Living Oneness

In the Center of the Spiral, I AM
In the Center of the Spiral, I Know
In the Center of the Spiral there is a Stillness
out of which Everything is Born.
I feel Its depths Rising within me NOW
Equal measures of Power and Peace
Sacred Remembrance that every Soul
all known and unknown experiences
are equal parts of a Unity that seeks its resolution
through my capacity to BE THE TRUTH of Who I AM.
Nothing more Nothing less In each moment
Devoted to the Mystery
Radical Love


As I sit with each of you in the Unity of this Full Moon Day, the nothingness is profound. There is a Stillness that has expanded my heart and the capacity to see through the separation that has long held this humanity captive. When I breathe, I feel the entire universe breathe with me. I hear my heart echoing out beyond time and space where many universes fold into themselves, leaving only this brilliant light that pierces our world with transparency. The rain falls softly on a sea of green outside my window as I write and I search for words that may begin to express the expansiveness within. 

A couple of days ago, I was high up on a ridgeline in my beloved woods. I was in Diamond Magnetic, New Feminine, Earth Energy, having just climbed the first portion of an arch that would soon spill me out into descent of its other side. I was feeling a strangeness within me and all around me. I held the strangeness close, turning it over and over in my conscious awareness, listening, feeling, wondering what this energy was about. It felt like something huge passing, leaving, returning to some very distant origin. Was is sadness? No. Was it melancholy? No. Was it even mine? this sense of an ending that was also, a beginning? No. It felt SO MUCH BIGGER than me in this moment in time. 

A couple of hours later, working at my desk, a new human in France texted me, “I just heard that Queen Elizabeth has died.” In that moment, the energy I was feeling earlier on the mountain made sense. As one who understands Consciousness and Energy deeply, no mind, free of emotions that keep many bound to illusion, I knew, I FELT profoundly, the significance of this moment both within the Ascension Spiral ~ and also the accelerated movement of 2022 toward our individual and collective Mastery. So, I ask you to BREATHE and read on with your own higher awareness and capacity to see All of existence clearly, including your Self.

There are no accidents – everything purposeful under the Sun and within many Universes. Queen Elizabeth was the UK’s longest serving monarch, a reign longer than most of those reading these words have been alive. And even though she was, within this dimension, an allegiant to an outmoded, patriarchal system, still, as a female, she was a warrior soldier of duty and protocol, a devotee of history and the way things were. She was a symbol of stability. A significant presence in our world. Many are holding this moment of her passing as the “End of an Era – the sun setting on the Elizabethian Age.” As we drop deeper, out of time, out of mind, into the significance of this passing in our individual and collective lives, we understand the greater Spiritual Shift her letting go, moving on at this time, represents.

If you are paying attention and not holding on to your own emotional agendas ~ spiritually, she long played the role of the old Feminine Archetype! She was a female that sacrificed herself and her life for DUTY. She expressed publicly that she did not have a choice. And her whole family suffered, suffers still. Princess Diana came into that tired, broken system to bring the Consciousness of Sophia. We were not ready. I see today so many women STILL sacrificing themselves, SETTLING in their lives, rather than taking back their power,  using their VOICE, standing in a greater TRUTH of who they are. Let her passing be YOUR RISE that this time of patriarchy and sacrifice for a dying duty be complete.

No doubt about it, the world has changed and shifted immeasurably within this ONE event, within many events currently effecting life as we know it.  I can feel her passing in the field as a HUGE world event. But it is not about the moment so much as how we, as a spiritual collective, will respond. Are we ready to let go of our individual and collective resentments, judgement on what appears to be other, when in Truth, whatever perspective we are witnessing, is our own. There are many experiences of consciousness to embark upon in each moment – the highest of which is our innate capacity for Unity Consciousness, and unconditional LOVE. Every precious moment of our experience on this planet is a sacred invitation to PIVOT into a greater capacity to SEE and BE that love.

I was on my way to a glorious day of taking a beautiful soul into the Mystery yesterday on a New HUman vortex experience. I was in a state of deep reverie, holding space for the division many still carry in their hearts ~ anger, hyper focused on what has been rather than really feeling the NEW that is present in the Field; a new depth of human understanding that instantly liberates consciousness from our history. In this reverie, I was brought back to the present moment by what was playing on Spotify in my car!! A song I had NEVER heard before, though I know the beloved artist well. These were the words playing in the harmonics of my car and yet, also coming from a Higher Consciousness of Love that is ALWAYS present, always finding its way into the illusion of separation.

We are biding our time
for these myths to unwind
These changes we will confront
So please beware
With every place that you had
Look to your Soul
For these things that you know

Called Messages, by new human Xavier Rudd, this was a moment of the Consciousness of Unity. As my High Heart searched for the stillness within ALL THE DIVIDE and opinion of this historical, compassionate human who was doing the best she could within the Consciousness that she devoted herself to – I heard, We are biding our time within myths to unwind. Changes we must confront… by looking at our SOUL.

I lit a candle and brought Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, born innocent into this world as we all are, with us up the mountain. We traveled up to the RISE tree, a New Earth/New Grid expression for the whole of 2022 – and brought this human, along with the Old Feminine Archetype, into ceremony with herbs and sages, flowers, fire and prayer. Surrounded by these ancient mountains that live in my heart. I was reminded through my feeling nature what I share with you here:

Sophia is Compassion
ALL is Forgiven
the “death” of a monarchy – passing of an era
Humanity letting go of the Fear of Its Power and TRUE Identity
Love and ONLY Love.

In sitting to share with you today, I acknowledge that YOU are a beautiful Mystery. Do not allow anger, judgement, emotional scars or fear to steal even ONE of your breaths. The Day is NEW for this humanity and planet. Make every choice and every decision and every experience not only through the heart, but also within the LIGHT of what is possible.

ALL My Love, To ALL The World❣️
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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9 comments on “Living Oneness
  1. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful clarity of observations. Thank you for sharing such resonating truths!

    • DeAnne says:

      Appreciative of that Kathleen, there is SO much energy present ongoing – and then THIS!! I felt quite emotional feeling the enormity of PRESENCE in support of what we are transitioning through at this time and in this sharing. It was a few hours of being in a DEEP DEEP Well of Love, Truth, Remembrance and Light shining brightly! The choice points are getting much more refined and exacting. WITH ALL MY HEART – I AM paying attention and devoted to the higher TRUTHS floating in the air. Love to you and Hugh. ❣️🙏🏽

  2. Kathy says:

    That was beautiful! Thank you, Deanne, heart high five to you❤️

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    Loved your messages today. So profound. I had not thought of QE’s passing as the end of an era-a much needed ending.

    I heard that many high energy portals are now be calibrated as they connect around the world. This made me think of the trip that you and Jim took to Mt Shasta to open a portal there (or was it something else?)

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you Judy – actually this would be more related to my sharing on recent shows of the new vortices opening around the planet – same understanding from different perspectives. The song lines I created between the vortices in Shasta and Sedona the same year – 2015 – were to facilitate the New Grid and Unity coming into this new cycle by opening up new energy channels between the Lemurian energies in the Southwest and the Atlantean energies here in the Southeast. Hope that is helpful. Gratitude for BEING HERE NOW. Love xo

  4. ruty says:

    wanted to write some days ago, which end is a start or when/where a start ends to continue a new in this ever cycles of no ending no when/no where.
    The Mystery tapestry .
    Yes-sep 8 was so heavy-4 me -unsettling absent feeling I couldn’t fathom/verify.I only found out it’s cause in your script here.

    I’m endeavouring to recover from severe food poison(31/08) +…it’s a grand battle . May L O V E P O W E R hold me whole. Namaste’.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Ruty,
      so beautiful and meaningful that you too, felt the “pole shift” of the passing of Queen Elizabeth as a New Crystalline Grid anchors in our world. SO MUCH IS LEAVING! I AM compelled to create an Equinox post (started today) if only to LIFT UP and honor what is leaving, letting go, moving on and releasing in my own life! SO MUCH GRACE that we will experience and welcome into our new hearts as we determine to KEEP THE MIND STILL. I felt guided to respond to you in the same way I would have for myself, had I gotten food poisoning! Consulting Louise Haye – You Can Heal Your Life: Manifesting Food Poisoning is the result of ” Allowing others to take control. Feeling defenseless.” And the Affirmation to heal that imbalance is: “I have the strength, power and skill to digest whatever comes my way.”

      AND SO IT IS!

      Hoping this will be helpful in some way, great or small. Sending you ALL MY LOVE and everything true. DeAnne and the Shining Ones❣️

  5. ruty says:

    Yes, I LOVE it.:“I have the strength, power and skill to digest whatever comes my way.” (Thank you Louise Hays) I just add:
    …to digest & TRAVERSE …
    Will write wen PC can operate. our hours of electricity now is few & far
    in between power cuts. Thank you for your most helpful note. solonge.

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