning and a powerful pull inward, into profound stillness and deep surrender. We cannot bridge the old with the new in this NOW. We must step out into the nothingness, the Mystery, where there is no sure footing or guarantee to placate the ego.

The RISE energy – like the tip of an arrow – is a sensation of both leaving and arriving simultaneously! Honestly, I feel like Alice in Wonderland most days ~ the undefinable unknown and new light levels are so very surreal. I feel my DNA changing my experience from the inside out and revealing more and more experience with ZERO illusion.

A brand new realm is opening to our love (heart consciousness), our trust and faith in what we know in our deepest being, is true. We are re-membering our Selves to an Ancient knowing, in the memory of our cells, an experience of BEINGNESS before we played with form or density. And in the same pristine NOW moment, we witness life that is brand new. It is all so very much, this now! And yet the PRESENCE is palpable, reassuring our lower selves with nonnegotiable clarity about our purpose and devotion to this NOW. The new horizon is so clear. Cosmic Gaia. Free from linear constructs. Untouchable purity. Complete collapse of density and all that has been created here. Source frequencies are overriding how we used to create our realities.

It becomes increasingly clear and certain that we (humans) cannot make this leap of consciousness on our own. This is a time of co-creating with many dimensional realms and our own multidimensional aspects. The experience of multi-layered, multi-realm shifts are unprecedented and utterly profound. I AM frequently experiencing myself in more than one reality at the same time, fully conscious in both. There is a knowingness present that provides stability, a sense of order in both my physical experience and also within my entire light-body field. The capacity to both deal with and negotiate a world of form that is insanely chaotic, while also creating in your future NOW reality, is pretty wild. But the new reality and realms are SHINING at us (with a felt joy) through the spiritual Sun of Gaia’s ascended realms; through our hearts, through our trust and allowing and STILL mind.

The March New HUman webcast is a truly brilliant transmission! LISTEN MANY TIMES. Everything is there – the energy, support, metaphor, light codes and clarity you need to feel your own Zero Point energy. I shared an exquisite, “cannot make this stuff up” experience I had with Gaia and the ancient trees during the 2/22/22 gateway. I have been very devoted to this ancient landscape for almost 27 years and speak often to how the vibrational world and earth energies are changing. But, there is a level of the Gaia realms we have not experienced ~ frequencies emanating directly from the cosmos, pure vertical dispensation, no longer interpreted through the lens of distortion. It is beyond time. Beyond Mind. All the new realms unlocked. I cannot even believe I get to express that awareness – much less witness this acceleration across the realms, while grounding it for our Ascension experience. There is no greater love, the seer and the seen, transformed.

We must change how we create!

One of the strongest impressions every level and moment of this light is leaving us with is the need to change how we are creating. Often times the desire to create something new stems from some type of friction, the need to get away, we long for something new. That is still ego – still attachment – still duality. The new impetus for creating is JOY, the desire to share what we have learned, so that others may know such peace and freedom. The new creations are a celebration – kinda like when Harry Potter says, Expelliarmus and the wonder at seeing what he/we can now do. Again, back to the March webcast – we are moving on, into a level of creation and presence we have never known as humans. But, the living library remembers everything. The Crystalline DNA is your inner Akash. Infinite possibility. Infinite Christ. True Unity Consciousness.⁠ The undefinable unknown awakening through us, changing our experience and revealing an existence without illusion.

It’s raining as I write this… all that I feel in this moment is that Cosmic Gaia and all of the vibrational world is preparing us for this Equinox Weekend and the incredible 2 months ahead. This powerful weekend is jet-fueled by a Full Moon tomorrow. I just encourage you to pause and feel the compelling alignment of energy and realms that are here to HELP US BE NEW. There is nothing more important that we can be bringing into this process than the DAILY AWARENESS of what is truly happening: release and transformation. Whatever your experience, whatever gets your attention, LIFT IT UP into the higher awareness of what is truly happening. Stay connected to the AWARENESS of this transformation and its purpose. As I ran the winding trails of an exquisitely beautiful forest this morning ~ I was holding my human family in my heart… lifting this collective process into the new light. And the Mother responded with the awareness that “The River” ( substantial and powerful quickening) is sweeping everyone up. Some are well prepared and skilled at surfing the quickening current. Others (majority) will be swept and spun until they shift their perspective about themselves and life! This post, the New Day blog and ALL THINGS New HUman is dedicated to ALL the beautiful beings in all the world. As I write and feels these words, my Crown Chakra is wide open and my heart feeling the cosmic flows with each breath.

Be grateful and stay curious as the sequences accelerate. This acceleration will unfold quickly from the Equinox weekend, to the eclipse opening in April, into the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse in May. I AM strongly guided to create a gathering in May, so stay tuned for more info. on that soon.

Closing The Gap, Divine Timing, the understanding that the River is Eternal and ever flowing and our lives are never static ~ these are some of the revelations we worked with on the March Webcast. You have not missed an opportunity or made a mistake. When the mind is still and you are truly present to this NOW in all of Eternity, you can feel it in your heart and field. The realm where all of our New Earth Now and pure heart intentions for the Ascension have flowed to all of these years is birthing a brand new realm. We planted these seeds long ago. We have nurtured them even in our forgetfulness, in times of loss and fear and doubt. It is a New Day! And we are trusting that more and more, because there is a uniqueness to this energy that feels infinite, more pure and refined than anything before in our collective experience here. A radically different way of being. An image that comes to me often is the eye of a needle. In the midst of everything that is breaking down and destructive, all the chaos and fear, is the eye of a needle that we must travel through. This is a metaphor but it really speaks to the refinement. The effect of this refinement on our lower levels is quite radical. Mind, Ego, Emotions … all of the constructs we used to interpret these realms must change – and quickly.

This passage is powerful yet soft, expansive, buoyant, joyous and victorious. You cannot bring the old with you into these crystalline flows and infusions. The New Reality is just that, NEW. It is just you and your pure heart that pass through the needle’s eye. Be openhearted to the invitation of the unknown, trust what you do not yet know but FEEL. Trust your inner being that loves you so and is dedicated to this revolution, revelation, resurrection process. Trust the God within you. Trust your energy. Trust this NOW

Stargates align for acceleration this weekend and for the next three months. ALL awareness on what is RISING, Ascending, Transforming. Create space to honor your Self and this passage in reverent, powerful ways. 

Thunderbird/Phoenix Tree. These ancient trees are wisdom keepers, similar to the whales. They are everywhere, wanting to be noticed. Both images here are of the same tree – magnificently demonstrating the RISE of a new human/new earth reality and experience. See each day through the eyes of Source ~ this is your power and saving grace. All is well. All is love. 

DeAnne and the Shining Ones.


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9 comments on “Something Extraordinary Is Happening!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I like the “eye of the needle” analogy. I’m feeling more comfortable now telling people that I have incarnated at this time to help with the ascension process. So many are awakening. YIPPEE!


  2. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, DeAnne, for the “heads-up” about this weekend and the next two months. I appreciate “alerts” like this so I can pause, and listen, and feel my way through what’s happening, and seek ways to grow and contribute. I’m excited!

    Love and gratitude –

  3. Darlene says:

    What a positive, empowering post! Create with JOY, with a desire to share so that others may know peace and freedom and allow the undefinable unknown to create through you. I love this because it reminds us that we don’t have to fix anything….we just have to hold the vision and allow. And trust the process.

    It’s like stepping away from the ego and like you said, witnessing what is happening through us. So different from planning, evaluating, judging. There’s so much hope and promise when you know it doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, that you can be a change-agent NOW. We don’t need to change the world we just need to change ourselves (which sometimes is not that easy and can be very unnerving)but it’s so very empowering.

    Thank you so much for this enlightening pep talk. I so appreciate you.

  4. Catherine Ewing says:

    Thanks for this confirmation DeAnne, for all that I am sensing at this time. Your “eye of the needle” reference brought back memories of Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy, who used a similar analogy and said years ago that we can’t carry our 3D baggage with us into 5D! I deeply appreciate the updates and confirmation of what I Am experiencing! Will definitely spend time this weekend feeling into what wants to be created in this new energy!
    Much love,

  5. ruty says:

    and The Grand Mother opened her arms like a swan , with arched back embracing all to nurture:
    It is a fresh New Day.I sang repeatedly driving AM to t’ ocean -a magnificent day -like a huge umbrella holding ALL . this world IS a NEW WORLD for every leaf, grass tree, rock person ,… La Grand Femme inviting us into her wings- no thing, no one can stop HER .

    Her Male part stands erect. head poised to the sky , decidedly Protective of his flock. no arguing with this Might .
    It’s a fresh NEW WORLD.

    I saw years ago blazing a -X the sky a sentence, in fiery /gold:
    ” ESSENCE isn’t of Time. TIME is of the Essence.”
    Thank you DeAnne , The Shining Ones for holding The Flag High, being a driving force courageously , constantly , undeterred by no thing.
    We are Blessed, we are Blessings.
    Gratitude DeAnne and The Shining Ones.

  6. I am obsessed with the mother tree (pure feminine now energy) and cannot wait to meet her.
    I knew energetically something was happening to me end of last week as the archetypal energy of this full moon kinda kicked my energetic butt, working through the “old story” (stubborn Aries is very familiar to my Amy aspect) and feeling huge leaps of growth as I am finally feeling supported enough energetically “re-write” once and for all the conditioning of my upbringing. Like you said we cannot grow new and into the unknown if we keep trying to build on the foundation of deeply grooved the old story.
    Profound energies this weekend and with the equinox have lead me to understand I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the energies of the SO’s and AM’s
    are here to support me with this love and forgiveness I’ve been withholding from “them”. Withholding is truly just a reflection of the love and forgiveness I’ve been withholding from myself. This all coincides with being willing to do some inner Amy work to heal the past so I can move into and on to the next level.
    As I continue to find my Great Sun I AM, the Great Mother has peaked my awareness into self and the ability to take care of me. Profound shift took place yesterday as well so I’m jumping in the river and riding the flow
    Open and excited to see whats next and full of joy and the forgiveness I needed to move beyond the old story. I too feel the next two months are pregnant like our beloved mother tree in the picture with possibilities and our New Human capacity to be the love we want to see in the world.
    Working with you on the Return Path has been life changing and I’ve made more progress in two months with you than in 14 years of my recovery program.
    You and SO’s are with me and for that I am truly grateful~ you are the Great Light I have needed to shine on me for me to see my own Divine Light
    Thank you for your service and example

  7. DeAnne says:

    BEAUTIFUL SHARING AMY – thank YOU for the inner work you are doing and tremendous leaps you are taking in this NOW. It is incredibly meaningful to witness someone willingly LET GO of control (masculine energy) and surrender (feminine energy) to an unknown path of Self and life. HUGE! And the work you are doing for your own path and journey is helping to lay a new grid for so many of humanity still living in the grips of control and fear. For the sake of many reading this – I just wanted to extend your abbreviations – SO’s AND AM’s – I know you are referring to Shining Ones and Ascended Masters in case that was not clear. 😘 I AM just very grateful because as you shift and rise – it also elevates my role and mission here! It can be no other way. We are ALL so connected. What we do for ONE – we do for ALL. ❣️🙏🏽

  8. Nikki says:

    Reading this is I have a warm glowing feeling inside of excitement and I’m ready to be ready.Everything is always working out for me. Everything seems to be shifting, depending on what your paying attention to. Incredible time!
    After seeing the power of water move through our region and the devastating flooding of most peoples homes around us here in Northern NSW Australia. I am truly grateful to have followed the road less traveled, listening to the whispers of my inner guidance to be in the right place, at the right time, in the eye of the storm, in the stillness of my inner knowing that is always there guiding me.
    And you DeAnne, I love reading and listening to you and feel reassured that all is well and all is love. 💚

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Nikki, my dear sister of the heart! WOW – what a powerful new human perspective and understanding you have. Everything you shared expresses a confident awareness of Self and trust in that Self. I have been paying attention to your posts and aware of the flooding in your area. I AM so grateful you are there to hold the Light and Love high for those around you. Eye of the needle – eye of the storm – always safe, always free. We do the work for the many – because we know we are ONE. Love you very much! xo

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