Freedom Codes And Infinite Possibilities!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

Just checking in with you this powerful week of new energy and very unique acceleration. First, there is such joy in sharing this image with you! It has not been altered. It was taken on July 4th – out in vortex energy. I have never captured a photo with RED in it. And yet, just expressing how very closely we are being watched over and held, sharing delight in the human realms and our annual celebrations, but most of all an image depicting the FREEDOM CODES on Independence Day – it just impresses me with SUCH love from the higher realms! I cannot stop marveling at it STILL, filled with wonder, I wanted to share here with you!!

This is a time that we must stayed focused on the Light and Conscious Creations. This current passage and uptick in ascension energy necessitates that we “tighten up” how we express our spirituality, how we manage our energy, very conscious that the choices and decisions we are making are aligned with our spiritual identity and the direction we are wanting to move into. Energy is quickening by the day! It is equally strange, exhilarating and exhausting to navigate the undoing of one reality while maintaining our commitment and faith in a new one. Again, it is imperative that we pay attention to our energy and what we are sending out into the Quantum Field, because manifestation capacities are exceedingly amplified. The light realms do not quantify experiences the way we do, that something is good and bad and negative and positive. As we become more aligned with this higher field of possibilities – we are going to see what we focus on appear more and more suddenly. So, be aware of how you feel, run everything through your heart and TRUST LOVE as we move into the second half of this powerful year of Mastery: 2022! 

Supports on the horizon:

Full Moon in Capricorn, Wednesday, July 13 @ 2:37PM Eastern

Also known as the Buck Moon, this is the second of 3 super moons in 2022 – and the biggest super moon of the year! This potent moon amplifies whatever is being focused on. Hmmm interesting how that correlates to the sharing above about the mid-July acceleration. We, you, me, humanity have SO MUCH SUPPORT and many realms of allies present to assist where needed. But again, pay attention to your energy, keep your focus on the light realms and run everything through your heart ~and you will find the all clarity you need to keep moving forward with beauty, wonder and ease. A full moon always provides a portal or opening for expansion, gratitude and celebration of what you have, what you have accomplished and what your future dreams are. Take some time to be with gratitude, beauty and whatever inspires you tomorrow.

New Moon in Leo, Thursday, July 28th, 9:35AM Eastern

Really trust your heart, your intuition and instinct from this Full Moon into the New Moon at the end of this month. Imagine tidying up your intentions during this 2 week passage, zero in on what your heart truly wants for yourself and the world you are constantly creating. There is a VERY BIG hiking endeavor that a girlfriend and I have set our sights on… it is called the Appalachian High Route. It will require many over night journeys as we chip away at the 350 mile loop that provides access to nearly all the 6000+ peaks in the Appalachias. I do have experience section hiking the Appalachian Trail with overnights. My friend does not. She has no gear. I told her to come over and I will lay out all my gear, she can take pictures and then begin gathering her gear little bits at a time, until we are ready to begin some time in the Fall. The idea being, DON’T WAIT. Whatever your idea, inspiration or dream is – no matter how big, begin NOW somehow moving energy in the direction of where you want to go! This is so important! New Moons are about planting seeds, germinating ideas, nurturing what you want to GROW and setting your future Self up for success!

As the known reality grows more and more topsy – turvy, remain steadfast in your vision of a new and transformed reality – because it is here. Practice dedicated Self Care, Self Love, Trust of what is Rising from within and Faith in the journey your Soul has chosen to participate in.

We are coming through the other side of that intense vibrational membrane I spoke about in the July New Human Transmission. Our bodies are going through so much daily – plasma filters can feel very physical and the upgrades have been both unprecedented and exhausting. GET OUT ON THE EARTH – get your skin close to the Earth, get in water, talk to the elementals, commune with the Mother in the way that inspires you, but do so with devotion. Rest, hydrate close your eyes, breathe and focus on the Presence.

It is a beautiful time to be human, brand new, no longer answering to the realms of separation, relinquishing the past, surrender FEAR, living ONLY Love. Let’s show humanity what is possible.

Love Love Love to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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13 comments on “Freedom Codes And Infinite Possibilities!
  1. Jayne says:

    THANK YOU as always DeAnne and the Shining Ones! Just the boost of inspiration I needed to read and re-read. Your words always allow me such a deep breath of kinship and joy – Blessings, Blessings xo

    • DeAnne says:

      Isn’t this captured moment SO stunning Jayne… so much supporting expanding our consciousness and shifting perspective UP, ongoing, to the NEW that is here and the Presence desiring to create with us. I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU. Sending LOVE, and everything true to your world. 🙏🏽❣️

  2. ruty says:

    Heavy winter. the sky is m8/8th = edge to edge cloud coverage and rain drops keep falling. but La Luna- got her way of shining her light behind dark night watering clouds.
    5 nights ago, a huge Star appeared SSEast behind Divine Peak.”who are you”?I asked. it glanced,sparkled &disappeared into the sky only to re appear few times for short peeps after. why do I only now think ” Wish upon Star”?(your words above DA)I was too fascinated wondering what’s up so close& personal. next a close-by space ship moves very fast west to east. was there any celebration up celestial way? might well BE.
    Thank you DeAnne, Shining Ones for splashing the Light Codes to help us feel Free from THEN(reminds me of ZEN). May the Independent EF of U S residents sweep thru Humanity at large.
    Your hike to Appalachian ->if that star re appears I’ll ask it to bundle me up so I can join your formidable hike, albeit from-above.
    Much Love to All earth bound suns via DeAnne’s rays & Shining Ones.

    • DeAnne says:

      Amazing to think of heavy winter in your part of the world Ruty when we have such heat and radiant sun where I live. Wishing Stars and Divine Peaks sound every bit as full of Presence as what I share here and on the shows. Life is a giant Kaleidoscope, ever turning, all the facets of light and dark, your experience and mine – ACTUALLY JUST ONE LOVE. The Light is always shining behind what appears dark ~ be it the moon in a night sky or the endless possibilities the light holds in a shadowy, imprisoned world. Would love you to “tag along” on our epic nature experience… this journey will be like hopping from high peak to high peak, reminding us that views in the true reality are always expansive and unlimited. Love you!

  3. ruty says:

    Love you too. and U&U…this inc people t’ mountain picks,trees, birds, (t’ hawk owl pic still with me) dragons & Power Spot Crystal…
    DeAnne , I thought you’ll say re the SPACE SHIP- “Yes, I was there!!!
    I saw you down below but we couldn’t stop for a visit”.

    And yes-plaughing thru this NOW- passage isn’t a walk in the park or flying a kite. it’s most demanding, challenging every facet .
    The caterpillar grits it’s teeth pushing thru the cocoon tunnel.
    Mighty LOVE’s Blessed Help is paramount . May we all open to receive.

    • DeAnne says:

      May we all open and receive. This is it!! and KEY to crossing the individual and collective bridge to this New Cycle and Ultimate Reality. xo

  4. Nikki says:

    Deep breath,
    Oh my onion!
    This full moon thoroughly peeled away layers of self and shown me a core belief that I needed to look at.
    My need to look after everyone else and myself and not letting anyone else look after me.
    Core belief: trusting others to care about me
    So I unpacked it
    And sat with it
    And it unraveled me
    And I cried
    And I realised
    And something shifted
    And I am here
    More here than I have ever been
    Powerful stuff

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Nikki, Powerful stuff, indeed!
      I felt ALL the levels here ~ like I was able to experience this
      core revelation with you, through my heart. I felt the love, yes, but even more importantly felt the acknowledgement of the Universe, the goddesses, Sophia ~ on the significance of opening up and releasing these core wounds. Old identity. The identity awareness and work is everything now – surrender our old limitations and ideals so that we may MOVE ON to freedom and greater service. SO proud of and GRATEFUL for you.

  5. ruty says:

    Thank you Nikki,your ‘ whereabout’ expressed so soft & powerful. it’s so helpful for ev’one to connect with HOW another feels as it’s but another facet of each self. I wish more people will contribute as it helps the whole. Much Love Nikki. your note is strengthening for us others.

  6. Nikki says:

    Thank you Ruty appreciate you and your feedback.
    And DeAnne and the Shining Ones!
    Just keeping it real or unreal, lol sometimes I’m not so sure….
    Interesting times we live in
    How does it get any better than this.?
    Love all ways

  7. ruty says:

    Hi Nikki- your words : * “it real or unreal ?” +
    * “How does it get any better than this?” .
    I think,
    TRUTH CENTER PIECE attracts more NON-DEPENDENT truth particles . not dependent on our random living experiences. living Time is a factor.
    1 step @ Evolution Time (in multiple levels) of peeling our ONIONs… – every layer of onion peeled -adds genuine TRUTH piece to
    CENTER PIECE creating cohesive force.
    At some point(from my onion view) such Genuine TRUTH becomes mainstream as in higher Dimensions . Leveling extremes to center .
    This is the REAL & BETTER .for personal ‘use’& collective (humanity).
    L O V E IS THE cohesive force as it IS COSMIC Truth. IT IS THAT.

    • DeAnne says:

      Ruty – Africa
      Nikki – Australia
      collapsing time and space
      sisters in the light
      both shining brightly!❣️

  8. ruty says:

    Amm…a triangle-pyramid of sorts? an important structure circuit.
    Deanne-> North ; Australia & Africa South.(oopss, strong short air movement outside as I write this).
    There must be many more of those structures within the Shining Ones map.
    Would love to see such map. it takes me to ” Taking Flight” article.

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