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Namaste’ New HUmans,

As I sit down to share with you here, my beloved light family, I wonder how I will possibly find words to express the experience of this NOW. My heart beats so strongly in my human vessel, my cheeks tingle with palpable emotion and my whole body feels as if I AM suspended in a profoundly deep breath.

Back in the early to mid 2000’s, the compelling urge on my path at that time was that of creating an earth based school for the “new children.” I was looking for land, I had created both a Mission Statement and a multi – tiered business plan that included different opportunities for investors. As I ran trails with this intention in my heart, for many days and weeks, I felt this constant undulating, morphogenic energy inside of me working its way to my consciousness, that was to be, at that time, an essential anchor to this intention. This energy moved through my throat, it massaged my mouth around as my DeAnne aspect stayed present with the knowing something was going to articulate through my voice that my mind would be able to grasp onto in understanding. The word that came to me, that I had NEVER heard and knew nothing about til that moment, was:


Just writing that word makes my heart explode with gratitude. Writing that word evokes the same energy in my body that the above photo stimulates within.

Rainbow Bridge
The Christ Principle
Threads of Consciousness connecting
the human and the Soul plane.

Fast forward to this NOW. Antahkarana, a consciousness thread gifted through my interior almost 20 years ago, has found its way into a greatly expanded understanding and awareness, today. In many ways, it could be said I have grown into a seed that was long ago planted and that somehow, by grace? by a cosmic mix of determination and devotion?… a mix very much nurtured and fertilized by this planet –  that seed has aligned with a NOW that is empowered to anchor visions many of us have been entrusted with.

The threads of consciousness that comprise Antahkarana, multiply endlessly in the evolving human. I speak often in New HUman Transmissions of the necessary effect of photon energy and plasma light on the upgrade happening in our DNA. With the Solar Antahkarana, we build a direct line of ascent between our lower levels and our Soul, a bridging that facilitates the various levels of our being. Something my own spiritual journey has taught me well, is that I don’t have to completely understand something to be devoted to it ~ to get out of the way of it. What is gradually and purposefully coming on line within each of us is that the technology of Antahkarana is a science. A future science! And at the heart of that science of the future, is ENERGY! Not matter. Not form. Not concepts and intellect. ENERGY!

Its ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Not doing. Not toiling. Not trying to get some place where you are not. Its ALL ABOUT ENERGY and I understand energy. I AM empowered by my own Divine energy. And so are you.

Everything you have ever prayed for or decreed or imagined, has already happened. It is about raising your energy, to match the vision carried within. We must be SO consistent – every thought, every word, emotion and action must align with the TRUTH you are calling in. To find the path one must become the path.

In our fear, in our conditioning and disbelief of our own truest nature, we pray for something, we INTEND something and then we vibrate as if it is not there – because that is still our belief. There is a verse in Hebrews that speaks to this phenomenon. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” This is what the ancients were commended for and what the Ascended Masters are returning to this NOW to help us remember. As I shared on the current webcast – EVERYONE is present in this NOW. AMPLIFIED PRESENCE. Can you allow that blessing into your heart now? Will you open your heart to the greater truth of this NOW?

In February’s New HUman transmission, I referred to the ENERGY present with us, for us, through us in this NOW, as a parent to your inner child. Building on that theme of remembrance, you must also be a parent to your consciousness. This means bringing vigilant awareness to what you give your consciousness to – how you direct your energy. Again, everything is ENERGY. There is nothing on this planet, visible in form, that is not a frequency of Source. There are low-level, dense vibrations of Source – and there is the underlying purpose of Source in Perfection. For over a dozen years, the consciousness and energy of the New HUman has consistently demonstrated the higher purpose, 5D perspective, of every low-level consciousness story-line on this planet. The Divine is concealed by us in order to be discovered and revealed by us. 

In some ways I feel,
emphasis on FEEL,
that I AM somehow sharing with you here
a creation story.

Often people believe that the spiritual path is related to the things we do and the directional choices we make in life. The path is not a journey based upon doing, but rather upon being. As I ran the trails this morning, I was taken UP INTO a powerful energy phenomenon. I regularly experience life that brings my mind to a screeching halt, only to remind me that the Universe desires to WOW us, to fill us with wonder. That wonder will not reveal itself in doing. I was in a wholly different dimension in the heart of my run than I was when it began or ended. I consciously made the decision to FOLLOW ENERGY and leave my mind and my cares at the trailhead.This is one example of “parenting my consciousness” so that I build upon the technology (Antahkarana) that empowers me to remain in my Observer when the lower-levels try to distract my mind.

Honesty of Mind
Sincerity of Spirit

The threads of consciousness weaving through my awareness went something like this as my energy danced with Mother Gaia and all her kingdoms and filled me with this illumination this morning:

The Future Science of Antahkarana will concern itself with the Path of Return. Hmmm, there is a New HUman initiative you may read about here ( called The Return Path. The Return Path is the path by which the consciousness of what is and what might be, gradually become known to the seeker; the evolving individual. As I ran, up up up in snow bound mountains with blizzard wind conditions, what came to my clear and free mind is the wonder at how a snail creates its nautilus inspired shell (sacred geometry!) out of the calcium in its body. And how a spider produces out of its own being, the silken thread that creates its magical web. (Again, sacred geometry) The Return Path of humans is essentially the same process as all that wonder. Its the same instinctual energy that tells the Bar-tailed Godwit to fly from Alaska to New Zealand, almost 7000 miles, without rest. Nature knows what our minds cannot grasp. And she is unconditional in her willingness to share her wisdom. 

Bright Light Of Self

Are we any lesser than the snails and the spiders and birds? The Disciple, Initiate, Divine New HUman create before them the path which is not yet laid ~ the inner science of building the return channels. The Return Path is made by the disciple becoming the path.

In this NOW, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We have never been more surrounded, more supported, more unconditionally rallied to visionary victory than we are in this NOW. The potential is palpably present to make things happen. But not from Will and Ego, but through Creativity and Service. Service is the life of the Soul creatively expressed on the physical plane. The New HUman displays divinity on the physical plane in a life of service and creativity. When birds migrate at certain times of the year, demonstrating miraculous journeys, they do so not out of will or thought, mind or emotion. They do so following some unfathomable mystery within them.

Growing Expansion of Consciousness
allows us to see what constitutes our relationship to the whole.

Someone asked me recently if I was a channel. I AM always cautious, mindful with this word because it comes with so many human connotations. I responded, clearly and without thought, that it does not occur to me that the books I have written or the expression of the monthly transmissions, even the words written here, are DeAnne. We are here to spiritualize the substance of our Universe. We have all come to lose ourselves in service. The process to do this is building a bridge – Antahkarana – through creativity of service. Creating Unity with the Soul.

No matter what the details of your personal journey at this time –  humanity is in the process of Shifting to Infinite Creation. I encourage you to find stillness and sit with that awareness. Feel it. Breathe it. Let it speak to you of the powerful inversion you find yourself in the midst of.

A massive shift is anticipated before the end of March. The words expressed at the top of this page, the ever present flutter in my heart, is my body’s intuitive response to that Shift. The constant jumps in frequency and light are dismantling the old structures. The only response is TRUST. The only response is to hold humanity in our hearts. We must be so vigilant in how we are parenting our own consciousness, minute by minute, moment by moment. There will be continued and greater amplification of the themes of 2023 we have been working with since last December: Revelation, Death, Inversion Collapse, and the New Way of Beingness.

The new light frequencies literally change the parameters for creation, opening us to Infinite expansion – in the midst of shaking apart dense structures within and without. Remember, Re-member – for this technology is in your Christed DNA; the connection between your known and the soul plane is developed by controlling the mind. The Divine Feminine is the energy of ALLOWING. Everything and everyone is playing a role, all for the purpose of the Ascension of a world. For the LOVE of an Ascending world.

The Return Path, the embodied wisdom of Antahkarana, is not governed by personality driven activity, but by an urge to be the Authentic-Self, filled with love and guided by wisdom and higher purpose. In truth, the path is an inner journey leading to the soul, while outer activity is simply a demonstration of the wisdom that the journey reveals. The outer life of doing is therefore a representation of one’s state of consciousness. As a person spiritually evolves, it becomes increasingly evident that the outer path is merely an effect. It is the product of consciousness, not the cause of it. Breathe that in.

The shifts in February-March change our perception! I could literally write volumes here how this is showing up, presenting itself in my current reality and experience. The gift of this perception change is that we see more, feel more, and the old realms drop out of our realities. It is wondrous really. This makes the Now – when timelines are dropping rapidly – very powerful, fertile soil for the New beingness.

Whatever discomfort you may be experiencing, know that it is only in the perception of ego. That discomfort carries with it the impetus for necessary change. That discomfort is love stirring within long forgotten but beautiful spaces within you. Honor those space. Honor the discomfort. Avoiding change at this point will create intense discord in your body, mind, nervous system, and fields. Flow with the river, she knows where she is going.

When you feel stuck, unclear, or momentary panic!!! Remember and breathe in these tools.

Identify and PAUSE in the moment you feel old patterns. All the work we have done is so that we may now SHINE LIGHT on where our shadows have been. Learn to pause and stop the old flow. We spent time on this step in February New HUman Transmission.

Drop into the Heart, into Zero point Again, this is energy known to you. When you go into emotion, when you have reaction to anything outside of you – that is HABIT from the lower self. In that moment, you have left the Self and returned to your story. Set strong intentions to operate from the Christed Consciousness of your heart, rather than mind or emotions.

CREATE SPACE DAILY for nothingness, carve out time to be with you and your Inner Being. From this intentional space, you will be able to connect with and feel where all of the highest choices come from. 

USE INTENTIONS AND MANTRAS: I run trails everyday with my own, intuitive intentions and mantras that align with my current process. I find this SO powerful and freeing. Stating intentions or decrees from the Heart center assists your I AM Presence in the moment to create a new experience.

Hold the CORE INTENTION of Ascension while opening to Infinite Perspective. Remember, you are changing Operating Systems. Come to each moment with the question, is this good for my journey? What are my choice-points here? What is happening in this moment from a higher perspective.

Finally, be willing and open to DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY! Any positive action or creation that is even slightly different than your usual pattern assists in changing the flow. This is SO powerful and electrifying to your spirit. As a NEW BEING in a NEW NOW – changing up your human doing and routine becomes a powerful ally on your journey. As always – the New HUman Energy Pie will greatly assist you with this, helping you to change your Operating System overall.

Your legacy here, on this planet, in this NOW – is LOVE.

Trust this NOW.
Trust your Heart.
Trust your Energy.
You are already Free.

Love and Infinite Blessings,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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12 comments on “Antahkarana: Bright Light Of Self
  1. ROBERT says:

    Mahalo and Aloha!

    Great message for these times. I’m with ya, enjoying the flow…

    Much LOVE

    • DeAnne says:

      Mahalo Ramblin Man! I miss seeing you in person but so grateful you are here, present and holding space WITH me. I feel that. Sending you love and a hug! xo

  2. Jayne says:

    Oh DeAnne – the BEST EVER NOW! Exciting, Amazing, Wonderful – as is your expression of it ALL. Thank you seems so little to say, so I pray you feel my LOVE and RESPECT for your journey to assist us all on ours.

    BLESSINGS! Wow, Wow, Wow, THIS is what we came for!
    As ever,

    • DeAnne says:

      SO MUCH APPRECIATION for and to you Jayne. I WELCOME and ACCEPT your intentions for me and this work… I would not be able to do what I do if not surrounded by so many shiny humans with unconditional hearts. So happy you are here NOW.❣️🙏🏽

  3. Adele says:


    • DeAnne says:

      YOU are powerful Adele. I AM powerful. Together – we grow, expand and unite that power. Grateful you are in my life. 🙏🏽

  4. joyfuljudy says:

    Loved you Feb. webcast. These are exciting times.

    • DeAnne says:

      Wonderful and GRATITUDE Judy. It is always my intention that there is takeaway that may illumine, heal, inspire, empower! As always, much love to you!

  5. mark says:

    Just today I purchased a calendar (for 2023) called Pathways. Stunningly gorgeous photos of a wooden path into lush jungle, or a trail leading up to a Rocky Mountain top, or a dirt trail leading through an almost fairy lit forest of immense trees. I saw it and bought it without hesitation. The synchronicity of now reading this posting makes the calendar and of course the wonderful energy of it. Exponentially more wonderful. Much Love.

  6. Nikki says:

    Heya DeAnne!
    Yeah just wow!
    This message has so much meaning for me!
    This word seems so familiar I’ve seen this in a dreamstate and I know this deep within.
    I have visions and dreams of looking out for/after the children!
    Aha moment!
    You are amazing!
    Thank you DeAnne!
    So much love 💕
    Thank you

    • DeAnne says:

      YOU ARE AMAZING Nikki! It does not surprise me this resonates! I AM SO GRATEFUL you are on the planet, holding the light strong, ever evolving and ready for service! Love you!

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